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Shayvonna has a distinct style and voice that captures you in one of 2 ways, you either like it or love it!


"I just wanna be me..." says Shayvonna, one of many gifted artists to come out of
the Black Label camp. Born Shayvonna Jones on January 10, she has been an
avid fan of hip-hop since she heard it. Learning the words to "The Message" by
age 4, this was surely to become her destiny. By age 9, she began writing
rhymes and rapping over beats by LL Cool J, Salt-N-Pepa, Mc Lyte and Slick
Rick just to name a few. She began entering talent shows at schools and
recreation centers in her area never placing below second. Fast foward to 2003
where she began recording with Walter "Walt Dolla" Russell at his Black Label
Studio in Detroit. Walt took Shayvonna under his wing and decided to let her
become one of the representatives of his up and coming label. They began
recording tracks in the summer of 2004 for her debut, "Take Me As I Am" featuring
her labelmates, CX, Matt White and R-Son of Da Odd Couple and J-UG. She plans to
open up heads and let them know that hip-hop never left, it just wasn't heard from her
side. With that said, let her do her.


ME 2 U

Written By: Shayvonna Jones (ASCAP)

mommy didnt mean it baby i didnt know
took u out of me b4 u had a chance to grow
a chance to show what its like to love unconditonal
my very own straight from my womb
but u went straight thru the tube straight to your tomb
ur precious life taken away so soon
i was too young to go thru with it
and ur father wouldnt have been there
he wasnt even man enough to admit that he did it
i was sick wit it hid u for 2 months
momma wondering why my period aint come up
my tongue was stuck she already knew
gave me the choice to keep or get rid of u (and I)
i chose the latter
went on with my life like the shit didnt matter
now i feeling like the mad rapper i'm so fucking pissed
i know what im missing this just the start i hope that ur listening
Time is slowly ticking away ticking away ticking away
i know that im getting sick of these days sick of the ways sick of the games
I don't wanna be around here
I just wish u were around here
but until i leave please keep watching over me
even tho ur far away i just wanna take time to say (just hear me out)
that every night i pray that i see u again some day (without a doubt)
everything that i go thru i just wish u were with me too
my way of saying i miss u a lil something from me to u

i remember when daddy called
told me what happened i curled up in a ball
closed my eyes and bawled damn
why u take away him not my baby cuz not auntie marcie's baby son
i just seen u the other day chillin at bp drinkin hen wit wayne
me and boom talked about u everyday
mostly how u doing really how you was so silly
was bout to go on the road wit obie
not even the good trees can even console me
at least u away from the bullshit and drama
in heaven wit granddy jt and grandma
but im wondering what lil jada gonna do
and if they gon get them crazy hatas that got to u
damn i miss u ant dirty throwin up my 7 mile for life u heard me

Time is slowly ticking away ticking away ticking away
i know that im getting sick of these days sick of the ways sick of the games
i wish u were around here i dont wanna be around here
but til i leave please keep watching over me

in my life alot lot of people came in out
and if ur listening i want u 2 hear me out
been some things on my mind for a while
like how i miss all ur hugs and smiles
those times when u were there to hold me
when i was messed up u were there to scold me
i needed all of that made me a better person
but now ur gone from my sight inside im really hurting
so every night i pray when God close the curtain
i get to be with u in heaven for certain
no more stressing so with each blessing
i turn around hope its peaceful resting
im not suggesting im in a rush to be away
im just investing took a little time to say
that i feel ur presence round me everday
Keep me covered please watch over your baby Shay


"Takin Donations" Mixtape EP, Summer 2004
"Take Me As I Am" Shayvonna LP, Winter 2004