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"Mission global for Shazelle pt2"

LDP: You are 27. Your age is one that some might consider old for the industry.

Shazelle: We definitely have a lot of successful international artists these days that are very young such as Justin Bieber and Rihanna when she started. However, nobody thinks about how old JLo, Fergie, Nicole Scherzinger are when they are singing their current songs or think about how old they were when they started. Music transcends age barriers and success in the music industry has more to do with how current you are in the market you are pursuing. Look at Susan Boyle’s success. There are a lot of things I sometimes wish could have happened when I was younger but I have no control over how life unfolds and over when the opportunities that came were presented to me. I strongly believe that everything happens in the right time and no circumstance or age limit is going to affect what is in my destiny. So if this is to be, when I’m in my fifties I’ll still be rocking it like Madonna and Kylie Minogue.
LDP: What would you consider to be a successful career? Do you want the Grammys, Billboard charts and all that?

Shazelle: The Grammys and being on the Billboard charts are definitely among my goals. My main focus is really being able to deliver music that people around the world can relate to and enjoy. A successful career for me is being able to do that as an artiste or songwriter. There are a lot of other things I would like to do such as acting and writing books and having a few different retail lines. Actually going after these things and doing them are a part of what success means to me.
LDP: You live in Chaguanas. How are you able to maintain an international singing career while living in Trinidad?

Shazelle: I spend more time working out of the country than I do being in Trinidad. So it’s not difficult at the moment. I have the best of both worlds. I fly out when I need to for work and I’m home spending time with my family and friends the rest of time. Though its amazing being in different countries, it has made me appreciate home and Trinidad even more. I take advantage of the time that I can be home because when its time to go, it could be anywhere and for a few days or a few months.

LDP: Do you have any plans to migrate eventually and where would you go?

Shazelle: Flying in and out is ideal for me however if I had to migrate right now it would be LA or Miami. Besides loving those two places all on its on, a lot is happening in the music and entertainment scene in those places and it would be easier to connect with a lot more and more frequently by being there.

LDP: I heard you have performed in the Middle East where you have an avid following. Are you looking to break into the US market mainly as most local artistes aspire to or are you looking to make it big in other markets such as Europe and Asia?

Shazelle: The US market is a main focus for me however I would like to be successful in many different territories. It’s about taking it worldwide. Each market is different and esponds to my singles differently. Some things work in some places and they don’t in other places. Once I am able to be true to who I am as an artiste without changing things too much for a particular market, it’s mission worldwide.

LDP: Let's talk a bit about your music. You have five singles, your latest being the dancehall flavoured State of Emergency with Beenie Man but you've been singing dance music way before soca artistes jumped on that bandwagon. Do you have a favourite genre or are you the kind of singer who likes to mix up her styles?

Shazelle: I love all genres of music and love to mix things up. Hearing music from around the world, new life experiences and meeting different kinds of artistes and producers all influence my music. However, at the end of the day, I’m a pop artiste and that’s my musical direction.

LDP: You've collaborated with Beenie Man before on your 2010 song I Need Love. What's it like work - Laura Dowrich-Phillips

"Mission global for Shazelle"

Shazelle Gobin is a talented singer whose new single State of Emergency featuring Beenie Man was recently released. The gorgeous 27 year old was discovered at a music seminar by Ivan Berry some years ago and has since embarked on a mission to make a name for herself globally. Metro editor Laura Dowrich-Phillips spoke to her in this week’s cover feature.

Laura Dowrich-Phillips: I Googled you and saw that you have performed all over the world as far as Romania and Egypt yet your name does not ring a bell for many people here in Trinidad. Do you do any performances locally?

Shazelle: I have been extremely fortunate to travel to many countries thus far as both an artiste and songwriter. I’ve performed in Australia, Bahrain, Egypt, Lebanon and Romania. I think a lot of people don’t know who I am because I do pop music and not everyone listens to that nor do the majority of radio stations play pop music. Though I’ve gotten a lot of support from certain television stations, radio stations and print, there are very limited avenues here for my style of music and other non-traditional Caribbean music. My management feels that is critical to be developed and have some success abroad before coming back home and having the masses in Trinidad be proud of me. I would like to return home with some international success the way Rihanna, Shontelle and Nicki Minaj did. The only difference with what I’m doing is making sure Trinidad is a part of my career. My music and videos are usually released at home first so that people here know that I am Trini and they can be a part of my success when it comes.

LDP: You were discovered by Ivan Berry who worked with Sony BMG. How did that happen and are you now signed to a label?

