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She Lin Wolf is not an easy act to categorize. Either their use of unorthodox instruments, the MIDI melodies of electro and house to the rhythms and guitars of hip hop and indie rock, She Lin Wolf covers a wide range of timbres and textures, combining them together and creating a sound all of their own.

The men behind the madness, John Corlew and Justin Russel, bring their own unique styles, expertise, and influences to the band. As member John Corlew explains, “I got a lot of influence from “License to Ill” by The Beastie Boys Fatboy Slim, and The Wiseguys. Justin was influenced by 80s metal bands; his first album was Bon Jovi’s “Slippery When Wet” so I guess that explains a few things about us.” Indeed it does.
The band’s early ep release “The Lonely Swan Maharaja“ is a solid showcase of both John and Justin’s differences of fundamental styles but stands as a testament to their ability to perfectly blend them into something beautiful. It contains melodic, melancholy songs about feeling both smart and confused, hopelessly romantic but wary of love. Since “The Lonely Swan Maharaja EP” both John and Justin have been hard at work perfecting the music that will comprise the bands self-titled full length album, due out this summer, while expanding their abilities as musicians. A do it yourself type of band, John and Justin have spent the majority of the past year writing and recording a stock pile of music the bulk of which will marinate until needed down the road. As Corlew explains, “we’ve got over 200-250 songs recorded mostly without lyrics, probably unfinished, some complete. We’ll just record something if we like it and either use it then or come back to it at some point later. We write all of our songs mostly in a joint effort but sometimes one of us will start the song stripped down to just a riff or rhythm; usually the other one will build from there and so on. By the end of the song it’s usually pretty even; though some songs you can tell if Jrus or I wrote the song based on its feel or tone.” The lyrics of She Lin Wolf, written primarily by Corlew, revolve around a vast array of nostalgia to- as Corlew puts it- "the existential crisis the majority of people seem to go through at some point."

Once inside, the music of She Lin Wolf acts as a drug completely submerging the victim into a state of tingly bliss. You may even start to question whether each track was not specifically tailored for your life; because they are. She Lin Wolf fundamentally constructs their music layer by layer to produce a balance between complexity and function; chaos and reason; the quintessential building blocks of the musical experience. But these are not just cleverly crafted cacophonies of sound programmed to hook you in. In fact, the songs become the embodiments the human condition taking on states of being within the sound waves themselves. As the benevolent mad scientists of holistic musical creation, She Lin Wolf fill their works with the essence of life. By giving their music a soul, She Lin Wolf have tapped into the path of freedom transcending the typical model of listener/composer interaction and creating a singular bond of trust and understanding never before heard or felt in the realm of electronic sound.