Sheb Schwae

Sheb Schwae

 Detroit, Michigan, USA

Sheb Schwae & The Makah Rhythm Tribe produce an eclectic mix of African Diaspora music which includes: Reggae, R&B, Calypso, Soca, World Beat, West & North African Rhythms. Our vocals are a mix of rich Motown influences. Our rhythm section produces a mix of, urban beat, rock & hip-hop influences.


Motown music is the main vocal influence of singer, songwriter, drummer Sheb Schwae. Sheb Schwae grew up in a neighborhood of Detroit where Stevie Wonder lived and became his mentor. Stevie Wonder met Sheb at a young age through Stevie's younger brother named Tim. Tim was the catalyst that brought Stevie and Sheb together. Stevie encouraged Sheb to play the drums and inspired him to become an R&B local talent. Smokie Robinson had a sister that lived around the block from Sheb and Sheb used to see him all the time when he would visit her. Levi Stubbs the famous lead vocalist of the Four Tops lived a few blocks away from Sheb and he would stop by and visit with high school friends to talk about staying in school. One of Sheb's girl friends used to baby sit for Marvin Gaye's kids and she would tell Sheb about how he was such a nice man. Sheb was consumed by all these great Motown artists living around him in that community which eventually had a strong impact on his musical influences.

Credit will be given where credit is do, the one person who mentored Sheb was his cousin, bandmate in the Makah Rhythm Tribe Kevin Logan. Kevin and Sheb were the heart and soul of the Makah Rhythm Tribe vocal section, together they influenced each others music as band members and their individual careers. Together their vocal projects generated power tracks that radiated like: WE GO DEAL WITH THE SYSTEM, DANCE HALL STYLE, AINT THAT PECULIAR.

Kevin Logan, is one of Sheb's defined vocal producers, where ever Sheb was Kevin was near by in the recording studio, or on the live stage backing Sheb's lead vocals & producing vocal tracks. Sheb Schwae credits Kevin Logan with giving him the secrets to recording vocals in the studio, Kevin being an accomplished vocalist in his own rights, groomed and cultured Sheb's vocals. Then there is David Winans of the great gospel family "The Winans Family", David also produced some tracks "WE GO DEAL WITH THE SYSTEM & DANCE HALL STYLE" and contributed with his vocals, guitar arrangements and producing credits.

Other influences were Harold Coker (NoriDin) keyboardist band mate, Curtis White guitar player who has joined the MRT reunion to record with Sheb for his fith and presently released CD, Jason Family-man Lawson bass player for the Tribe, Mr. Tranquility the title of Makah's first album and a posthumous acknowledgement to Craig "Congo Boogie" Brown, vocalist, percussionist for the tribe and Dennis Steve Lovely guitarist.  Presently Sheb is produced by Brian Rock courtesy of the top Reggae band in Chicago Gizzea, also he is produced by the late Van Cephus a renowned  piano player from Detroit, Michigan.

Seeing Bob Marley and The Wailers was the turning point in guiding him to embrace Reggae Music. Along with the influences of Rock music, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Fusion Sheb Schwae became attracted to music from West Africa and North Africa as a result of his many travels to those regions as child with his father to Nigeria, and his older brother to Egypt, Lebanon, Malta, Tunisia & Morocco when he became a teenager and as an adult where he has lived and worked in Saudi Arabia for 12 years.

Middle Eastern music became an interest of Sheb Schwae because he is a fluent speaker of the Arabic language and being a musician eventually led him to writing and singing songs in Arabic as a tested by the track titled "I FOUND THAT GIRL" which was released on his CD titled: WE GO DEAL WITH THE SYSTEM 2" & "EVERY MUSLIM IS NOT A TERRORIST", released on the single CD The Last Crusades. Sheb Schwae has produced his fith CD, which features him singing another track in the Arabic language.

Sheb Schwae is a published author of a historical novel titled "THE BUFFALO SOLDIERS WE GO DEAL WITH THE SYSTEM" which is distributed by Dorrance Publishing Inc. His latest literary accomplishment is titled " THE LAST CRUSADES" An account of the Middle Eastern conflict which was inspired by the many years he has lived in Saudi Arabia.   Sheb has toured the college market where he provides an eclectic mix of lectures about his literary works, the historical accomplishments of the "United States Colored troops/AKA The Buffalo Soldiers" who were the vanguard that procured freedom for the African American community during the American Civil War; and the current book " The Last Crusades" published by sbprabooks, he will be discussing his views regarding the conflict between Islam and the West and giving important antidotes on how to solve the current crisis. The lectures end with an up lifting musical concert where Sheb performs his original material and covers of his favorite mentors from the musical world.


Their first recording project was titled TRANQUILITY, second one was WE GO DEAL WITH THE SYSTEM, third one is titled WE GO DEAL WITH THE SYSTEM 2, fourth THE LAST CRUSADES (Single).

 Sheb Schwae has completed working on a soon to be released solo project titled THE LAST CRUSADES & he has published a book titled " THE LAST CRUSADES" about the Middle Eastern conflict taken from interviews he carried out with residents of the Middle East during his time living and working in Saudi Arabia. Contact information:  The new CD double CD FEATURING 18 tracks was released  9/2014, and it is titled Sheb Schwae and the Makah Rhythm Tribe "The Last Crusades".

Set List

Cover songs include Motown greats, tracks written & performed by artist such as: Steel Pulse, Third World, Bob Marley & the Wailers, Aswad, Maxie Preist, Inner Circle, Dennis Brown, Gregory Issacs, Luciano, Beres Hammond & Black Uhuru, ..etc..etc.. We can perform three sets typically two sets of covers and one set of original or vice a versa.