She Flies

She Flies


The music of She Flies defies the limitations of traditional American Rock. Their signature style seamlessly integrates the wild rhythms and haunting melodies of the world's ancient spiritual music into an intense, sexy, unforgettable rock sound that entices loyal fans from every walk of life.


*She Flies is the L.A.-based band formerly known as The Dervishes.

***WORLD TOUR 2007***
She Flies is thrilled to announce that they will be joining the "Humanity's Team World Tour 2007". From March 22 through April 29, 2007, the band will perform alongside New-York Times Best-Selling Author Neale Donald Walsch, along with celebrities, politicians, and spiritual leaders from every corner of the world. The tour will include stops in New Zealand, Japan, India, Portugal, Moldova, England, Germany, South Africa, Argentina, the United States (Atlanta, Georgia), and Canada (Vancouver, British Columbia).

"This is the music I've dreamed about making since I was a little girl. It's intense and powerful and vulnerable and a little edgy. It's rock totally reinterpreted. I feel like we're always on the edge - constantly pushing our barriers - musically and personally. It's liberating. It's intense too." -Alexandra

In less than a year performing together, She Flies has performed at festivals, bars and clubs in California, Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, Utah and Idaho. The limited Pre-Release Version of their debut CD "Possessed" sold out in a matter of months, and fans are already lining up to buy the final version (due for release in January 2007).

Currently, the L.A.-based band is preparing for a six-week tour in Hawaii, where they will record their second CD, featuring the masterful sonic alchemy of Scott Huckabay, the legendary percussion of Souhail Kaspar, and the musical genius of French Artist-Producer Pierre Grill. (CD due for release in Spring/Summer 2007).

---The Story of She Flies---

"People come to me and tell me that our music changes them. They cry, they heal, they dance in public for the first time. They dream. Making the music changes me in the same way. All the clutter is stripped away, and I'm free to play, to dance, to let my soul spill out." -Ellen

In February of 2005, while attending a festival in Arizona, Alexandra Boone and Ellen Weaver met over doumbeks and Turkish coffee. Singing together at the urging of a mutual friend, Ellen and Alexandra knew immediately that their lives were about to change. A year later Ellen left Salt Lake City, Utah and her stable, comfortable life to join Alexandra in Los Angeles and pursue a dream.

In the months that followed, the band took off running. Alexandra and Ellen were touring the inter-mountain west by June, picking up enthusiastic new fans in every city they played. Their music left an impression, and before long She Flies was getting offers to play at festivals and clubs all over the country, collaborate with world-class musicians, and tour in the Carribean, Europe and the Far East.

---About the Artists---

Alexandra Boone was raised in Honolulu, Hawai'i. As the daughter of a singer and a record producer, she was immersed in the music industry even as a child. First recording at age five, Alexandra had successfully written and produced a musical by the time she was ten years old, and at sixteen, represented Hawai'i in the Polynesian Music Festival in the Cooke Islands. With hundreds of performances, and dozens of professional recordings under her belt by the time she graduated from high school, Alexandra moved to Los Angeles in 1998 to study music at the University of Southern California. Alexandra has appeared on over 50 professional recordings, including the best-selling new age CDs "Voyage," "Isle of Dreams," and "A Winter's Journey"(Sugo Records).

Ellen Weaver grew up in a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio in a family of classical musicians. Although she studied piano and flute as a child, Ellen's real strength was her voice. With training in classical, choral, and musical theatre singing, Ellen performed in dozens of concerts and stage productions. After graduating magna cum laude from Ohio State University, Ellen moved across the country to Idaho, and then Salt Lake City, where she lived until meeting Alexandra and moving to Los Angeles.


"The hardest part is really just keeping up with ourselves! The opportunities just keep coming, and we really have to stay on our toes to take advantage of what's available to us." -Alexandra



Written By: Alexandra Boone

*Ladino lyrics are traditional.

The nightingales sing with sighs of love.
My body aches to feel your touch.

I am possessed body, heart and soul.
I am possessed, possessed by you.

The rose has thorns and so does your embrace,
The wounds of love, the pleasure and the pain.

I am possessed body, heart and soul.
I am possessed, possessed by you.

I need your touch, your body next to me.
Come to my arms. Come set me free.

I am possessed body, heart and soul.
I am possessed, possessed by you.


Written By: Alexandra Boone

*Ladino lyrics are traditional.

When I fell in love it was for looks and boyish charms
And my heart was lost within his gaze.
Oh, I fell in love with all the little things he said.
In his eyes my reason slipped away.
Linda de mi corason...

When I fell in love the moonlight held me in its beam.
I was lost and helpless to his charms.
If I'd seen his face within the glaring light of day,
Maybe then I would have seen his lies.
Yo no atava amor...

If I fall in love again, I'll do it in the day.
I won't let the shadows steal my heart.
If I fall in love again, I'll make him work for me.
I won't be trapped by pretty lies and charm.
Si otra vez m'enamero sea de dia con sol...

One Truth

Written By: Alexandra Boone

Many words have I writ trying to reach you, my love.
Many candles I've lit as I prayed
For your heart to return to its place by my side,
For the life that I love to be saved.

O my soul cries to you from the depths of despair
And I weep for the words that you said,
For in all of my life only one truth has stood:
You and I were always meant to be.

As I toss in my bed I am cold to the bone
For the man that I wed isn't here,
And I pray from my soul that you'll hold me again
And our love will hold on through the years.

O my soul cries to you...

O the path may hold trials and darkness ahead
But the flame of our love will light the way.
And though love isn't easy, it's worth every tear
Just to walk side by side, day by day.

O I ache with this love and I burn with desire
And the angels above guide us home,
And our passions will lead both our hearts to the truth
And our love will again make us whole.

O my soul cries to you...


She Flies
"Possessed." (Pre-Release Version) February 2006
-Final Version due for release in January 2007

Alexandra Boone
"Sof Ma'arav: L'Dor V'Dor" (with Aileen Sander, 2000)
"Ho'olea" (1996)
Also featured on over 50 recordings, including:
"Voyage" (Pierre Grill & Brad White, Sugo Records)
"Isle of Dreams" (Pierre Grill & Brad White, Sugo Records)
"A Winter's Journey" (Pierre Grill & Brad White, Sugo Records)
"Anela" (Anela, Innovative Productions)

Set List

She Flies can perform all-original sets, or a mix of originals and covers. All-accoustic sets are also available upon request.

Original Material: 2+ hours
Mix of Originals and Covers: 4+ hours

*She Flies generally selects cover songs based on venue, audience, and mood. The band will make every effort to meet client requests, as long as they are made in writing at least two weeks before the scheduled show. She Flies may also take some requests during performances.

One Truth
Our Mothers
What's It All About
We All Fall Down
Sky Dolphyn (with Scott Huckabay)
She Flies (by Marley Oyen)

Forgiven (Alanis Morisette)
Hey Jude (The Beatles)
She Talks to Angels (The Black Crowes)
So Far Away (Carole King)
Round Here (Counting Crows)
The Space Between (Dave Matthews Band)
Can't Help Falling In Love (Elvis Presley)
Lonely Stranger (Eric Clapton)