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"iFLOW Magazine (Flow Child Enterprises)"

SHEE is beautifully talented with the essence of historical class. Her energy and versatility allows her to reach heights that some artists in the mainstream have yet to accomplish. Vaginal Erections raises eyebrows, which causes many to grasp the attention. SHEE breathes music notes and is often heard on Local Spin Radio, seen at the Plugin U IN Showcase, noted in iFLOW Web Magazine, and more! This artistical entrepreneur is not here for a season, but a lifetime! - Jewelz (Michelle Bryson), Editor

"Latino Review"

How can you not respect a female emcee who writes an ode for her holiest of holies? In the vaginal anthem “My Girl (Kitty, Kitty),” Shee raps, appropriately, about pleasuring herself with the dexterity of a guitarist. “Stroke you like a musician on their instrument/ hittin’ all the notes, fingers on you like a T.V. remote.” Let all the other women in the hip hop universe sing about getting their hair tight at the salon. With lyrics thanking her personified genitalia, “Periodically you let me cut your hair/ you had every different do,” Ms. Andrews keeps the most important grooming for between her legs. But don’t misunderstand. While the track makes the necessary allusions to her “best friend’s” needs, never once does it come across as slutty and self-degrading. The song is melodic empowerment, paying homage to the body part that, frankly, defines a woman as a woman. “I grew with my girl, my girl grew with me/ I am who I am, what I am because of my girl.” In an age where Gwen Stefani gets heavy rotation on Hot 97, emanating from system speakers, it’d be refreshing to see girls at the club put their drinks down and rush to the dance floor singing “Kitty, kitty-my cootie, my pattylaylay, my pussy, my chocha, oochie, coohie” in unified chorus. “My Girl” is just one example of the creative stylings boasted by Shee, the up and coming artist releasing her latest album Vaginal Erections. Expect to hear more from this young talent in the near future. - Walter Orsini, Contributing Editor

"The Truth Magazine"

SHEE is definitely not the cat’s mother. Vaginal Erections, the debut full-length effort from the Brooklyn native, is testament to the virtues of hard work. Socially conscious, bling-free and street savvy, Rasheedah Andrews has the talent to burn holes in the hip-hop community.
Opening the album with ‘Ýou Don’t Know’, SHEE is mellow, yet strong – a lady firmly in control of her flow. Her finely crafted lyrics keep you swaying steady, and propel the track in just the right direction.
The trend continues on Drop Juice, a killer minimalist number filled with old-school electro samples, and SHEE’s trademark sharp tongue. My Girl (Kitty, Kitty) is a sure-fire hit. Witty, irreverent, and full-on naughty, this ode to womanhood is hot enough to make Missy Elliot blush.
SHEE displays versatility behind the mic. On tracks like We In Flatbush, she has the fire of MC Lyte, with the bounce of Jean Grae. SHEE’s latest release is an evolutionary step in female hip-hop - a great leap forward in the tradition of Queen Latifah’s All Hail the Queen. She proves that she can hold her own with sweet as honey tones, but the girl sure knows how and when to get nasty.
Techincally, SHEE is first-class. With tight production, and a slamming live show, the former resident of the wrong side of the tracks seems destined to break out onto every block. Blessed with an original B-girl style, and an authentic life experience, SHEE is a dynamic package for the masses.
- Tom Spurling, Entertainment Writer

"Outcry Magazine"

It’s rare when a female lights up the rap scene and in the long history of the rap industry there have been few female stars to do so. There was Foxy Brown, Da Brat, Missy Eliot and most recently Eve. But it’s about time for the elites of the rap world to step aside and take notice of another up and coming female artist, Shee.

Vaginal Erections, – the imagery is just as delightful as the music – Shee’s debut album is as unique as the title. It is refreshing to hear lyrics that aren’t driven by the material world. There are no clever ad placements for fancy cars, clothes or champagne.

Sheer Badness Entertainment describes Vaginal Erections as being a balance of hard and soft and I agree, this album has the highs and lows unmatched in the recent industry. With the Nirvana guitar riff in “I Called You” it’s clear that Shee is a fan of good music no matter the genre. There is humor and story telling in her lyrics and a flow that is unrivaled by any current superstar. Here beats are contagious and you find yourself involuntarily moving your head with the perfect merge of her voice and the beats.

