Sheamus Fitzpatrick and the McNally Boys

Sheamus Fitzpatrick and the McNally Boys

 Oshkosh, Wisconsin, USA

Spirited Irish Folk, Fox Cities, WisconsinSHEAMUS performances are equal parts true Irish folkmusic and charismatic entertainment in the likeness ofthe Clancy Brothers and the Dubliners.


The Multi-instrumentalists Aaron Baer (banjo, accordion,
mandolin, vocals) and Jeremy Wood (guitar, tins, uillean
pipes, vocals) head the band of a solid core of Jason
Baer (upright Bass) and mandolin (Paul Wisneski). Dale
Devries (vocals) leads the crowd to become part of the
show by offering bar-wide toasts and singing, dancing,
and drinking with the patrons.
With an audience that ranges from bar-dwellers to
theater-goers, SHEAMUS is guaranteed to make your
patrons dance, cheer and buy a round.
SHEAMUS is celebrated as a modern folk band with ties
to the old world.
Please email us or call
for booking and information
Notable Venues Played:
Milwaukee Irish Fest
Oshkosh Irish Fest
New Dublin Irish Fest


Liverdance 2006
Sheamus Fitzpatrick and the Mcnally Boys 2010
Jolly Beggerman 2012

Set List

1. Holy ground
2. Leaving Liverpool
3. MTA
4. Rare old times
5. Old man came courting
6. Irish rover
7. NY girls
8. Whisky in the jar
9. Whisky you’re the devil
10. Jonny jump up
11. John ryans polka
12. Murshin durkin
13. Water to tea
14. Tim finn
15. Roddy mcCurdy
16. Ill tell me ma
17. German clockwinder
18. Mermaid
19. Town of ballybay
20. Quare bungle
21. Im a rover
22. Dirty old town
23. Beer
24. Red haired Mary
25. Waxie dargle
26. Drink up the cider
27. Reel (plains of boyle)
28. Reel (farewell to erin)
29. Scotsman
30. Dicey riley
31. Drunken sailor
32. Gallant 42
33. Whisky is the life
34. All for me grog
35. Cigarettes whisky
36. Courting
37. Wild rover
38. Black velvet
39. Johnsons motor car
40. Rattling bog
41. Rising of the moon
42. Nancy whisky
43. Bold o d
44. Jug of punch
45. Arthur MacBride
46. Rocky road
47. Athern rye
48. Bucket of mt dew
49. Bugger off
50. Man you don’t meet
51. Pub with no beer
52. Rosin the bow