Shelby 5

Shelby 5


Simply Extraordinary! How else can you describe that sweet sound that only comes along once in a generation? This genre-bending group presents a blend of pop- and urban-infused worship through the use of free-flowing harmonies that encourage the soul, with relevant lyrics anyone can relate to.


Since their inception in 1999, these siblings have been in high demand for their original sound and electrifying performances. The leader and eldest of the Shelby 5 is Don III an accomplished writer & composer. Don, who has been playing the piano since the age of 2, is a musical maestro whose praise & worship style is liken to that of J. Moss and Fred Hammond. Courtney, who sings Alto in the group, is blessed with soulful pipes that carry a smooth brassy sound. She is often the spokesperson that confidently represents the true spirit of the group. Andrea is an anointed Soprano with an angelic voice that penetrates the heart of anyone that hears her. She has a mature, versatile vocal ability that supersedes the confines of her young age. Trenton Blake, who has been singing Tenor in the group since the age of 3, lights up the stage with his effervescent personality and amazing stage presence. Amber is the youngest of the Shelby 5, adding a rare, sweet sound to top-off this group’s tight harmony. Amber sings with purity of expression, heartfelt commitment and discipline to match.


From hip-hop flavor infused “Hero”, to the contemporary and pop melodies of “Hold On” and “Like You”, to the traditional melody of “Stand-Up”, this CD becomes a must have for fans who enjoy a potpourri of gospel music.

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