It’s only a matter of time before we see Shee’s beautiful face in the billboard charts, BET and on the cover of every music magazine in town. Jump on this bandwagon immediately folks, soon the rest of the world will see what New York City already knows, Shee’s a sure thing.
- Chadwick Perdue, Contributing Author

"YL Magazine"

Female rappers have come a long way since Queen Latifah and Monie Love. They’ve made a name for themselves and its hard not to give them their due respect. But lately they’ve fallen into a bit of a slump and all of them sound the same. It’s all become very boring and cliché. Rap music needs a new face and sound. That’s where Shee comes in with her album “Vaginal Erections”. The silver-tonuged raptress is giving us more to think about and is proving that females really can come just as hard as the men but keep it smooth like only a woman can.

The album is full of explosive tracks and hot club bangers with a couple of songs that push the envelope. But none more than “My Girl” which is somewhat of an ode to what makes us girls so damn irresistible. No other female has gotten away with talking about their sexuality without sounding vulgar and raunchy by Shee gives you a new perspective on it with this song. But just because Shee’s a lady with an appreciation of self doesn’t mean that she can’t hold it down in the streets. “You Don’t Know” and “Mark Your Territory” show us that Shee can bang with the guys (and girls) alike. Her tight flows intertwine with the sick beats perfect to produce some of the hottest tracks to ever come from a female. “Work Clothes” sets a different tone on the album and brings out the party in all of us. Everyone knows that after a long day, all you want to do is kick back and do you. During the day your time belongs to someone else but the night is yours for the taking and this track is the perfect song to start club hopping to.

Shee is leaving her mark on the music scene and has officially solidified her place in rap with “Vaginal Erections”. You can’t possibly listen to these tracks and not get hooked. Her lyrical prowess is portrayed on every song which makes for a perfectly rounded album. Shee is bringing about a much needed change to the way female rappers are being seen in music. You can be smart, sexy and tough all in one without compromising. The future of rap is here. The future of rap is Shee.
- Chanita Davis, Freelance Music Writer

"What They're Saying About SHEE!!!"

Below are excerpts with general feedback from

From Fabio (of Casio Brothers) Austrailia
You're style is fresh, phat and saucy. I love it. I'll put it on my bigger system to check it out as it should be heard.. loud..

From V-Cember (Rap Capital) Atlanta, GA
DAMN! Juss heard dem muh fuckin tracks…dem shits was hott! real shit! That’s what I like to hear man…that’s real hiphip feel me? Real shit mama nice…much much props.

From Psylent Entertainment (Indie Label) Columbus, GA
Mark ya Territory chorus complemented the beat hella nice. I like My Girl too, very different. Concept was real nice

From Tasti (Family Ent. Artist Assoc FEAAcamp) Rialto, California
The Camp is bumpin ya ish ma…HOT!!!
Keep doing it just like that…

From Babylon Renigg (Rap Recording Artist) Chicago, IL
Mami’…you’re sick and you know you are…4real!!! I’m lovin your flow & your content

From Mz Afficial – Southeast Louisiana
Excuse The French, Yo Shit is Hella Nice, Ya Flow Is Off Da Chain, Plus Ya Voice And Emotion Is Just What The Female Industry Is Lackin Right Now So Props Fa That…Keep Doin It Big And U Will Be Big!!! Much Faith and Support From Me To You Ma, Really Plottin N Skeemin To Cop Sumthin From Ya

Young & Black Magazine (Artist of the Month Spotlight)
Here’s what Young and Black readers had to say about SHEE:

From LINA, Long Beach, Ca
You doing it real big, I like that Vaginal Erections song. Let me know
where I can get the cd's at in my area! Keep up the good work gul !!

From MIKEY B, Seattle, Wa
I always welcome a female that can hold her own, and Shee does that very
well. holla at ya boy DJ Trixta

Much love to Shee from Dallas Texas! Us women got a new anthem "My girl" !!!

Sonicbids Feedback
Here’s what the SonicBids community had to say about SHEE:

From Benjy Kantor, SonicBids Staff
OH DAMN! I just listened and read the lyrics to "my girl (kitty kitty)." First of all, the chorus is fantastic and catchy as hell and perfectly vulgar and wonderful all at once!

The lyrics are brave and strong and really just incredible to hear…

From President Wayne (MusicOz Finalist 2004), Austrailia
Girl, you is bad but beautiful. Now that's poetry, lyrical mastery. And your vocal rhythm in the chorus of 'Girl' is just divine. Love too, that you have brought unmasked sexuality, sincerity, innocence, sensuality, beauty & self love into such a sweet balance. You seem to stop at the line, but somehow there is no line.

