Shelley Gravelle

Shelley Gravelle


Passionate and soulful singer-songwriter, Shelley enchants her audience with a sensual mix of jazz and blues sung straight from the heart.


Shelley Gravelle was born in the natural wilderness of Northern Ontario. Her musical family led her to be inspired by the greats of Blues... people like Muddy Waters, Howlin Wolf, Ella Fitzgerald, Willie Dixon and Billie Holiday.

She's a Taurus, influenced by the Goddess Venus and has a natural affinity to Mother Earth - her songs reflect this warmth and realness - and her voice - full of empathy and richness is seductively haunting in tone and expression - all stemming from her experiences as a person, a mother, a singer/songwriter and a friend in need.

Shelley plays a mean, self-taught slide guitar - accompanied with words and music that shine directly from her oversized heart.


Perfect Frame of Mind - Independent Release, 2005