Sheepy is fun, energy and punk pop.


Sheepy is a pop punk trio based in Liverpool, UK, featuring:?
Sheepy (Luke Jones) on Vocals and Guitar, Villy Raze on Bass and vocals and? Ollie Fontaine on drums and vocals.

In a short space of time, the band has played across the UK and Ireland and toured across Europe in 2012 with friends Vamos.

Recent releases from label Blang Records have been spunked out on national radio and some TV shows like Soccer AM. Energetic and erratic on stage, and with catchy tunes, ??Frontman Sheepy a.k.a. Luke Jones has also released 15 self-produced solo bedroom-job albums which are hidden in the depths of the internet.

Sheepy will release a debut album on Blang record this year and 2013 promises to be a great year with lots more UK & Ireland gigs, second European Tour and into the unknown!


Debut album = Released this summer.

Another Day/Bobble Hat Girl/Kiss Me/Drugfuck 7" Vinyl EP
Split 7" Vinyl released December 2012 on Blang Records.
Sheepy's Another Day recorded by Sheepy in his room, while Bobble Hat Girl was recorded by Rhys Jones in Milk Studios. Antoher Day recieved repeated plays on Radio 6 Music as well as XFM, Absolute Radio and on TV's Soccer AM.

Glum/Craic Injector, April 2012
Sheepy's haunting single Glum was the second single release on Blang Records, Recieved national radio play.

Predator EP - November 2011
1 Predator
2 One Cup Of Coffee
3 Bread And Noodles
4 My Friends
5 Don't Know Much (demo)

?Debut release from Blang Records, Predator was recorded at One Cat Studio in Brixton. Available online as a download.? Recieved lots of national radio plays with BBC Radio 2 and Radio 6 Music amongst other admiers.

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