Sheard Hollow

Sheard Hollow


Sheard Hollow combines the low-fi experimental work of Nick Sheard with the contemporary hi-fidelity folk rock of John Hollow.

The lyrics focus on using ambiguous plots with interesting form and meter to guide the emotion behind the songs.

Sheard Hollow loves Canada.


Sheard Hollow is a collaboration between singer/songwriter Nick Sheard and alternative-folk artist John Hollow.

In 2011, Nick Sheard released a self-produced, experimental acoustic EP named Juniper under the band Superdeathless.

The same year John Hollow released a self-titled, full band, folk EP while living in Los Angeles for a summer.

They met at Calgary, Alberta's cafe Koi where Nick was performing and quickly began collaborating and recording together.

Soon after friends and fellow musicians Griffin and Johnson joined forces with Sheard and Hollow to record and play together around Calgary, Alberta.


Paint My Picture

Written By: John Rollett (Hollow)

Hold my hand, paint my picture
Primary colours, yellow, blue and red
Combinations and different mixtures
Your future lovers will never get you off

Hold my hand, wash my face
Understand, I didn't come for you
Two disasters making bastards
As soon as I can, I'll leave

It wasn't me who left you stranded
It wasn't me who knocked you up
It wasn't me who bowled you over
It wasn't me, it was...


Super Deathless (Nick Sheard) - Juniper EP 2011
John Hollow - John Hollow EP 2011

Sheard Hollow - Rollett Manor Sessions EP 2012

Sheard Hollow - Paint My Picture EP 2012