She Likes Todd

She Likes Todd

 Lombard, Illinois, USA

We are a 4 piece metal edged progressive punk rock band that plays fast-paced melodic music with extreme precision. That being said, we like to party, travel and show a crowd a good time. Featured in AP magzine's AP&R section and RIOT FEST 2009 support for ALKALINE TRIO and SCREECHING WEASEL.


This PBR fueled 4 piece from Chicago is an intense combination of thrashing guitars and melodic vocals set over intricate drums and bass work. Taking inspiration from bands such as NOFX, Propagandhi, Frenzal Rohmb and A Wilhelm Scream, SLT writes punk rooted music about real life, friends and fallouts, the way the world works and how they've seen it so far. With undying determination, She Likes Todd continues play all over the US and spread their music to whoever they can, however they can.


An Interruption in Non-existince

Written By: She Likes Todd

how do i know if this is real or a dream
were her last words before she died at seventeen
now i'm watching the time fly
have four years really gone by
because it still seems like a sick dream
a nightmare intertwined reality

i sit in the cemetary under autumn skies
nothing has been the same since the fourth of july
i pretend it's a mistake
like the whole thing has been faked
then i realize it's all a lie
she kissed this world goodbye

we can't change what is in the past
and it will lead us down new paths
to what comes tomorrow
and when this finally all ends
what if all that we find out then
is this was just pretend
well did it matter friend

and now it's happened once again
somehow we lost another friend
seems like the whole thing was a waste
a blip amongst the cosmic line
some crummble some fade over time
at least we all will get a taste

as the frost shines in the sun
disappears from the lives of everyone
late at night when we fall asleep
it returns with the moon like vauge memories


Written By: She Likes Todd

it's so pathetic
how'd you even end up this way
remember when i would defend you friend
but this shit just happened again and again

a drunken wreck at best a total mess
all of your friends keep thinking less and less of you
so get fucked up and tell us off if you can
or pass out with your dick in your hand

you can't decipher common sense
and radiate false arrogance
stare numbly into nothingness

pissing yourself each time you sleep
missing work at least once a week
selfish a huge disaster
it just keeps happening faster and faster

and i wonder if you're worth saving
but i know that you wouldn't want to be saved
i don't see the signs that you're changing
so all i have to say is

i'm tired of hanging around
watching you drag your life into the ground
so leave without making a sound
you only end up bringing everybody down

so what's you're problem
things just didn't end up your way
ignore what's wrong by drinking everything away

so now your house is trashed because you're still smashed
life is so hard we might as well all just crash
if things don't change you're gonna flip your life off of the tracks
dig a hole that's too deep to climb back

Gray Over Gray

Written By: She Likes Todd

You can't watch the sun come up
Through gray skies that are filled with dust
Behind Chicago's skyline steel turns to rust

The concrete sidewalks lie
Under towers that touch the sky
Gray over gray reflects the way i feel inside

Dead leaves from dying trees fall to the street just like the weather
The wind blows them away like yesterday they're gone forever
Remember, you only get one chance it's now or never

During the changing seasons, what are the reasons,
that i bring myself down solo
Conscience committing treason, will it be freezing
come tomorrow

The snow falls over night
and blankets everything in sight
reflects the beauty of a world in vivd white

We used to run and play
Now the snow just gets in the way
And all the piles i see for miles have turned to gray

As daytime fades to night the dim streetlights turn on together
Cold winds crawl through the cracks they're bringing back a dark December
Remember, you only get one chance it's now or never


2009 - Expose Reality 7" Record
2007 - Lifestyles of the poor and Fameless / Split cd with Rule 22
2005 - Falling Much Too Fast LP
2003 - The 600 Club LP

Set List

Our set is typical 35-45 minutes but we can do 20-60 easily. All originals songs and we usually only do one set a night. we are opened to anything though.