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Bridgnorth, England, United Kingdom

Bridgnorth, England, United Kingdom
Band Rock


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



""Toxic Pete""

“Shropshire based four-piece “SheBangg” deliver their own tilt on “melodic power pop” (their words, not mine!) with this four track demo: “Take My Hand”. After just one listen I could sort of see why they have opted for the rather open tag of “power pop” because these babes certainly throw together several styles to come up with a very pleasing mix that reaches out and beckons with a warmth and sincerity that gets inside of you. I’d agree with “melodic” wholeheartedly- I’d also agree with “power” ‘cause this stuff is full of emotional performances and clever writing. I’m not so sure I’d agree with “pop” though; this far exceeds any “pop” expectations – its mature, it’s not just music for the now. SheBangg have a more permanent feel to them; their music is no way “pop”, it’s much, much better than that!
The beautifully expressioned voice of Chrissii Wing tears down the walls as she belts out an effortless array of superb vocals that drift in and out of the Alanis Morissette stylee, hint at Janis Joplin’s “balls” and often cross into the better side country emotion. She’s awesome! Wing is stunningly supported by multi-instrumentalist Tim Barratt and driven on by the tight rhythm aces of Mick Keefe (bass) and Leyton Burgess (drums and percussion).
SheBangg show here that they have an awful lot to offer. This is an exciting find! The four tracks manage to give an in-depth introduction to SheBangg and as “Take My Hand”, “Pointless”, “Only Dancing” and “If Heaven Had No Angels” ease themselves unnervingly from the laser and gently, but contagiously drill themselves home, they leave pock marks on the skin as the infection takes hold. Commercial? I’m not sure. But exciting and fresh-certainly!
Take My Hand” is essentially a simply constructed, slightly Americanesque, well thought out and hard-hitting piece of work. SheBangg leave absolutely no doubt that they can mix it up and show here that they have the potential to make a VERY big mark!”
- Band Reviewer and Photographer

"Bill Atkins"

“We get lots of comments about SheBangg via the radio player "smiley" face feedback section.... mostly from the U.S. and generally from the heartland. Kansas City seems to have the hot's for 'em. Great tunes, snappy production and that Young Lady can lay a tune down for certain. She's got that passion thing going on”. - Big Blue Radio and AudioCandy

"Review of “Only Dancing”"

“Love that percussion and great beat…. unusual!
The female vocalist for this band has the power of Pat Benatar, which is saying a lot!
The “iee yiee yiee at the end of the choruses is totally personal and you just sense that she is a natural. The bass riff is excellent… moving effortlessly from funk to rock. The end of the song leaves a very sexy taste. A great rocker tune, which is well put together all round!”

"Josh Withey"

“CD quality live performance…..” - BBC Radio Shropshire Live Sessions

"Jim Hawkins"

“SheBangg are a home-grown rock band with awesome musicianship and THAT voice…. In fact I think I shall just call her “The Voice” from now on! If this band are not successful there is no justice!!” - BBC Sunday Rock Show

"Matt Jarvis"

“Why haven’t I hear this band before?! This is a real find! I want to hear more of their stuff! A & R people are you listening?!!….” - Heart FM

""County Band to Record Single""

A Shropshire band are getting ready to release their debut single, along with a video filmed in the county. SheBangg are set to enter the recording studio to record their debut single "Inspiration". It will be released on the Nexiardé record label in February next year.
The band, from Bridgnorth, consists of Chrissii Wing, Tim Barratt, Leyton Burgess and Ryan Mortier. They will record the song in the studios at The Royal College of the Blind in Hereford, with Engineer Paul Read who has worked with Catatonia and Coldplay. A video, which will be filmed in Shropshire, is expected to follow. Nexiardé Music CEO Geno De Lora said "Chrissii is an amazing vocal talent, the best female voice in rock for may years. This accompanied by the intricate song writing talent and pitch perfect harmonies of the rest of the band give SheBangg one of the purest homegrown sounds that I have heard in a very long time." - Shropshire Star

"David Overton"

I had the chance to see SheBangg open up the Bridgnorth Music Festival on Friday. This was the fourth time I’ve seen them now and each time they have played in a different format (duo, acoustic band etc.). Tonight appeared to be the full-on electric set, which I must admit I wasn’t quite sure about to begin with, given the size of the venue (the Bell and Talbot surely has to be one of the more compact and bijou live music venues in the West Midlands!). However, they proved me wrong and tonight was an awesome set, delivered with talent and conviction to a completely packed room.

