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The best kept secret in music


"“The Word on SHEKINAH…What headz are sayin’…”"


Thank you for representing Christ to the fullest Saturday. I love your emphasis on holiness. It made me really step back and take inventory of myself when I hear you powerfully express holiness. One of my friends that was wit me at the Ambassador thing in November was so blessed by your firm representation of Jesus. He was like…and Shekinah…ripped it! She represented.
-Latisha Grady

“Yo! Shekinah, wut up my sistah in Christ! I didn’t get to attend HHH02 and I was looking forward to finally meeting the sister behind the Christ centered lyrics. I was at the Impact 2002 Conference in Washington DC over the Christmas break and one day I was talking to Lee Jerkins before I got on the elevator and I was telling him how much your ministry through music has blessed me. Yo! I heard, Ignite the Fire”, I downloaded it off of Tre-Z’s Mp3 page and gave it to another sister in Christ and it blessed her. I know you’re not looking for applause from men, because to God be the glory. I just want to encourage you to continue to let the Lord use you.”
1 Luvv in Christ,

“The Holy Hip Hop community, and the Body of Christ has been graced with a beautiful, prophetic and powerful gift from the heart of the Father. Shekinah is an anointed young woman, minister and HHH Female emcee, raised up for such a time as this, to boldly proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ to this generation. Just like John the Baptist, she is a voice crying in the wilderness, declaring the way of the Lord to the sons and daughters of men. When captured live in concert ministry…skillful, artistic excellence through Spirit-convicting, Christ-centered lyrics is heard by all. Shekinah’s uncompromising devotion to Jesus Christ on and off the mic is compelling and her ministry is a holy commission to call thousands to the same.”
-Carlita Earl (aka “Lady Car”)

The Message Hasn’t Changed, Just the Method
6 Pinedale Avenue * Billerica, MA 01821

April 1, 2005

To Whom It May Concern:

This letter is to recommend Shekinah to minister at RapFest 2005. I have known Shekinah for 4 years and as a mobile deejay, I have co-labored with her in various Christian hip-hop outreaches and concerts up and down the east coast. In her ministering, Shekinah is always quick to give God the glory and is not ashamed to share her testimony of the things that God has delivered her from. I have seen God use her as a vessel to set people free from their bondages and lead them to Christ. Shekinah is a called and anointed MC for God and I highly recommend her for your ministry. If you have any questions, you may contact me at 617-504-7274.


Cassandra Thornton
DJ Lady Grace


To whom this important document may concern,

In a time when there still exists controversy, discussion and debate surrounding Christian Hip - Hip and its role and function in our sociaty (as well as the Body of lChrist), it is extremely encouraging to know someone of Shekinah's ilk. For the past four years I have savored the pleasure and honor of knowing Shekinah by way of telephone in addition to having her as a guest minister twice in the city of Buffalo, New York for "City Fest" (a major inner-city event centered around Jesus for the sole purpose of encouraging the saints and winning the lost); twice in the city of Rochester, New York for "Sistas in the Battle" (an all-female MC concert) and (another major Hip Hop event aimed at reaching the lost); and Kingdom Bound (a three-day Christian festival of 43,000 in Upstate New York).

Throughout every one of her visits, Shekinah has continued to carry herself in a very godly manner, consistently being quite approachable as she brings her pro-active, unadulterated message of Jesus in an incredibly relevant fashion. Shekinah has godly charisma as well as "hard-to-resist" virtuous charm, always shining forth the love and light of Jesus in her personna,. As a Pastor, I am always concerned about an individual's Bible literacy - Shekinah has always impressed me to have an extremely firm grasp and command of the Word of God as she communicates the Gospel in a dynamic way with sound doctrine.

Truly a treasure to the Body of Christ (and Holy Hip-Hop more specifically) Shekinah personifies the meaning of "Ambassador for Christ" as she represents Jesus to the highest degree. To have Shekinah in your city is to have the personification of the Gospel as a guest.

