Sheila Landis/Rick Matle

Sheila Landis/Rick Matle

 Rochester Hills, Michigan, USA

Sheila Landis, 7-time "Outstanding Jazz Vocalist" Winner, Detroit Music Awards, performs at prestigious jazz concerts and festivals. Sheila's CD's have been released in the UK and Japan. "...when Landis scats, the spirit of Ella lives!" Chuck Berg, Jazz Times Magazine.


Singing is Sheila Landis' passion and jazz is her religion. She is a vocalist who embodies poetic lyricism, one who uses her voice to entice and enliven. Landis approaches the music as if she's a horn player and she hasn't pigeonholed herself by playing just one style. She moves through the old tunes with the grace and sophistication of Anita O'Day. Her interpretation of the blues is rich with emotionalism and history and she has become an expert "scat-ologist". Landis has been in the trenches since 1973, perfecting a sound suffused with honesty and a soft romanticism. Her accompaniment ranges from a straight-ahead trio to a large Brazilian ensemble. But she's at her best when she's backed by the soulful strumming of guitarist Rick Matle, with whom she has worked since 1988. Landis transforms herself when she sings, her voice becoming an instrument and her body language an extension of the song. She wraps herself around a ballad with warmth and she can run through "Ain't Misbehavin'" without losing any of her magnetism. Whether she's performing for a small audience at a cafe or swinging at a large jazz festival, Landis remains the embodiment of grit and sophistication. (Charles L. Latimer, Metro Times, Detroit, Michigan, 6/21/00).
Guitarist Rick Matle brings jazz, rock and blues influences into the fray, his original energetic guitar style is influenced by artists like Wes Montgomery and Carlos Santana. The duo of Landis and Matle has been compared favorably to Tuck and Patti, Rick often performing on the 7-string guitar in these settings. The dual-percussion punch of Dave Taylor and Dennis Sheridan in Brazilian Love Affair gets the crowd up and dancing with their solid "Wall of Rhythm".


I Don't Speak Your Language"

Written By: Sheila Landis and Rick Matle

Poised to move, blue torch held high, to carry my message, my soul's sweet cry...flying in circles, I swoop for the kill, but I don't speak your language and I guess I never will."


"Jazz Rendezvous" SheLan Records, 1981, vinyl, (reissued in 2001 for sale in Japan).
"Guess I'll Call It Love" ("Penso Que Seja Amor"), SheLan Records, 1981, vinyl, (reissued in 2001 for sale in Japan).
"Bebop Angel" SheLan Records, 1982, vinyl, (reissued in 2001 for sale in Japan).
"Singer/Songwriter" SheLan Records 1983, vinyl, (reissued in 2001 for sale in Japan).
"G-Gosh!" SheLan Records, 1985, vinyl.
"Deja Blue" SheLan Records, 1990, cassette.
"The Greatest Hits of Sheila Landis" SheLan Records, 1992, cassette and CD.
"Are We Home Yet?" Rick Matle on SheLan Records, 1992, cassette.
"JazzScapes" SheLan Records, cassette, 1995.
"Fine and Mellow" SheLan Records, CD, 1996 (reviewed by Chuck Berg for JazzTimes Magazine March 1997).
"The Bird Inside" SheLan Records, CD, 1997.
"Where Jazz Lives" SheLan Records, CD 1999.
"Don't Go To Strangers" SheLan Records, cassette, 1998.
"Winter Wonderland" SheLan Records, CD, 1998.
"Ears Wide Shut" Rick Matle on SheLan Records, CD, 2001.
"Colors of Brazil" SheLan Records, Sheila Landis and Brazilian Love Affair, CD, 2001.
"Riding the Round Pool" SheLan Records, CD, 2002.
Sheila Landis can also be found on the Pat Cronley CD release "Tropicana Tuna"; on CounterPoint Records (United Kingdom) "Jazz BizNiz 2", "Jazz Bizniz 2 remixed"; on Japanese musician/DJ Tatsuo Sunaga's "Organ b. Suite" for Avex of Tokyo, Japan; on "Crouka" scat- singing "satellite beats/it's yours" by the Sunaga t Experience. Landis and Matle also added tracks to the pop-Latin flavored "No Reason, No Rhyme" for Tokyo's Flower Records, in collaboration again with Tatsuo Sunaga. Celeste/Vivid Sound has released four SheLan products on CD, plus bonus tracks and all-new packaging including "Guess I'll Call It Love", "Bebop Angel", "Singer/Songwriter" and "Colors of Brazil".
"Driven" 2004
"Blues in the Night" 2006
"A Little Something for Christmas" with George "Sax" Benson 2007
"Heart Plaza" with Rick Matle, Wendell Harrison and John Lindberg 2010

Set List

A typical Brazilian Love Affair concert set is 60-90 minutes in length.
Here is a typical set:
On Broadway (cover tune)
Garota de Ipanema (Girl from Ipanema) (cover tune sung in both English and Portuguese)
Summertime (cover tune, Afro-Cuban version)
Antonio (Landis/Matle original)
What a Difference a Day Made (cover tune)
Feelin' Good (cover tune)
That Ain't No Cadillac (Landis/Matle original)
Rio de Janeiro Blue (cover tune)
Caravan (cover tune)
Another Star (cover tune)
Typical covers include songs from Antonio Carlos Jobim including bossa novas, sambas, and batucadas; pop/rhythm and blues hits, Smooth Latin Jazz hits, Santana inspired Latin-Rock and Stevie Wonder songs. Some Landis/Matle originals are interspersed in the show.