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Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands | Established. Jan 01, 1998 | SELF

Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands | SELF
Established on Jan, 1998
Solo Hip Hop Reggae




"New Artist Shazman"

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Skope: How did you react when you knew you are now A2W selected on Skope?
Shazman: Surprised with a smile on the face. This is another opportunity for global exposure which helps me as an artist to gain more fans and makes it possible for people from all around the globe to get to know me.

Skope: What are two goals that you want to accomplish musically in 2011?
Shazman: For everyone to feel enlightened and inspired by my musical vibes and to enhance myself as an artist with the aim to start a Love, Peace & Unity tour around the world.

Skope: If you had to choose one thing that your band must improve on what would that be and how will you do it?
Shazman: Well, I will continue extending my vocal skills in order to reach new heights in the musical industry by putting in the time, energy & hard work that is required to reach that goal.

Skope: What are two other non-mainstream musicians or bands that you are listening to these days & respect?
Shazman: It’s hard to say…. I listen to a lot of different artists/bands and they all have something unique. I respect all artists that set goals and work hard to achieve it, however to choose two artists that I listen to a lot, I would have to say Jimmy Cliff for the positive layback vibes and Michael Jackson who is just the definition of greatness.

Skope: How has playing music offered more fullfillment in your life?
Shazman: It has brought endless joy in my life. For me it is a way to be creative and to share it with others. I see it more as a privilege to travel around the world and be not only an entertainer but a positive role model as well.

Skope: What is coming up for you & where you at online?
Shazman: The future looks very promising. There are a lot of project’s I’m working on which keeps me busy. There are also a few studio sessions scheduled with international artists which I am really looking forward to. The best spot to find out everything about me is Www.ShazmanOnline.Com. Links to Myspace, Twitter, Facebook, Sonicbids & Online Stores are all on there. The site is updated weekly to keep fans up-to-date with the latest on Shazman. - SkopeMag

"Shazman hits the billboard"

NEW YORK (Top40 Charts/ Shazman Official Website)
Urban/Reggae artist Shazman is on the rise and his hitsingle "Mystery Lady" seems unstoppable.

The indie artist has been sizzling at #13 on the HOT SINGLE SALES chart on the US billboard for the past 2 weeks after making his entrance 6 weeks ago.

After astonishing the crowd of Sunfest in West Palm Beach earlier this year and being nominated as best reggae for the HMMA award, the star is now out to conquer the world with his charisma, immense energy and unique sound.

Music should be for all and not limited to a specific group. Shazman's lifestyle is therefore free of drugs, violence and hatriate and his foundation of Love, Peace & Unity enables him to easily collaborate with others to create changes in the world in a postive way.

To get a preview of his hitsingle "Mystery Lady" visit his official website at Www.ShazmanOnline.Com - Top40 Charts

"New Face Of Reggae"

New York, NY (Top40 Charts/ Tara Priya Official Website)
Just set foot on US soil and already creating a buzz with his single "Mystery Lady", Shazman is out to show the world what reggae is all about.

Shazman distinguish himself by not limiting his music to a specific group and live a lifestyle that is free of drugs, violence and hatriate.
His foundation of Love, Peace & Unity enables him to easily collaborate with others and use his creativity to blend his reggae with various different genres with the result of creating unique sounds that has never been heard before.

He has recently been nominated for best Reggae at the HMMA and is scheduled to share stage with veterans like Earth, Wind & Fire, Ziggy Marley and many more at SUNFEST 2011 in West Palm Beach that attracts between the 100.000 and 500.000 attendees each year. If you are a fan of new music, you definitely have to keep an eye out for this artist. - Top40 Charts


"Hot Gal" ft. Casablanca Connect released as promotional single for "Club Vernes" in the Netherlands (2001)

First solo mixtape "Ow Yuh Want it" released in The Netherlands featuring Frontline Records artists (2006)

Mixtape "Jungle Fever" released in the Netherlands and available on online stores since January 2011. This mixtape is featuring signed artists Rizky Rough & lead singer of the #1 urban/rapgroup in the Netherlands called Postmen (2008)

Promo album "Love Dem" released online through SK Entertainment and distributed through Def Jam Island Digital Distribution / Tunecore to most online stores (2010)

