Shea Collins Band

Shea Collins Band


Indie meets singer/songwriter meets alt country meets beatles


We are a group of highly trained musicians that have committed to writing and playing great songs. We love all kinds of music from The Beatles to Elliott Smith to Jazz, Hip Hop and delta blues. We probably sound like something closer to Ryan Adams (that's Ryan, not Bryan). While subject matter is a bit dark, our live shows are fun and energetic. A country influence is there but it's not a dominating force. The bottom line is we are a group of great musicians that are ready to rock with some interesting songs and a little "twang".


We have not released any material officially. Samples can be found at

Set List

It'll Be All Right, Sorry, There Comes a Time, Bored, The Waiting, Thin Black Line, Song About Nothing, Over - possible set, but we like mixing it up. We have more songs in the works and older ones that are not currently in the rotation. Covers might include anything off "Abbey Road" or something from Justin Sabaj's material. We can cover just about anything if we like since we have the training.