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Shea Cleveland


Shea Cleveland's first album is modern country with traditonal themes and influence including songs written by Shea and his longtime co-writer Jodie Stoeckle.


Shea Cleveland has a life dedicated to country music. Born in Searcy Arkansas, Merle Haggard really caught Shea's ear at only 3 years old and instantly became hooked on the records his father, Mike had. Shea grew up there performing at county fairs and local political functions thruought Central Arkansas. Making the move to Nashville in 1998, he has since written, co-written, recorded, and co-produced sevral potential hot country hits and sings them with a classic-style baritone country vocal. Shea and his top co-writer, Jodie Stoeckle from Fresno, California have been on a 5 year misson to take this music to a national level.


Outlaw Cafe

Written By: Shea Cleveland and Jodie Winters

Outlaw Cafe

He was headed southbound on highway nine
Longing to reach the Texas state line
On his way to find a brand new life
Runnin’ from his past
Runnin’ from the law
Cause he was turned in by his wife

Closer to Austin he needed to rest
Wanting to get much further west
But He picked up this old man
Who was broke down and needed a hand

He said son you know what you've done
And you know where you've been
So you can't go back there again
Just make yourself feel right at home
Forget your past cause you're not alone
But remember one thing you're here to stay
Welcome to the Outlaw Cafe

Drove to an old run down shack
He said there’s no turning back
You're about to learn a dark Texas secret
If you don't want to die
And want some peace of mind
You'll have to keep it

In the doorway he saw a few familiar faces
He'd seen on wanted signs in different places
The old man said, don't say I didn't warn ya
He thought of a similar pace in California


The only one allowed on the outside
Was the old man going for food and wine
Others could run but could not hide
It’s been going strong since 1969

REPEAT CHORUS/TAG…..Welcome to the Outlaw Café

©2004 Shea Cleveland and Jodie Winters BMI

The Ferris Wheel

Written By: Jodie Winters

The Ferris Wheel

On a Ferris wheel, at five years old
My daddy said, “Son it’s time you were told,
Your mom and I aren’t gettin’ along,
And daddy’s got to move away,”
I listened to what he had to say
“Son, I hope you’ll understand someday.”

The Ferris wheel goes round and round
Just like life, it has its ups and downs
And the place where you begin
Is the place where you may end up again.

Twenty years later with a son of my own
It all came back to me
With an innocent face, full of delight
He said, “Daddy, take me on the wheel with the lights”
I told him no and he started to cry
As he looked at me and wondered why


My son grew into a man
Married and moved away
I grew like my father
Each and every day
A knock at the door and nobody’s there
Had a funny feeling as I stood and stared
At the note that read, “Meet me at the County Fair”

I saw him standin’ there
It was nice to see him again
So many years had passed
I wondered how he’d been
With an innocent face full of delight
I said, “Daddy, take me on the wheel again.”

He said…

And the place where you begin
Is the place you may end up again
©2005 Jodie Winters and Shea Cleveland BMI

She Still Stands

Written By: Shea Cleveland and Jodie Winters

She Still Stands

The screams and cries form the burring towers
They were challenging our powers
Taking innocent lives, right before our eyes
These evil acts were done in hatred
But our country will never be taken

She still stands for liberty and justice for all
The Lady watched America take a fall
And even though she could not lift a hand
By the Grace of God, She still stands

They danced with joy among their streets
Cheering and shouting defeat
Unaware of the fact
That we will come in silence
Disposing of everything to stop the violence

Repeat Chorus

As this tragedy gave us further lessons to learn
And Americans from heart to heart like her torch
The fire still burns

So we'll take our neighbor by the hand
And stretch across this sacred land
And form a bond that will keep America going strong

Repeat Chorus

She Still Stands (By the grace of God)
She Still Stands
She Still Stands

©2001 Shea Cleveland and Jodie Winters BMI

One Last Kiss

Written By: Jodie Winters

One Last Kiss

From the west coast beaches
To the city where the desert ends
I passed a neon chapel
A sign of what could have been
At a diner in Phoenix
I couldn’t help but stare
As the waitress served me with your smile
Your perfume filled the air

I’ve spent miles under cotton-candy skies
We’re so far apart, but I hold you close inside
I’m still over the stars for you
I’m gonna make a wish, if for only one last kiss

Straight on through to Santa Fe
My hopes are fading fast
I guess life’s sweetest dreams
Just never seem to last
Amarillo by Morning
Playing on the radio
Girl I softly call your name
As I hang up the phone


Stopping off in Tulsa
I had to get some gas
I thought I’d seen the future
But I’m looking in the past
Little Rock and little time
To get back home to you
A single star to wish upon
And that’s just what I’ll do