Shazelle: I had finished my degree in marketing management, had a good job in a company I loved being in but I couldn’t shake off that unfulfilled feeling. I always knew I wanted to get into the music industry professionally after singing in choirs and being in a band for a little while but I didn’t know how to do it. I met people who were interested in managing me however I hesitated as I felt I didn’t know enough about the industry. One morning while on my way to work, I heard a radio ad about a music seminar that was being held that very day. I just knew that was not a coincidence. At that time I had been praying for guidance about this as I was becoming frustrated not getting anywhere and was questioning whether I was being silly for wanting to pursue this badly. When I heard the ad I felt like it was a message from heaven (smile) so I went straight there instead of work. Thank God I did. There was a panel of speakers who were music executives in various aspects of music. Ivan Berry was one of them. He was giving advice on artist branding and management, which was exactly what I was trying to understand more about. After the seminar, we stayed in touch and I would ask a lot of questions and send him songs that I had written. A few months later, he invited me to Canada to work with his business partner and well-established songwriter, Rupert Gayle. It was on that song-writing trip that Rupert and Ivan decided they wanted to work with me. The next thing I knew, Ivan was my manager and we were shooting the video for Elevator, one of the songs I had
co-wrote with Rupert.
LDP: So what's the plan? Are you looking for a record deal or do you just want to be able to perform internationally?

Shazelle: The plan is to be an internationally recognised artiste and songwriter who perform globally. It has been an amazing experience performing in the countries I’ve been to and getting the opportunity to work with very successful producers and songwriters from around the world. I love doing this and want my career to progress in those areas. I am currently signed to Universal Canada, Universal Middle East and JVC Japan. I am definitely hoping for a big record deal but I’m not going to jump into just any deal that - Laura Dowrich-Phillips

"20 QUESTIONS: Shazelle Interview"

When you’re performing at a major stage show and you’re the only sober one on stage, I’d say it’s time for a change. But Trinidad to Romania? Yep. Better to be a big fish in a small pond any day I say! Rolling deep with two of the country’s biggest stars (Keo and Andreea Balan), Shazelle is right on course for her Grammy win!

The Trinidadian beauty has been treading a well-planned, and so far, well-executed career path, thanks in large part to her manager Ivan Berry (head of brand management company tanjola). The two met at a Copyright Organization of Trinidad &Tobago (COTT) music industry conference back in 2006, where Berry was a presenter. Stuck in a cab on her way to her marketing assistant job, Shazelle Gobin made a life-changing decision to attend the conference (after hearing an ad on the radio), and made it to the last day’s sessions.
She kept in touch with the industry veteran and on a visit to Canada two years later linked up with Berry’s business partner Rupert Gayle (Keshia Chante, Shiloh) for a writing session. The result was her breakout single “Elevator” produced by EKUE (production team of Gayle and Derek Brin, who to the latter’s credit has worked with Jaheim, Kelli Price and Ginuwine. I guess they saw her potential based off that one track because tanjola soon signed her to a international deal. “Pick Me Up”, “Stronger and Faster” and “I Need Love” featuring international Reggae superstar Beenie Man have followed that first single and won over fans and industry heavyweights alike.

Being the opening act for Lebanese/Canadian Pop R&B Star Massari (in 2009 & 2010) saw her performing in countries such as Lebanon, Egypt, Bahrain and Australia. She’s learnt much from Balan (with whom she’s shared the stage) and his country-mate Keo who along with Gayle and Justin Forsely produced her latest single “If We Fell In Love.” So far Shazelle has worked with a bevy of sought-after song writers and producers like Damon Elliott (Pink, Destiny’s Child etc.), Rob Wells (Justin Bieber, Backstreet Boys) Alex Greggs of South Rakkas Crew (Brandy, Michael Jackson, and Shakira) and of course past collaborators Gayle and Brin.

Bringing their own unique contributions to the music, there is no doubt that pop is the nexus of her musical quest. That is not to say she has totally abandoned her Caribbean roots. Mark Cyrus of St. Vincent produced “State Of Emergency” a dancehall-flavored tracked inspired by the Trinidad government’s response to the surge in criminal activity. She has once again enlisted Beenie Man for the song’s remix. Even going back as far as her first single “Elevator”, the ska remake featuring Trinidad Soca Monarch Shurwayne Winchester shows that she has no plans to leave the region off her musical map. Did I mention she still has her sing-song Trini accent? Yep. She says caah, and ting and pronounes culture (cultia without the ch-sound, like real Trini’s do, hehe-aye doh shoot me eh). I love it bey

Though her notoriety in the region is nowhere near the reception she’s met in Europe and the Middle East, Shazelle is getting love. At least two Trini stations have her on regular rotation. As for her family, they are “excited and proud” that she is fulfilling her dream, although it took some convincing for them to grasp that singing could be a legitimate full-time career.

The business-minded singer definitely has put it the work, not to mention the travel miles, to see her goals come to fruition. She hasn’t had a vacation in a while but compensates by just stealing moments to explore whichever exotic locale in which she ends up. The architecture in Romania which she equates to “something from a movie or story book” and the pyramids in Egypt are definitely highlights of her global journey.
Back home in Trinidad Shazelle also takes time to contribute to the development of disadvantaged children through the Gift of Life foundation. She hopes to one-day create her own foundation to further contribute to Tri - Ayeola

"Trinidad’s next biggest star – SHAZELLE – is ready for the world!"

