Shazia Islam

Shazia Islam


What if you could hear Kate Bush, Tori Amos, and Sarah Brightman in one very unique performer? Ethereal, lyrical, an exotic mystery, an East meets West fantasy, these are the defining elements of Shazia Islam's one-woman show.


Karaoke gave birth to Shazia’s music career. After spending four adventurous years in Japan singing her heart out inside karaoke rooms and ex-pat pubs, Shazia discovered the true magic of music. She started writing impactful one-woman shows that combined her talents as an actor and musician. Her 45-minute shows are a combination of music and spoken word, poetry put to soaring melodies and empowering stories. Her first one-woman show, Shiny Ropes, was performed as part of a double bill performance across Canada culminating in a two-day run in Toronto in 2007. This year, Shazia is putting her superheroine powers to the test in “Becoming Wonder Woman”. The story is a sexy, provocative and humorous exploration of the superhero complex in us all. The performance piece is currently being considered for the 2008 Fringe Festival. She hopes to woo the crowd with her knock-out warrior-princess stage persona and her unique vocal abilities.


Shiny Ropes (demo, Canada)
Colours (demo, Japan)

Set List

Into the Deep
Your Touch
Blue Skies

Never Meant for Me
Sleeper's Serenade

Shiny Ropes

Usually my one-woman shows consist of three songs that are included in the 45 minute monologue. For a music event, I would showcase the above songs in a half-hour to 45 minute set.