Nu jazz mixed with bossanova, drum and bass. Mostly it is jazzy, broken beat music.


Universe of SheeZzanova sounds is as eclectic as double entendre of the band's name suggests. Formed in September 2006, this ambitious six-piece (augmented by additional players and visual artists for live shows) took Lithuanian club scene by storm. „To please the audience without compromising our sound“ is the group's motto. The „sound“ in question is an elegant mixture of bossanova, breaks, lounge and jazz music. The band's core was formed by musicians who cut their teeth in different styles – previous outfits include crazy ska band Puse septyniu and electronic knob-twiddlers eXitLabEL. However, SheeZzanova's melancholic first single Elegantiskai snigo earned them comparisons with Milky Lasers. Subsequent tracks Grazinkit man vasara (featuring MC Messiah) and Netylek received healthy airplay but the band's reputation was primarily cemented by impressive live performances – including support gigs for the likes of Fabio and De Phazz. Currently in the process of making their first album, these young musicians describe their sound as a mixture of „classic and absurd, bossanova and schizophrenia“.



Written By: Rut SheeZzanova

all the lyrics are written by our vocalist - Rut


SheeZzanova released couple of tracks:

SheeZzanova - netylek (original live mix) (Monaco rec.)
SheeZzanova - netylek (Monaco rec.)

As well our music plays radiostations:

SheeZzanova - elegantiskai snigo
SheeZzanova - Grazinkit man vasara (top song)

Set List

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