For those not in the know, SheBangg are a much-underrated melodic rock band from this small market town of Bridgnorth, with a huge arsenal of songs and fronted by the heavy artillery of Chrissii Wing, whose Joplinesque vocals never fail to amaze the ears of this jaded old rocker. Tonight her singing didn’t let me down either….I have no idea where she gets her vocal strength from and there are times when I really think that the microphone she held was completely superfluous! She has the ability to change swiftly from the sultry blues of “Spiderwoman”, to the shear animal power of “11 out of 10”….. I was rendered speechless!
Most of the set consisted of original SheBangg songs, with one or two selected covers (included an incredible version of Fleetwood Macs “The Chain”). A strange thing about SheBangg songs is that after hearing them a few times you start to forget which of their very commercial (I hate to use the word “catchy”) songs were written by them and which are covers….. and looking round the room, it is obvious that many of the audience felt the same, as they sang along to many of songs, evidently being word perfect with the lyrics!
What a way to start a week long music festival! The Bell and Talbot was absolutely packed to the rafters on that Friday night (it took me ten minutes to go to the loo!) and SheBangg blew every single one of them away! I have travelled down from Bradford for the past two years to watch the bands at this innovative little music fest and it never fails to surprise me! I now just need to see what SheBangg can do on a much larger stage! - Bridgnorth Music Festival


Singles :-
"Inspiration" (also "Inspiration" acoustic)
"Take My Hand"
"If Heaven Had No Angels"
"Only Dancing"



SheBangg are a female-fronted four-piece from the West Midlands, UK. Their music can be broadly described as power pop / melodic rock, but it also encompasses elements of many other styles, from blues and folk, through to soul and southern rock. Whilst difficult to pigeon-hole, SheBangg’s similarities do cover a wide range of bands and artists and their influences are many fold: From the raunchy / soulful lead vocals of Janis Joplin, Anastacia or Pink; the lyrical attitude of Alanis Morissette or Skunk Anansie; the multi-part harmonies of The Magic Numbers or The Beach Boys; the tight musicianship and melodic power of The Red Hot Chilli Peppers or The Foo Fighters; and the innovative songwriting of The Beatles or No Doubt.

SheBangg are fronted by Chrissii Wing a powerful singer in the style of Janis Joplin and Pink. Chrissii is becoming well known for her amazing voice (she has actually been labelled in the local press as “The Voice!”) and great stage presence. Her sound is strong and individual. She has had an extensive singing and dance career including television / radio appearances, singing in venues ranging from intimate music clubs to football stadiums.
Tim Barratt (Guitars, Keyboards, Vocals) is a multi-instrumentalist and has played guitar and keyboards both as a solo artist and with many well-known bands from the Midlands. He is the main songwriter of the band and has, in the past, written songs for his own bands and other artists in many styles from Rock to Jazz.
Leyton Burgess (Drums, Vocals) is a well-respected drummer and percussionist. He also contributes to many original SheBangg songs as a lyricist. His drumming skills have graced the likes of influential Shropshire bands “Booyaka” and “The Poet Dogs”. His unique brand of drumming ranges from energetic and powerful to intricate and subtle.
Ryan Mortier (Bass Guitar, Vocals)is SheBangg’s latest addition. Ryan has played bass for many respected midlands bands, ranging in style from Indie and Folk to his first love Funk! Ryan brings a wealth of technical ability and fluid bass lines to SheBangg. His roots in Jazz Funk also bring a new edge to the SheBangg sound.

Graham Clews (Occasional 2nd Guitar, Keyboards, Backing Vocals) plays with SheBangg at their larger shows and festivals. His input fills out the SheBangg sound with extra harmony vocals and the flexibility of an additional melody instrument. Graham has played in Europe and the U.S. with a variety of well known musicians and bands and also fronts his own band "The Graham Clews Band".

SheBangg formed four years ago and whilst the line-up of Chrissii Wing, Tim Barratt and Leyton Burgess has remained the same since the early days, there have been a variety of bassists, second guitarists and keyboardists coming and going! SheBangg’s music has developed and evolved over this time, and they now have a back catalogue of well over 50 strong, original songs. In a typical set, there may be out-and-out rockers, jangly pop, acoustic ballads, pop punk and blues … but all with very recognisable SheBangg trademarks and signatures. In four years, SheBangg have played over 200 gigs in venues ranging from small pubs and clubs through to theatres and outdoor festivals. Their music has been played on radio stations such as Beacon Radio, Kerrang, Radio Shropshire and Heart FM. SheBangg regularly feature high in the charts of many INTERNET radio stations and their music is particularly well received in the U.S. and Europe.