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Los Angeles, California, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2017 | INDIE

Los Angeles, California, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2017
Solo Pop Folk




"Review of Debut EP "Transfixed""

I mean…should you just be able to walk into the studio, high-five some engineers, set it to the PERFECTION-setting and just let Shelita do the rest? And by perfection setting – I basically mean RECORD…this lady needs zero special-effects, trickery or gimmickry to win you over – and she’s doing this on her own. Both “Pour” and “Gold” have the similar, wonderfully-unique qualities of her voice on beautiful display without over-complicating the background music to muddle anything up; they have their own personalities… - SKOPE Magazine

"Shelita Burke Transfixed EP Review"

Shelita is able to pull double duty on this track, with her vocals telling a story as well as contributing to the overall harmonies achieved by the effort. Gold is a track that elicits comparisons to Tori Amos, Bjork and Sara McLachlan; Burke’s vocals here are unparalleled in terms of range or depth. Swim forges out in a bold new path as Burke contributes a timeless set of vocals. The soft and sedate sounds of this composition contribute to the overall sound of the EP; Burke is able to have a cohesive and comprehensive sound to this release that is rare to hear in current music. The Transfixed EP concludes with Else; the use of different time signatures in the vocal delivery of Burke showcases something wholly different than had been experienced so far on this release. The track’s desire to challenge commonly-held beliefs about music is the reason why it is so well-received; Burke is able to continually add tools to her skill set at the latest registers of this EP. - Neufutur magazine

"Shelita Burke Live in New York"

"Shelita’s eclectic Folk Jazz fusion engenders an audience reaction that is rarely seen these days. Her live shows are a must see!" - Village Voice

"Lead Singer Shelita Burke featured in Ireland"

“Seattle native Shelita Burke is something of a perplexity, raw of voice and precocious, charmingly facebook-shy; a warrior of the ideas kind.” -YouBloom Dublin Festival 2015 - YouBloom Dublin Festival 2015

"Burke bids farewell with final local show"

"[Shelita] Burke specializes in a unique blending of folk jazz fusion stylings, a richly textured musical tradition which traces its roots to the evolving American rock scene of the 1950s and ‘60s, incorporating her unique lyrics from her own life experiences and her mix of Native American, African and European roots." - Bainbridge Island Review

"Radio Interview on KPTZ 91.9 FM"

"Shelita Burke captures the dreams and emotions of two continents in her lyrics, her melodies, and her remarkably expressive voice" . - Phil Andrus KPTZ 91.9 FM - KPTZ 91.9 FM

"Hard Rock Cafe Concert Review"

"Shelita's voice, mixed in with her intricate guitar melodies is one of the best musicians [we] have had the pleasure of seeing live in a long time!" -Hard Rock Cafe - Hard Rock Cafe

"Press review"

Shelita Burke embraces her listeners with resounding swells of indie-jazz music. - King 5 News

"Featured Band on Stuck in Iceland"

An Interview of November Pearls:
“A trip to Iceland is like a window into a different world,” says the jazz-folk duo November Pearls. Recently, the duo spent a week in Iceland and recounted some of their experience with Stuck in Iceland. Here’s what Tom and Shelita had to share with us: -

"Featured in Indie Minded"

With vocals that combine the pulsating delivery of Alanis Morrisette, with the sultry smoothness of Sade, the calmness of Nora Jones, and the high pitched runs of Joni Mitchell, Burke has a unique sound that is rarely seen in a new artist. If you love music, you will love Burke’s universally appealing debut EP, Transfixed. Her songs are a sort of simple complexity. Beginning with the straightforward song titles and ending in the depth of meaning in the lyrics against seemingly basic guitar playing, her work and ideas come together to offer something absolutely amazing. - Indie Minded


EP: Transfixed  - November 2015

EP: Special October 2017

Album: SHELITA July 2019



Shelita Burke is a Pop-R&B artist and writer based in Los Angeles and Paris, France. She is known for her engaging, collaborative, and spontaneous live performance style. Originally from Seattle, Shelita independently toured the world with over 150 shows across Europe, Asia, and Africa as well as a myriad of performances throughout the U.S. Her ability to connect with audiences and engage her expansive network of superfans has resulted in a devoted global audience and prompting media interest from NPR, The Village Voice, Billboard, MTV, and many music industry taste makers.

Her latest ​songs​ are​ a departure from her earlier acoustic ​releases​ and ​transports​ ​ the rising star​  into the pop ​world​ as a result of her collaboration with hit producer Marcus “Bellringer” Bell. The response has been infectious, with the most resent​ single “Penetrate" rising to #14 on Billboard’s Next Big Sound, a viral response amongst streaming services, and social media  ​impressions ​reaching ​over 40 million people . Added attention was generated from her first single​ "Belong" which ​achieved over 2.7 million Spotify plays.​ Her forthcoming EP is planned for release later this year.


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