Thirty miles past Memphis
I pull into the drive
A smile was one my face
As I found you there inside

I’m still over the stars for you
I’m gonna make a wish if for only one last kiss
If for only one last kiss

©2005 Jodie Winters, Shea Cleveland, Donny Linger BMI

Answers and Angels

Written By: Shea Cleveland and Jodie Stoeckle

Answers and Angels

I did a lot of hurtin’ So I did a lot of searchin’
Because the questions were so clear
Surrounded by demons and empty bottles
Staring in my glass, I shed a tear

Where do I go to find answers and angels
To bring out the good in me
I can't stay on this road for much longer
I need an answer or an angel to set me free

Why am I hurtin’? I guess I’ll keep on searchin’
For a way to fill this emptiness
I keep on asking myself why I turn to the bottle
To drown away my loneliness


Cause I keep on asking all these questions
And I keep fighting all those demons
And they always seem to win
The search goes on for this new life
The life that I've been waiting to begin


The perfect answer would be the angel who'd set me free

Guitars and Dreams

Written By: Shea Cleveland and Jodie Stoeckle

Guitars and Dreams

Billy didn't play much with the other kids as a little boy
And he really didn’t have all that many toys
His daddy bought him his first guitar
And he sure loved to sing
This was only the beginning of guitars and dreams

Things didn't change much for him in high school
Cause country music just wasn't cool
That didn't stop Billy from playing that ol' guitar
While the kids drowned him out with the rap in their cars
He tuned out everything but guitars and dreams

Guitars and dreams are what Billy’s livin’ for
And at night you can hear him sing behind closed doors
He'd put his everything into
guitars and dreams

Jenny was his first true love tryin' to hang on
He'd come and grab the guitar and then be gone
Billy worked all day and at night he would do a show
With very little money he couldn't stand to let her go

But he'd give up anything for guitars and dreams

He kept playing the local bar for the next few years
One night he played a sad song that brought every eye to tears
When the song was over he said
I love you right out loud
Jenny ran and fought her way through the crowd
Now he has everything,
guitars and dreams

Guitars and dreams are what Billy’s livin’ for
Thru the airwaves he sings more and more
Now he has everything,
guitars and dreams

Now he has everything,
guitars and dreams


Guitars and Dreams- 2006--

Track Listing--
1. Guitars and Dreams
2. Reachin' for the Sky
3. Califronia Rain
4. Dear John Dear Jane
5. Answers and Angels
6. Outlaw Cafe
7. The Ferris Wheel
8. One Last Kiss
9. Too Much Takin'
10. Southbound Ride
11. No Time for Whiskey
12. How Can I Forget

Other songs recorded:

She Still Stands
Barely Hangin' On
The Bottom Line
Eyes of Blue
Jodie Mae

The Lia Show- Nationally Syndicated
15 Seconds of Fame performance of "Jodie Mae" and Interview- 2003 Also obtained the highest rating of any song in the history of the show at 95%

104.7 FM iRADIO LA- Independent radio airplay on "She Still Stands," "One Last Kiss," "No Time for Whiskey," "Outlaw Cafe," The Ferris Wheel," and "Too Much Takin'"-2005

Live Interview with Billy Block Locals Only 103.3 WKDF- 2007

KNAH Hank 106.3 Radio Interview and Promotion, Airplay and Live Concert in Merced, CA April 2008

One Last Kiss on TSP Country Radio with Dixie McCorkell June 2008

Smart Country- Pax i Local Nashville Channel-- Interview and perormance of "The Ferris Wheel" hosted by Jimmy Smart- 2006

Nashville OnStage- Nashville cable ch. 19-- Interview and live performance of "No Time for Whiskey" with album track and an acoustic performance of "Outlaw Cafe" with Jon Prosise on lead acoustic guitar- 2006

Internet Radio:
Plays on MTCMG Radio and Live 365

2008- One Last Kiss on TSP Country Radio with Dixie McCorkell

Thousands of streaming plays and downloads(paid and free) from the following websites:, the old,,,,,,,,,, and many more.

mp3 and CD sales on Soundclick, Broadjam, CD Baby, and iTunes and other digital music distributors.

Set List

No Time for Whiskey
Reachin' for the Sky
Outlaw Cafe
The Ferris Wheel
How Can I Forget
Southbound Ride
Answers and Angels
California Rain
One Last Kiss
Too Much Takin'
Guitars and Dreams
Dear John Dear Jane
Eyes of Blue
The Bottom Line
Jodie Mae
The Ferris Wheel
She Still Stands

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