We are Dance Rock! It gets you up and moving, you just can't sit still when we start to play. It's rock, pop, punk, reggae influences all rolled into amazing songs with great lyrics played by a band that's full of energy and enthusiasm. Sheffield isn't just a band, it's a way of life!!


Made up of 4 best friends from high school, our band has many influences. We all enjoy different types of music, from classical to punk and reggae with jazz and rap thrown in for good measure.
We combine these influences into unique original music that gets you up and moving. We call it dance rock because it will rock your socks off while you're jump around the dance floor. Our shows are high energy and fun. We love to perform and always give 110% to our shows and fans.


Six Steps
From Heaven
High Roller
Lone Star Girl
Lost Love
Backdoor Paparazzi
Rock N Roll
Keep Warm
Feeling Tonight
Don't Waste my Time
Party Life

EP: (in the works)
Sheffield On The Rocks!

Set List

We typically mix up the songs we play depending on the show/venue. We usually play between 30 and 45 minutes a set but can play for an hour if necessary