Shayne Seymour

Shayne Seymour


He's a little bit agitated; he’s a little bit angry, but he's happy just being happy about being happy.


"The incredibly fictitious biography of Shayne Seymour" -by Scott Parry

There's a lot of songwriting talent swimming around the Americana pool, but not a whole lot of attitude. Except, of course for Shayne Seymour. Although the former boy wonder of The Durango Brothers outgrew his old country jeans some time ago, he's still the closest thing modern roots rock can claim to a rock 'n' roll rebel. But for all the headlines and Rolling Stoners Random Notes he's grabbed for his stage rants and bouts of bad boy behavior, it's his songs that really set him apart from the pack. Those old Durango Brothers songs still stand up with the best of the No Digression boom years of the early '00s, but it was his widely acclaimed 2000 solo debut "I've got an itch" that marked his true arrival as one of the best young songwriters of his generation. By the following year's One less Mind, he was already branching out into a full-blown rocker (and proved himself no slouch at a grand, Elton John-esque ballad, either). With last year's "Up the Rocks and Blood on your Frets" (the later originally split into two EPs), he channeled the alternative rock of his childhood (from early Milli Vanilli to the Vanilla Ice to the The Partridge Family), reinvented Cheech and Chongs' "I'm Stoned Again" and proved he could do the retro-garage thing as well as any NY buzz band in Texas. Where he'll go — or what he'll do — next is anyone's guess, but this much is a given: you're gonna hear about it.

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Durango Brothers

Set List

Shayne's got an hour or two worth of originals and a few covers including, but not limited to:

True to Myself - Ziggy Marley
Rain King - Counting Crows
Rio - Duran Duran
Pancho and Lefty - Townes Van Zandt
Silver Tongue Devil - Kris Kristofferson
Soul for Every Cowboy - Big Head Todd & the Monsters
Equal Rights - Peter Tosh