sheila d

sheila d

 Fort Washington, Maryland, USA

Sheila D is a multi-talented artist hailing from Ft. Washington Md. she currently has the hit single HE WILL MAKE A WAY her gospel single on iTunes and cd baby, she sings a variety of music thru out many genres and is sure to put on a dynamic show to your audience. Check out her EPK to see the many artists she has worked with thru out her musical career.


SHEILA DENISE: A multitalented Aries prodigy was born a native Washingtonian. Coming from a talented musical family background, she studied various instruments, mastering the cello being her favorite. Her gift of strong exceptional vocal power made her in demand to work with such prominent industry artist as, WILL DOWNING, LOLEATA HOLLOWAY, JENNIFER HOLLADAY and many others. Among her many credits include lead and background vocals for voice-overs/narration for radio and television commercials. Sheila Denise has also had the pleasure of working with many well-known producer's and arrangers. To name a few... Andre Booth, John Robie, and Arthur Baker. This experience had an enormous effect on her developing her lyrical, vocal and overall production skills. A lesson well learned, led her to work both on stage and recordings, delighting her fans and audiences, to dynamic, and electrifying performances. A savvy business entrepreneur from her early teens up to the present, she established a woman’s boutique, a natural hair gallery, real estate properties and applied this to owning and operating a rehearsal and recording studio, venturing into her production entertainment company "TUNE, TUNE PRODUCTIONS." Tune, Tune productions has release her debut single ‘HE WILL MAKE A WAY'. An Inspirational song, written, produced and song by Sheila Denise. The song inspires a generation, searching for answers and hope. The soulful vocal phasing skillfully blends a contemporary and positive message in this first offering. 'HE WILL MAKE A WAY' has met with strong and rave reviews, a combination of R&B drive, get down lyrics, and unbelievable vocal range, with a touch of jazz. Is it any wonder to say, that with so many vast accomplishments, coupled with great personality and looks, she consummates professionalism and multi-media marketability. SHEILA DENISE will undoubtedly be one to watch and recognize in the music and entertainment industry. She has the entire recipe for success, business, song writer, Production, experience and sings with power house vocal expertise that only she can demand. SHEILA DENISE A MUSICAL EXPERIENCE IS ON HER WAY.


Shake it Free.
He Will Make a Way.
The Floor.