Single "Mystery Lady" released online through SK Entertainment and distributed through Def Jam Island Digital Distribution / Tunecore to most online stores (2011)

*Performed in all major cities in the Netherlands, venues with capacity between 200-10000 (2001-2009)

*Live performance Liberty AVE Block Party in Queens, NYC (2005)

*Promotion show in Poland with Rizky Rough (NL) and polish artist Peny featured on mixtape Jungle Fever (2009)

*Performed at Club Limelite (Orlando, FL) with DJ Reconn of 102 Jamz (2010)

*Shazman Live @ Club Prana, Tampa, FL – Bob Marley B-Day Bash (Feb. 2011)

*Shazman Live as Opening Act for international artist Etana @ Club Prana, Tampa, FL (Feb. 2011)

*Shazman Live @ Black Heritage Festival, Lakeland, FL (Feb. 2011)

*Promotional show for single “Mystery Lady” @ Tanners, Winter Haven ft. DJ Smooth (Mar. 2011)

*Live @ Tanquerays, Orlando, FL alongside Bishop Wayne (Apr. 2011)
*Shazman Live @ Sunfest, West Palm Beach, FL where he shared the main stage with the musical legends of “Earth, Wind & Fire” (May 2011)

*Live Concert @ The Orpheum, Ybor City, Tampa, FL (July 2011)



Shazman was born Shazam Khan on November 24, 1982 in Skeldon, Guyana. He and his elder brother grew up in a small village Crabwood Creek with his mother and grandparents in complete absence of their father. His mother was always out working to provide for the entire family. “There we were, in the heart of poverty, but momma tried her best”, he says.

At age 8, after the death of his grandparents, his mother made the difficult choice to move to Europe in search for a better life. It would take another 4 years before Shaz and his brother could re-unite with their mother in Europe. Being inspired by his mother who loved to read poetry, he quickly started to write his own rhymes and developed himself in writing songs. He soon met some local rappers that were looking for their break in the music business with whom he collaborated and did a lot of promotional shows. After being heard by Casablanca Connect, a local DJ/artist who was working on his first album at the time, he was asked to do a collaboration. The song they did, "Hot Gal", was distributed by “Club Vernes” as a promotional single for the club. He eventually recorded 4 tracks with Casablanca Connect as featuring artist on his promo CD.

In 2002 he linked with artist Rizky Rough who was already signed and worked alongside producer Chief Rubio & Phantom Loc who were most familiar with the reggae/urban vibes that Shaz was seeking at the time. His first tracks recorded with Chief Rubio were played by the best DJ's in the club scene all over The Netherlands. The crowd embraced Shaz because of his tremendous amount of energy, positive music and charming character. In 2010 he decided to move to Florida where upon arrival he was introduced to the Orlando crowd at Club Limelite by Dj Reconn of 102 Jamz. His charisma quickly caught the eyes of the media as they showed much interest in Shaz and his unique talent. He was featured in various magazines in US & Europe, was given the opportunity to perform at Ybor City’s most recognized club “Prana” in Tampa and shook the crowd at Black Heritage Festival with his high energy.

The launch of his single “Mystery Lady” in 2011 gave his career a gigantic boost. Industry executives from the Netherlands, US & South America instantly rated the single a #1 hit and after making it’s entrance to the US Billboard “Hot Single Sales” the first week in July complimented it even more when it hit #12 on the chart. In addition to his Billboard achievement Shazman has also been nominated for the Hollywood Music in Media Award as best reggae. His major breakthrough as a performer took place on May 1st at Sunfest in West Palm Beach where he shared stage with music veterans Earth, Wind & Fire, Ziggy Marley and many more as he astonished the audience with his musical vibes and high energy.

At present, Shazman is working on this first album and is determined to create one with reggae crossover to various music genres that has never been heard before. With his mission to inspire the hearts of men with “Love, Peace & Unity”, Shazman is getting ready to conquer the world!
Be sure to visit the official website at Www.ShazmanOnline.Com for a more comprehensive view. All active social media websites, music & videos are accessible here and the site is updated weekly to keep fans posted on the latest development of Shazman.

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