Trinidadian Pop Singer Shazelle has already received 35,000 views on Youtube for her first single “If We Fell In Love.” Shazelle was discovered by Music Executive Ivan Berry (tanjola / ib Entertainment / Sony BMG / Ole / BeatFactory)

Shazelle’s singing career started in Trinidad where she wrote songs and sang them locally. She has traveled to Lebanon, Egypt, Bahrain and Australia where thousands of people have connected with her high energy performance and sultry style. She was also the opening act for R&B star Massari in 2009 and 2010 and later on shared stage with Andreea Balan, one of Romania’s biggest stars of all time.

Check out the official music video for Shazelle’s hit – “If We Fell In Love” below:

Shazelle now spends her time working with some of the world’s best song writers, artistes and producers in order to complete her album. Outside of the musi industry, Shazelle’s passion lies with helping children and providing for the homeless.

“I want to be more than an entertainer,” says Shazelle. “I want to leave my own mark on the world and make a real difference in people’s lives.”

Shazelle is dedicated to using her influence to bring attention and resources towards these causes. She will be shooting her latest video for her second single called, “State Of Emergency” with Beenie Man in Trinidad later this month.

Find out more about Shazelle HERE.
- Jay Blessed


Still working on that hot first release.



Trinidadian (Caribbean), Pop artist Shazelle is on the path to becoming an internationally recognized icon.

With her powerful voice, captivating charisma, positive energy, and stunning beauty, Shazelle embodies the forefront of a new wave of domestically developed, tropical talent bringing heat to the global stage.

Shazelle has several singles and music videos generating a rapidly growing buzz, including “Pick Me Up”, “Elevator”, “I Need Love” and “If We Fell in Love”. Her current single, “State of Emergency” featuring dancehall king, Beenie Man, is garnering global attention from industry experts and fans alike. Signed to Universal Canada, Universal Middle East and JVC Japan, she is on a mission to connect with people all around the world.

Shazelle has been working with a team of award-winning songwriters and producers, writing and performing around the world. Thus far, she has been collaborated with renowned producers and songwriters such as, Damon Elliott (P!nk, Kelly Roland, Keyshia Cole, Destiny’s Child etc.), Rob Wells (N’Sync, Adam Lambert, Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber), Rupert Gayle (Keshia Chanté, Shiloh, Shawn Desman, Lenou Mouskouri, Jamilia and all Canadian Idol winners), Derek Brin (produced, written and remixed for international superstars like Jaheim, Kelli Price and Ginuwine), Alex Greggs of South Rakkas Crew (Michael Jackson, NSYNC, Britney Spears, P!nk, Shakira, and Brandy), Keo (Keo, Andreea Balan and many others from Romania), Justin Forsley (produced for Shiloh), Candy Gloster and Mark Cyrus (top Caribbean songwriter/producer).

As the opening act for international Pop/R&B star Massari, Shazelle traveled to Lebanon, Egypt, Bahrain and Australia in 2009 and 2010, where thousands of people connected with her high-energy performance and glamorous, sultry style. In 2011, she’s traveled to Romania to shoot music videos (If We Fell In Love & Take Me Tonight) and perform alongside Romanian superstar, Andreea Balan. In 2012, Shazelle has been signed as a songwriter with C2W music and been to writing camps in St. Vincent & The Grenadines, Nevis and Anguilla, working with and alongside some of the best songwriters and producers from around the world.

Shazelle’s true passion of being an international recording artist came true when she connected with Ivan Berry (C2W Music director, previous Head A&R at Sony BMG, Managing Director Tanjola, BeatFactory) in 2006. With her BA in marketing management and working full time in the media and events related jobs, Shazelle canceled work plans to attend a music industry seminar she heard being advertised on radio in a taxi on her way to work. Berry who is originally from St. Kitts was a presenter at the music industry seminar. He immediately recognized Shazelle’s potential with her undeniable presence and her intense drive for music and life. Always being interested in discovering Caribbean talent and breaking them internationally, Berry set up a writing session for Shazelle in Canada with acclaimed Juno award winning songwriter, Rupert Gayle, who was also his business partner. The result of that initial co-writing effort turned into her first single, “Elevator” as well as Berry’s decision to manage Shazelle as an international artiste globally, in a variety of entertainment avenues.

Shazelle’s musical influences are broad – ranging from Jessie J to Metallica to Sarah MacLachlan to Nadia Ali to Shabba Ranks to Destra Garcia to Kool & The Gang – and her diverse tastes are reflected in her songs. Shazelle’s motto is to live life, enjoy it to the fullest, and be the best you can be. She says that music is a big part of who she is and why she is alive and so too is her passion to help others to feel good about themselves and be their best. It is her mission that both in and outside of music she can help others achieve that. “I want to be more than an entertainer,” says Shazelle. “I want to leave my own mark on the world and make a real difference in people’s lives.”