Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Imagine the commercial feel of Chris Brown and NEYO, the performance energy of Beyonce and Usher, and the substance of character of an Gospel artist. Mix it all up and you have SHAZE. An artist who loves to perform and make change in fans lives.


SHAZE - ARTIST (Urban R&B, Jazz/Pop/Electro-Hop): A country boy from a small town by the name of Valdosta GA. Growing up in a environment where a music career is NOT encouraged. SHAZE almost packed up his suitcase of dreams and threw them out the window, but there was something inside of him that wouldn’t let him give up on his dreams. Coming from a broken home is what molded him in humility and gave him the passion for music. He understood that in spite of what he had to go through, he still would be able to make his dreams a reality. From singing for Artists such as Jazz of Dru Hill to catching the eye of R&B singer Lil Mo. Singing back up for choirs and local groups to going solo and being a front runner in the local music scene. His new album is scheduled for October 2009. He tends to break barriers and tradition everywhere he go. SHAZE is definitely not your average artist. "Changing lives is my purpose. It’s what I love to do." –SHAZE

His passion for people drove him to starting a HIV/AIDS awareness program called OneTouch RED, which consists of a prayer service and information on free test sites and information on facts and myths about the virus. Also he volunteers at inner city recreations to talk to kids about positive messages about life and music.

His first album has an all star team making sure his album is a success.
Bob Ebeling (Grammy Nominated Producer: Credits=Kidrock, Eminem)
Paul Arnold (Credits= 2pac, Christina Aguilera)
Ronnie Brasco (Hitworld Music Group)

The Love & Life tour which is set to kick off Jan 2010, is going to be his first Major tour. Making stops at clubs, bookstores, schools, and more.


Love and Life Vol.1(release in October 2009)
Be With Me(1st Single)
Lets Ride(2nd Single)

Set List

Superman Intro
Lets Ride
Signs of Love
It's Over
Be with Me

Superman Intro
Let's Make Love
Signs of Love
R.Kelly's "Greatest Sex"
J.Holiday's "Bed"
Silk's "Meeting in Bedroom"