Portsmouth, England, GBR
BandEDMHip Hop

Labeled the most energetic duo to every grace the stage by SubbaCultcha Mag


‘SHE GOT SiCK look a little like characters from a Manga cartoon and live out their lives lyrically on stage to the beats of a self produced backing track. They sing, rap, dance and charm like their lives depend on it. Being in the audience is a little like being at a club, watching the coolest kids on the dance floor and wanting to be a part of it, so much fun does it all look.

Their sound combines the dance-rock mix of bands like Kasabian and Pendulum with the bleak, honest social commentary of Reverand and the Makers. The whole performance matters, the dance moves are as integral to the whole thing as the music or the lyrics, so much so that to look away from the stage to write blog comments seems like a tragic waste. As so, the shortness of this comment comes as far more of a compliment than I could ever write. I can only suggest that everyone should go and join the SHE GOT SiCK party'

Taken from Lynn Haste BlogSpot


Type: Self produced debut EP
Avaiable at

1. Confronting Me
2. Stop That
3. Heaven Must Be Beautiful
4. Pauper and the King
5. Danger Zone