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Athens, Georgia, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2011

Athens, Georgia, United States
Established on Jan, 2011
Band Rock Punk




"Super Jam With Indie Rock Trailblazer Superchunk, Jam Room Music Festival Roars into Year Three"

Shehehe makes rocking hard seem easy. Most of the band’s songs run for about three minutes and sound like Slash jamming with The Runaways. Nicole Bechill doesn’t sing; she barks like a rabid pit bull puppy. Jason Fusco doesn’t play the drums; he beats the living hell out of them. It’s an unabashed celebration of that reliable adrenaline charge that comes from belligerent shredding and near-constant gang vocals. - Free Times

"Peelander-Z, COEDS, SHEHEHE, Bent Out of Shape at The Jinx"

Athens’ SHEHEHE has a fairly unique sound with dual, aggressive, harmonizing female vocals, tight punk rock instrumentation and legit songs. I remember liking them the last time I saw them, this time I loved their set. I have no idea why I didn’t pick up their new vinyl at the show. They’re playing A.U.R.A. Fest in Statesboro soon. - Hissing Lawns

"Unplugged: Bragg Jam, Adron, Shehehe and the Georgia music scene"

The young punk-ish band Shehehe was stellar as an opener for The Queers a few months ago, and the Athens band will return to The Jinx Aug. 2.

Look for a strong, upbeat set by an act whose career is definitely worth watching. - Do Savannah

"Shehehe Tackles Punk's Macho Past"

Buoyed by an intense rehearsal schedule and regular out-of-town gigging, the band entered the studio a few months back to craft its debut album, which it titled, appropriately enough, New American Jet Rock.

Although sessions were scheduled at a less than ideal time—the day after a late-night gig—SheHeHe entered Full Moon Studio with engineer Jay Rodgers and finished its planned five tracks in one day. Although male and female vocals were tracked separately, everything else was done live. The band kept going until it had finished 11 tunes and had a full album under its belt.

There aren't any light moments on New American Jet Rock. It announces itself loudly and immediately. It's hard to understate the appeal of what Hannan calls the group's "gang vocals"—that is, when the whole band is singing at once. Further, SheHeHe seems uniquely situated in its chosen genre, which is typically very male-oriented, macho and boys-club-ish.

Indeed, for decades, women in such groups have been relegated to support positions, although they're often oxymoronically, decoratively, placed up front. But SheHeHe exists wildly outside of this; Shuck and Bechill are such essential parts of every process and performance that it feels old fashioned to even mention. Audiences trained on years, even decades of the old model, though, no doubt appreciate and respect this fresh-air aspect of the band very much.

Lyrically, it must be said, SheHeHe doesn't break any new ground. The group sings about waitresses, losing one's mind, idiotic sex boasts (“I've got a bong and I'm bangin' your mom”) and other well worn rock and roll tropes. Still, if you step back and just enjoy the music, it's pretty easy to not really notice any of what's being sung. There's no lyric sheet that comes with the album, and you've gotta lean in pretty closely to pick out gems like the one mentioned above. And anyway, rock and roll shouldn't be gauged by its social consciousness, but by whether or not it hits that fist-shaking nerve. And New American Jet Rock hits it square on. - The Flagpole

"This Little Underground: Our live music columnist checks out Areolas, Shehehe, a Fucking Elephant and more"

Speaking of girls, headliner Shehehe has a band name I feel especially ridiculous saying aloud because it makes me feel like one. As their self-described style of "new American jet rock" implies, this Athens, Ga., crew is a glam-punk bomb that's more than a little fueled by Johnny Thunders. Their punk and roll bag is schticky and sometimes thin, but when the whole gang sings, they shake the goddamned walls. What's more, they seem to have some righteous influences, even throwing in a Wreckless Eric cover. Besides, any band that can make a perfect rock & roll song like "Rollin'," the sole track on their Facebook page, is always dangerous. - Orlando Weekly


Still working on that hot first release.



SHEHEHE is a band of 4 people who love punk rock, and playing with other kick ass bands. Jason Fusco (drums and vocals), Nicole Bechill (vocals) Noelle Shuck (guitar and vocals) Derek Wiggs (bass), Have been rocking out as SHEHEHE for 4 years now and have no intentions of slowing down. They just released new full length album (Rock & Roll Queen) on vinyl and tape and have a split with Atlanta rockers Spray Tan on it's way. Based in Athens, GA. SHEHEHE is loves participating and helping cultivate a thriving punk and rock and roll scene in Athens and Atlanta and has made it their mission to spread their infectious tunes to the world!

The Sex Pistols, The Jesus and Mary Chain, The Kinks, The Ramones, The Runaways, Black Flag, The Cramps, X, Stooges, The MC5, The Dictators, The Dead Boys, Generation X, The Donnas, L7, The Bangles, Lita Ford,
Motorhead, The Buzzcocks, The Misfits, Tears for Fears, Wanda Jackson, The Freeze, Death, Kylesa, The Dead Boys

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