Shell is a collective of musicians and singers whose songs are based on sensuous melodies, rich harmonies and grooving beats. Three songstresses sing musical soliloquies of love, justice, and truth over strong rhythms rooted in jazz, hip-hop, and soul.


Shell Sounds collective began in New York City in the fall of 2005 when Jordana Delory, Devlin Goldberg and Katie Issel united to write original music true to their common experiences growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area. In the winter of 2006, Shell was formed when Ryan Blum-Krystal (piano/keyboards), Ben Blumgart (Bass), and Philip Coffin (Drums) joined the band. The group of six had immediate chemistry and received tremendous positive feedback after their first live performance at Mo Pitkin’s in Manhattan. With that momentum and the support of their friends and fans, the group has continued to create new music and excite audiences in Manhattan, Brooklyn and the Bay Area. No matter where they are, Shell plays with an honesty and passion that shows their love and respect for one another and the music they play.
After Philip Coffin's recent departure, Aaron Shafer-Haiss has been added as Shell's new drummer along with Ryan Anselmi on saxophone, and Shell is busy writing funky, rocking, swinging new material. Come see the band and expect a global collage of rhythms soaked in shining harmonies. Shell released their first EP in January 2008.


Find Your Home

Written By: Shell

Hey Mister, I got a little secret to tell you
I see the unborn son in your eyes
Hey Mama, the weight of your memory's on your body
Hey Grandma, life show's in your hands

And it won't be long till you're home x2

Hey Bad Boy, Hon you've got your mistakes to outlast
And ain't nobody, gonna hold you back

Hey Beauty, you've got a little twinkle behind your mask
And ain't nobody gonna see it but your bad boy

These people are all I got
And I see you, you're beautiful

Hey Old Man, you're just too old to act like that
and those blossom's turning to flowers
don't need to hear all that
Hey Lost Soul, Don't let the bottle take you tonight
Remember your heart is gold, and you can fly

And it won't be long till you find your home. (repeat out)

Don't Sleep

Written By: Shell

I've been thinking baby
Thinking about time
When I was chasing shadows
But now I'm feeling fine
I don't want nobody
That's gonna make me feel blue
No, I don't want nobody
Nobody but you

Cuz I'm ready baby
Don't fall asleep on me x2

Once I was a sinner
Once I told a lie
I was once a sad girl
So I taught myself to cry
Now I am a lover
And I do believe
I can take you places
You won't ever want to leave


Don't you go get lazy
Don't you run away
Cuz I'ma keep it coming
Until the break of day
Just go on releasing
I'm woman enough
You can get real dirty
And I can get real rough


Just adore me
Love me out of the blue...


Written By: Philip Coffin

Look at the night
A humbling sight
Multitudes of stars suspended Silently

Shining brightly
Clear and Cold
Love was light-years gone I was so alone

They're so distant
In their perfection
Can the constellations see me When I cry?

I am nothing
just a human
Floating falling foolishly through Time

If I could only
Be where you are
Love so far

Cherubim and Seraphim
Could never sing a sweeter hymn
Or capture what I'm feeling when
I'm in my baby's arms again
Angel choirs and symphonies
Can bring a man down to his knees
When you're whispering to me
The sweetest sound I ever need

Weary traveler
Tired Road
Drink this water let us ease your load

Given up
On my knees
You become your strength in your humility

Without my story
Without my tales
Stripped of your delusions
You'd do very well

Celestial sky
Cleanse my soul
You will find the love that makes You whole

If I could only
Be where you are
Distant Star


Sword & Gun

Written By: Katie Issel

Sergeant may I go outside
To play amongst the trees
To watch them grow
To learn and know
About creatures such as these

Soldier you must stay indoors
And In your wooden chair
You mustn't speak
You mustn't move
Until I tell you where

But Sir I do not want to sit
But play and move about
The seasons change
And soon it will be
Too cold to go out

My children you have much to learn
To read and write and add
To smile when you're feeling good
And when you're feeling bad

The children were obedient
They did as they were told
I see them sitting in that same wood chair as they grow old

I know some day
A time will come
To lay down
My sword and my gun
If that day
Doesn't arrive
How will my children survive?

So the people they up and left
And the sergeant he did protest
So the people they up and run
And the sergeant pulled out his gun
He fired one shot in a young boy's head
and the crowd died down
cuz the boy was dead
I said what is the use of this bloodshed?
Lay down my sword and my gun

Lay down my sword, my gun



Set List

Sword and Gun
Thank You
Find Your Home
Don't Sleep
Oceans Apart
Le Petit Mort
Pull It Up
Of Peace
Climate of Movement