From Avatar, Location Not Designated
Your rhymes got me bobbin’ my head 'till my neck hurt!
Your flow and the imagery of the lyrics are superlative.

You got it, push it. You'll go far.

From Filthadelhphian (Parkside Ave Band), Philadelphia PA
The tunes have a great groove, and I love the rhythm in your vocal lines…
You've got a great voice keep up the good work. - Various

"Unsigned Music Magazine"

She's skilled, she's provocative and she's hot. Who is she? She's SHEE, one of the illest lyricists - male or female to come out of NY for decades! The things that make SHEE so powerful are her style, her lyrical content (which could be offensive to some, refreshing to others) and how she is marketing herself. SHEE is a brand. SHEE has a comic book, ringtones, online video games, merchandise and more. I have to warn you, SHEE is raw and by that I mean that she doesn't pull any punches. In her own words, " I created this album to peel away illusions and misconceptions about women rooted in gender." She certainly does a great job of that on her song "My Girl" (Kitty Kitty). Not only does she reflect lovingly on her most female of body parts and the times they've shared together, but she let's us know how powerful it is - "I never lost sight of the power of my body, what you think made Adam disobey the Almighty - it's the Kitty Kitty." SHEE's strong and not afraid to admit it and that's the message she conveys through the entire CD. I'm glad to see someone expressing her femininity in a powerful way instead of being the unwanted object of someone else's desires. You owe it to yourself to hear Vaginal Erections and to get a better understanding of who SHEE is. - Kenneth Hamlett, Publisher (review featured in "Xposed" column)

"SOLO Entertainment Magazine"

SHEE is definitely a force to be reckoned with. Her rhymes bring something more to the rap game besides the usual bling-bling, sex, and dollar signs.

SHEE rips the mic, bringing back rap to poetic verses of street life and life lessons. Don’t let the cute exterior fool you. Categorize SHEE as a rapper first, not a “female rapper”. She lays it down hard without the ass shaking and gimmicks. SHEE is a gifted versatile rapper. She is a summer’s breeze to the stench of today’s souring copycat rap. - Joseph Griffin, Editor

"Catsask Music Reviews"

With flows and melodies to melt the mos' mannish of men, SHEE delivers lyrics that are tight and on time! With her latest full length release "Vaginal Erections" SHEE is givin' us a dose of hardcore sexy fluidity. Incredibly open with the track "My Girl" the hook is infectious and the vocal release is delivered with true inviting bliss. Gifted and infectious with her verbal demonstration, SHEE is set to stir $#it up! - Duss Rogers, Music Critic


Vaginal Erections (15 song debut album)
SHEE is Sheer Badness (15 song promo mixtape)


Feeling a bit camera shy


Whenever you refer to a female....the sentence usually begins with "she", add an "e" for everything a woman is or aspires to be. Rap recording artist, SHEE, is the quintessential urban female and without question one of rap music's fastest rising stars. A multifaceted artist that hasn't jumped on any passing bandwagon, SHEE consistently creates material in tune with the demands of the street while avoiding material derivate of what's already out there. With a distinctive voice, unique flow and the unmatched ability to pen concepts and lace them with infectious hooks - irrespective of gender, never has the rap game seen an MC this complete.

With continuous verbal assaults and enough local notoriety and street cred to back it up it was only a matter of time before SHEE developed a legion of fans in both the Empire State and the Garden State. Also, the July 2004 launching of significantly expanded her listener base. SHEE has been the spotlight/featured artist in Young & Black Magazine, Unsigned Music Magazine, Muse's Muse, Street Rapz, Streetzclusive, Eraport (Poland), Gangsta's Party (Italy) and more. Solidifying her position, SHEE builds anticipation for her 'Vaginal Erections' album by performing at a series of venues throughout the tri-state area, supplying promotional samplers and marketing her music with a variety of unconventional, but successful techniques. Already receiving excellent reviews, her highly anticipated full-length debut album, 'Vaginal Erections' is about balancing soft with hard - reflective of both her music and lifesyle. Whether it's the commercial club-banger "Work Clothes", the hard-hitting politically motivated "Rebel" or the trademark spit-fire hood-anthem "We In Flatbush" - SHEE shows she isn't one dimensional by displaying her lyrical dexterity and taking listeners on a wild ride through the various elements of her character. SHEE proudly states, "My life is a snapshot of what it means to be an independent Black woman in urban America - this album is the soundtrack to that life, my life, the life of a woman that takes no mess, knows what she wants, gets what she wants and accepts nothing less."

For full artist bio, visit official artist website -