Should you have any questions that will lend to greater validity of Shekinah and her ministry, please feel at liberty to contact me at
585-232-1136 x 24.


Rev. Michael D. Peace
Bethel Christian Fellowship - Various publications


The Her Project ~ 2004
The Yuinon produced by Maji & Ironic-Lee

I Come Boldly~ EP ~ 2003
(Bang Theory) Produced by Todd Bangz

Let Freedom Ring ~ 2003
(2003 Special Hip Hop Music Tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King, with Holy Hip Hop artist and minister, Eddie Valdez.)

Prohibition ~ SGR Gladiators ~ 2003
( SGR Music)

Bang Theory Presents " The Virtuous Sistazz"~2002
( Bang Theory) Produced by Todd Bangz

Rock of Ages Volume 1~ Compilation~ 2002
( Rock Soul Entertainment)


Feeling a bit camera shy


Ministry Bio


In the spirit of Deborah…She does battle in the name of the Lord
With the heart of Esther…She rescues the souls of a dying generation
In the words of Mary…She says, “Be it unto me, Lord, according to Your Word”
In the 21st Century, She blazes with Holy Hip-Hop FIRE for the glory of GOD!

Recognized as one of Holy Hip-Hop/Gospel Rap's hottest rising female emcees, Shekinah is a part of a fresh wave of Lady Souljahs boldly proclaiming the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to this present generation.

Shekinah was born in Boston, Massachusetts, from a family of nine children, in a rich heritage that reaches back to St Johns, Antiqua. Embracing poetry at the age of 13, Shekinah began to use the gift of expressing herself through rhyme, while becoming a part of a “counterculture” that was sweeping the East Coast—HIP HOP!

In 1993, while preparing to make a trip to New York, to sign a recording contract with a secular record company, Shekinah came face to face and heart to heart with the God of her youth and made a radical commitment to give her life totally to Jesus Christ.

Later moving to Delaware, Shekinah met and became very close friends with another female emcee-Kiesha Jones (aka “Lady Moses”). Out of their meeting, the Lord ordained for them to join together to form a female Rap ministry called: “Virtuous Sistazz.” After a season of powerful joint ministry, the summer of 2002 brought new direction in which Shekinah would move to the next phase of God’s plan for her ministry. She is now involved in Christian Hip Hop, as a solo artist.

Shekinah has had the privilege and opportunity to share the platform in ministry with various top Christian Hip Hop artists such as: Corey Red and Precise; Sistah Dee; ElleRoc; Cross Movement; Todd Bangz; and many others. She also has recorded on various music projects such as: The Her Project "Healing and Evangalism thru Rhyme; “Rock Soul Entertainment-Volume 1-Rock of Ages”; “Think It’s A Game-by Todd Bangz”; “Bang Theory presents: Shekinah and Lady Moses”; and The 2003 Special Hip Hop Music Tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King, “Let Freedom Ring” with Holy Hip Hop artist and minister, Eddie Valez. She has also released an EP entitled,
I Come Boldly and is in the process of recording her solo project entitled, "Can I Be Real?"

Shekinah is the mother of one beautiful young lady known as Kyi, and they have just relocated to her hometown of Boston, MA where she is enrolled at Northeastern University, pursuing a career in accounting. She is the owner of SHETOGRAPHY STUDIOS.. and the official photograpger for Bang Theory and Sound The Alarm Int. She is currently a member of Kingdom Builders in Boston, under the leadership of Pastor Perry, where she is maturing and growing in the will of the Alimighty. Shekinah is also held accountable by several other ministers of the Gospel as she strives to walk in the footsteps of Christ!

Jason LaPlanche, Youth Pastor of Kingdom Builders: 617-869-6323

Virginia Ward, Youth Pastor of Abundant Life Church: 617-293-5578

Cassandra Thornton (DJ Lady Grace): 617-504-7274