Shelley King

Shelley King

 Austin, Texas, USA

The first woman to hold the title of Official Texas State Musician, Shelley King is a celebrated songwriter, seasoned bandleader, and superb vocalist based in Austin and touring nationally w/ a hot band & a great live show blending americana, blues, roots-rock, folk, soul & fun. -AMEN


Shelley King is a musical ambassador of the Austin, Texas sound. For the past twenty years King has built a solid national career as a singer and songwriter who is both a successful solo artist and leader of a formidable band of Austin’s finest musicians. Her blend of original blues, rock, folk, country, soul and gospel led her to be the first woman appointed by the Texas Legislature to represent the state as it’s Official Texas State Artist - Musician; an honor similar to poet laureate. On stage she leads her band through tangents of electric Southern blues and acoustic folk, revved-up Cajun country and rock and roll with a charismatic ease that evidences the resilience of a lifelong performer. She has won Austin Music Awards for Song of the Year and Best Roots Rock Band and released seven albums of original music to rave reviews and radio chart success. Shelley tours relentlessly, performing over 180 dates a year at venues and festivals across the world. Her songs have been recorded by numerous national and international artists and appeared in feature films.  

“Building a Fire”, her most recent CD and the second recorded with members of  New Orleans favorite sons, the subdudes, has affirmed King’s place as master of her own style of Americana blues.  The Austin Chronicle says “Building a Fire assembles an audio dictionary of roots music. King's powerful, twanged alto takes care of the rest. The kickoff cut blends Louisiana zydeco with blues sensibility, the singer's no-holds-barred vocal mastery front and center... “Building a Fire” is filled with sinewy soul and King’s trademark brand of torrid gospel and blues, it’s her most confident work yet. One where the songs, band, and singer sound comfortable together, each filled with the kind of grace that’s scarce and delivering salvation.”



Building a Fire (Lemonade 2014)
Welcome Home (Lemonade 2009)
Armadillo Bootleg #1 (Lemonade 2008)
Rockin' the Dancehall (Lemonade 2004)
The Highway (Lemonade 2002)Call of My Heart, (Lemonade 1998)Shelley King, (EP Lemonade 1996)Riverchild, self release (EP 1994)Invictus, self released (EP 1992)

Happy Holidays From Austin, Texas, Austin Convention & Visitors Bureau
Lost Pines Texas, Hyatt Regency Music Project, 2007
Keep Punching, George Foreman Project for MD Anderson, 2007
A Hill Country Christmas, Candlelight Ranch Project 2005
Don't Mess With Texas Music Vol. 3, Texas Music Project 2005
Travelling Texas, Texas Music Herritage Foundation 2002
All I want for Christmas, Dusty Records, 2002 Sweden
Mixed Grill, Texas Music Round Up 2000
Rockin' at the Barn, Dusty Records, 1999 Sweden

Recordings of Shelley King's songs by other artists:
Call of My Heart, Toni Price (Antone's 2001)
Who Needs Tears, Toni Price (Antone's 2001
Tennessee Whiskey, Toni Price (Antone's 2004)
Texas Blue Moon, Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazelwood (Warner International 2004)
Who Needs Tears, Heather Moon (indy 2003)
Who Needs Tears, Deb Reimer (Vancouver 2005)
Robyn's Song, Nicole Gilbert, Butterfly Wine (indy 2004)
Running Out of Blue, Karen Mal & Chris Irwin (The Orchard 2001)
Open Up To Me, co-write Sara Hickman & Shelley King 2007
One Way Ticket to Austin, Jessica Shepherd (Skylark 2000)
The Getaway, Floramay Holliday co-write w/ Shelley(Roseneath 2005)
Out on the Town, Floramay Holliday co-write w/ Shelley (Roseneath 2005)
Walk On, Jameylee, Heirloom (Chattanooga 2008)

Set List

Set length varies.
90 minute set preferred, however, longer sets can be accommodated. She doesn't usually do many cover songs but if the mood strikes she may toss in some CCR, Fleetwood Mac, Willie Nelson, Buddy Holly or even Hank Williams Sr.