She Knows

She Knows


She Knows "...combines the best of rock and pop and rolls it out into one tight package." -Blog of Sound, 2007.


She Knows is a Seattle-based rock and roll band displaying the best elements of accessible melody and songwriting while retaining a heavy sound that stands out in the current mix of modern rock. Not satisfied with half-measures, She Knows presents the talent and craft needed to create a new sound and look for music fans everywhere.

She Knows was formed in 2006 by founding members, Avalon Wilson and Tate Erickson of the Seattle phenom Genuine Article, which quickly rose to be one of the top club draws in the local Seattle scene. After meeting Andrea Jasek formerly of the band Homewrecker and fresh off a national tour, the three realized that by combining their talent, the newly formed group would eclipse their former projects and take their songwriting and live shows to a new level. Within a few months of the initial meeting, She Knows was declared “…the most anticipated new group,” (The Dirty Rag/Underground Magazine, 2007).

Anchored by Tate’s flawless power-rock drumming, and Andrea’s gritty in-your-face guitar style, this band firmly drives into today’s mainstream rock landscape. Frontwoman Avalon Wilson combines an emotional and accurate vocal style that ranges from the heartbreakingly vulnerable to riotously dismissive and all shades in between. Tori Garrett teams well with Tate’s drumming by brining a steady driving bass line to compliment the rhythm while adding her own flavor and attitude in all of the right places.

She Knows invites you now to listen and learn what the rest of the world soon will. This band not only has the songs, the skill, and the drive, but also “…combines the best of rock and pop and rolls it out into one tight package,” (Blog of Sound, 2007) to take She Knows to the top of the rock and roll realm.


"She Knows" - EP, 2007

1) Tattooed Heart

2) Take Me Away

3) Stuck

Set List

The set length and content depends on the event being played, but is typically 45-50 minutes long and consists of around 11 songs.