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This band has not uploaded any videos



"coalbanks daze!"

rank out - Beatroute


99 Wayne Gretskys sold.



It all started in the ghost loft.. you know the one where that snuff film happend with the bagel maker? that one. Well there was a broken windowed car and candy on the road & some flak vest, big truck, securityish gaurd all securing the scene.Some guys yellin "DYLAN BOB DYLAN!!" Rolling head over feet (seemed right at the time) about a kilometer home. I get some sleep on our couch, only to wake up with my dad yellin "you got some of yer N8's all scopin out yer room for ya" I'm all half asleep sayin "man I aint got no friends that can fly a plane!" I mean like who can fly a plane? He shakes me out of sleep good an' I make my way out there only to find no-body. I was like "man your nuts" he's like "they WERE there" Black Sabbath drowning the end of his words.
Whatever, so me an KAPUT are Jammin in my shed where I sleep normally on my 6 foot high bed I had so we had room to make music. An' KATPUTs like "lets goto the ghost loft " tellin him to "harden up" I accepted and we left. So I guess ole Shit Sticks was jammin with big gay Al makin some 400 ft lbs when I saw this dude with black hair and shades and his girlfriend.
So i says "wanna trade women tonight?" Their like" uhhh" but seemed to want to hang out. We talked about music forever, but we totally disagreed. So he's like "want to goto gods eviction party? he's not there." "sure" I says, and off we went talking new positions. We get there an this guy back flips off the roof into a tree then goes back up the porch, Some chicks tryin to give me some spread, Over Dose &The Oxfords were playin an' I says to RIP "wanna start a band?"
Next day after dealin with a poltergeist, Rip hickie showed up with KAPUT at my house all ready to debaucherously rank, playin with ole shit sticks making some robocop, velvet underground , mc5, stooges, led belly, The Gun Club, Brian Jonestowne Massacre just meaner an' in light drunk hearts. Afterwards we hit Henderson Slough, where clones of us came out of the water asking us for our clothes. We said "NO" and we battled it out, finally tearing off my clone opponents face it revealed it he was made out styrofoam.
5 years later here we are. SHE LIVES

Ready for execution:
Rip Hickie: singer,king song-writer,Guitar
Johnny Shit Sticks: Drummer, Banger
Nice guy Jimmy: Bass Guitar
Will "Gut Slinger" Singer: guitar, just doing his thing singering