Find a place where keys, guitar, bass and drums meet in a state of tranquility one second, and a state of powerful emotion the next. Get lost in the sense of fear, hope, pain, success and love. Sheersight keeps the music simple yet strong to bring the listener to the picture painted by each song.


We started as a band five years ago. We met through our church and that's where we started writing our first songs. We've been through a lot together, especially surrounding events at our church and in our own seperate lives. We've are influenced and inspired by bands like Keane, Coldplay, Lifehouse, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Third Eye Blind, and The Foo Fighters. Our music is lead a lot by the piano. We try to get more of a classic rock sound to our songs, not like a lot of the pop rock that is heard on the radio today.



Written By: Chris Kostka

She says I’m dust to her,
I don’t disagree.
What we had is lost now,
Along with uncertainty.

There’s a part that’s strong,
That doesn’t want to go.
There’s a life without me,
That she wants to know. (X2)

Verse 2:
I can’t hold her here,
She is free to leave.
Still I need to tell her,
What she means to me.

She can choose to stay,
She can choose to leave.
I know one thing,
In my heart she will be. (X2)

As dust I fall,
Away from love.
I hear her call,
Our love is done.

Breathe Tonight

Written By: Chris Kostka

Theres only one thing
That matters more than this
The fact is im scared of life
Im scared of failing this

Id love to say I don’t care
About societies conformities
I’ll shake these walls tonight
And ill do whatever I please

I won’t let life
Stop me from living
Ill keep searching for words
I won’t stop believing

Ive got time
To breathe tonight
Ill see my life
In a new light
The things inside
Will be my sight
To change my world
I’ll breathe tonight

I can’t find the right words
My heart will find relief
It doesn’t matter what I say
I’ll live how I believe

2:09 am

Written By: Chris Kostka

Its 2:09 am
I’ve got paradise on my mind again
The secrets locked beneath
My bliss the unsought key
Passing over the yester years
Answering to my forever fears

In my mind I’m there already
Moving forward careful steady
My heavens shown to me
In ways unknown to me
There’s room for my dreams
My dreams from by the sea

My bliss my own
My heavens shown
I won’t see that world
On my own

Dizzying thoughts relay
My fixation caught in replay
My joys of this world I see
Will follow the good in me
Heavy hearted I sleep tonight
To see heaven clear as night

Set List

We perform all original songs in different sets that can range from 30 min. to 1 hour

A Way Out
Llamas On Parade
My Life At Sunset
Like The Leaves
Behind Closed Doors
2:09 AM
Breathe Tonight
All I Can Give