She King

She King

 Toronto, Ontario, CAN

Native powerhouse singer/songwriter making serious waves in the music scene, new music and a tour with Roxette and Glass Tiger keeps She King with a busy schedule. She King is a unique sense of passion, power and inspiration both in her music and performance.


Shawnee She King found,felt and fell in love with music as early as 4 years old. The Mohawk singer songwriter we know as She King was born and raised in Welland Ontario, Canada. At the age of 4 the young boisterous child was diagnosed with vocal polyps that caused a severe raspy unclear voice.“They weren't sure if this would be my permanent voice but that never stopped me , I was this little kid running around getting on picnic tables singing at the top of my lungs to anyone I could get to listen” she says. The polyps naturally went away but the desire for music grew more intense. She King was now 7 and began playing instruments and writing music and lyrics of her own. “I did not take any theory at this point i just played chords on the piano and guitar and figured out what sounded beautiful to me, I became addicted” she explains. She King shortly after at the age of 11 experienced extreme tragedy with the passing of her father “It was as early as then I discovered what it was really like to feel pain and music became my diary it was then and there I learned how to be up front and honest with my writing” She King tells. A few years pass and things take a turn for She King she was discovered singing a Shania Twain song and began touring the province of Ontario as a impersonator. “ The idea of leading a place of people through a emotional journey has me hooked, I just knew this is my life”

Growing up was anything but ordinary for She King. As a teenager spending late nights and most days doing what it took to get her voice and name out there, singing in bands, performing in festivals, bars and parades all over. The 16 year old was determined, “I would walk right up to event managers and newspaper publishers with my demo cd and picture in hand and tell them I was great” She King says.

At the age of 18 She King made the next step in her musical journey with dreams for more. She packed up what money she had saved and life she had lived and headed towards the big city of Toronto to begin her music career as a artist and singer/songwriter. She King got right to work by writing music and networking, recording and collaborating as much as possible and It didn'’t take long for magic to happen. She King was discovered by her now manager and Alan Frew (Glass Tiger) she has opened for names like April Wine, Glass Tiger co written with names such as Justin Forsley, Michael Hanson, Gordon Deppe and Suzie Mcniel and is about to release her new music that is working up a huge amount of attention. She King is making serious waves with her powerhouse voice, empowering music, high energy performance and edgy personality. Check updates for She King appearances near you.

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