Leuven, Flanders, BEL
BandRockClassic Rock

Rock band with amazing songs! This will remind you of an early Nickelback, with shredding guitars and sweet lovesongs. Shellcase was featured in a lot of magazines and got only good reviews!


Six years ago singer-guitarist & songwriter Dave Varlet founded SHELLCASE. Dave and his band conquered every obstacle to make their dream come through. April 2010 their debut album «Dead Memories» was released. SHELLCASE's debut thrilled both critics and listeners. All of a sudden, SHELLCASE shared stages with Soulfly and Alter Bridge. Now the new album «Esperanza» and the single «Complete» are ready for takeoff...

«Dead Memories» was obviously heavily influenced by the US scene - bands such as Alter Bridge/Creed, Nickelback, Pearl Jam or Dave's favorites Staind left their marks. «We experienced a lot this last year» remembers Dave, and he proudly adds: «We had to satisfy the crowd just by our songs, and it worked.» One listen to the tracks will leave you in no doubt as to why.

After a succesful run of promo and shows, singer-guitarist Dave Varlet, bass player Steven De Cleer and drummer Jan Charlier, immediately started to work on new songs for «Esperanza». The trio intentionally enlarged their musical spectrum. «Esperanza» sounds less «grungy», with a more wide and modern feel, and cello and piano adding a new dimension. «Esperanza» proudly refuses to hide SHELLCASE's typical rough edges, as it offers track after track a powerful synergy of catchy hooks, kick-ass beats, cutting riffs and affecting emotions. SHELLCASE remain true to themselves, staying hungry, but at the same time growing and becoming more self-reliant.

SHELLCASE wants to be THE BAND people want to see, hear and feel!


New album Esperanzah out in 2012!