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Portsmouth, England, United Kingdom | SELF

Portsmouth, England, United Kingdom | SELF
Band EDM Hip Hop


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Rosie and the Goldbug/Hold Fast/SHEGOTSiCK"

"SHEGOTSiCK, possibly the most energetic duo ever to grace the stage, dancing about and thrashing away to their iPod accompaniment, creating a slightly strange but very interesting hip-hop/electro pop hybrid that I really enjoyed. These guys are worth keeping an eye on, they kept the audience interest here and I think, put on in a club like Waster, they'd blow people away!"

Matt Merritt, Subba-Cultcha.
(Whole review can be found online at - Subba-Cultcha, Matt Merritt


"Two-piece, Galvin Lee and Sinade write and produce the music. Musically, the band takes in all number of influences from Electro and Drum ‘n’ Bass soundclashes (on the excellent ‘This Is What You Do’), via Soul, R ‘n’ B and Pop music. Even during their most commercial sounding moments though, the band never pander to corporate identity, the lyrics wouldn’t allow them to! They’re never shy of saying it ‘how it is’!

This of course keeps it very ‘real’, but could well be a stumbling block if they ever wanted to seek out a major record deal. I don’t think the word ‘c**t’ often appears in the Top 40, radio edit or not!

They both sing (very well) and Sinade is the main rapper. Lyrics straight from observations from life and the heart dealing with subject matter ranging from street crime to binge drinking, anorexia, the middle class/working class debate, sex and immigration amongst others. Thankfully, the Eminem influence hasn’t made them rap about getting out of the ghetto!

Highlight of the EP actually contains the least confrontational lyric. The quite beautiful ‘Heaven Must Be Beautiful’ is a sad, warming poem to a lost loved one. Good stuff.

If the band remains true to this independent mindset, then they just might create the sort of buzz and hardcore following that they deserve."

Mike Spall SouthScene
(Full review can be read at article.php?id=3413) - SouthScene, Mike Spall


"If Tony and Guy did Grime...."

Dave Saunders, DJ and Producer - Dave Saunders, DJ and Producer

"Quote from a fan blog after THe Wedgewood Rooms Battle of the Bands."

"I was very impressed. Really clever fusion of hardcore white-girl rap (impeccably pulled off, I might add) with some topical social commentary and decent vocal chorus and breaks.
Needless to say, they won the showcase. Definitely want to see more of them."

- Electric-J's Blog


As I load the CDd into my computer I am not sure exactly what to expect from the self titled EP by SHEGOTSiCK, comprising of Gavin Lee and Sinade. The CD artwork suggests that there are dark undertones to their music. Track one ‘The Pauper and The King’ kicks in with extremely unexpected electronica and female rapping vocals from Sinade. The track contains highly political lyrics commenting on 9-5 working life and the nature of the British class system.

Track two comprises of very pleasing echoing male vocals, joined as the track progresses by rapping. The standout track from the EP is the last song ‘This is what you do,’ the track is the perfect way to round off this set of promising songs from the newcomers.

Overall, a solid EP with a couple of stand-out tracks, this band deserves to be heard by a wider audience. However to achieve a wider fan base the language of their songs would have to be monitored a little more closely.

Review by Tessa Appleby -


Type: Self produced debut EP
Avaiable at

1. Confronting Me
2. Stop That
3. Heaven Must Be Beautiful
4. Pauper and the King
5. Danger Zone



‘SHE GOT SiCK look a little like characters from a Manga cartoon and live out their lives lyrically on stage to the beats of a self produced backing track. They sing, rap, dance and charm like their lives depend on it. Being in the audience is a little like being at a club, watching the coolest kids on the dance floor and wanting to be a part of it, so much fun does it all look.

Their sound combines the dance-rock mix of bands like Kasabian and Pendulum with the bleak, honest social commentary of Reverand and the Makers. The whole performance matters, the dance moves are as integral to the whole thing as the music or the lyrics, so much so that to look away from the stage to write blog comments seems like a tragic waste. As so, the shortness of this comment comes as far more of a compliment than I could ever write. I can only suggest that everyone should go and join the SHE GOT SiCK party'

Taken from Lynn Haste BlogSpot