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"The Lynch's Mother/Daughter Duo"

Purpose in Life (Acoustic Version) Video on YouTube - Lynch Records

"The Lynch's Mother/Daughter Duo"

Purpose in Life (Acoustic Version) Video on YouTube - Lynch Records

"Coal Miner Visual Song by Shelley Lynch"

She's not the Coal Miner's daughter....She's the Coal Miner... - Shelley Lynch with Lynch Records


Discography 2009 - Shelley Lynch
Publishing Detail
All songs and videos published through Lynch Records / all Songs written by Shelley Lynch and Sadi Jo Lynch
Year Title
1996 Walk Thru' Life
2007 Dream Big
2009 Dream Big Special Edition CD/DVD Combo
Year/Month - Radio Promotions Title Canada US: Music Row US: New Music Weekly Indie Top 30 UK
1996 May - Lynch Records Walk Thru' Life (Canada/UK) No chart NO NO NO #1
2008 Jan - Lauren Tutty Promotions / Lynch Records Dream Big (Canada) #80 NO NO NO NO
2008 June - Jerry Duncan Promotions / Lynch Records Plowin' & Cryin' (Canada/ US) #76 #73 #19 #10 NO
2008 Oct - Jerry Duncan Promotions / Lynch Records Dream Big (US) No chart #130 #30 #19 NO
2009 Feb - Jerry Duncan Promotions/ Lynch Records You Can't Look Back (Canada/US) - charts to present: #74 #97 #19 #9 NO
Year Title
1998 - CFCN Television, Lethbridge AB Walk Thru Life
2008 - Monument Pictures - Vancouver BC Plowin' & Cryin' (Canada/ US) Viewed on webiste and Special Edition CD

CD Sales
Super D One Stop (retail stores) or
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SOCAN/ASCAP 1993-Present
CCMA - Canadian Country Music Association 1996-Present
BCCMA - BC Country Music Association 1996-Present
CMA - Country Music Association (US) 2003-Present
AVLA - Audio Video Licensing Agency 1996-Present
Entertaining Experience
Southern Alberta - Interior BC; Bars/concerts etc. 1990 - Present
Calgary Stampede-Nashville North Stage 1996 & 1998
CTV Television; Elisha Live 1996
Walk Thru Life Video - CFCN CTV / Film Look California 1996
Shaw Cable - Calgary 1998
City TV - Calgary; Big Breakfast Show 1999
Elk Valley Jamboree; Fernie 1998
Local TV Telethons 1990-Present



Up beat clean and clear was how singer songwriter Shelley Lynch was described on her first album “Walk through Life” in 1996. This album became number one on charts in Denmark and Holland. Amazingly in January 1998 her single “Walk through Life” reached number four in Holland while simultaneously Shania Twain’s tune “Man I feel like a Woman” was number ten. This same style is still heard in her newest album “Dream Big” that explodes with heartfelt lyrics.

2012 has taken them to even a greater success! With the addition of Shelley’s daughter Sadi, they are now a mother/daughter duo! The Lynch’s are preparing to take the country music scene head on with an offering of honest country simple and heartfelt songs.

They were a business-orientated family with a deep faith and a strong love of music that led to dedicating part of their living room to drums, guitar and organ giving the family ample opportunity to sing and entertain together. It seemed only natural that Shelley would continue that tradition in her own family with her daughter Sadi and the decision to form ‘The Lynch’s’. “My mom has asked me for years to sing with her. My answer was always ‘I’m not ready’. For a while now she’s been really persistent. I’m not really sure why I did, but I finally said yes! She mentioned the idea of a mother/daughter duo and I was ecstatic. The next night we were sending clips of ourselves singing and the feedback was excellent,” Sadi said.

Sadi has been making music with her mama since before she could walk; forever climbing a keyboard to crawl up under or a guitar to wiggle in behind for a front row seat to music her mother was creating. Inspired by her mother and encourage by the gift she inherited she developed a love for the guitar and song writing.

When speaking of her mother, her admiration and respect is obvious; “the way that she has worked so hard and never gave up her dream gives me inspiration. Not just with music but…with everything.”

Adding Sadi’s voice to her mother’s sound is a perfect mixture. Sadi has a really good tone quality. She’s a diamond in the rough. You put mother and daughter together and you have really got something, their voices blend together really well. Lynch Records is expecting a magnificent blossoming of something truly magical with ‘The Lynch’s’. They will be using some of the best musicians in the world that you heard play on all the albums created at OmniSound Studios (.com). Once the album of all Shelley and Sadi’s self-penned tunes; The Lynch’s will then record the vocals and mixing here in Canada.

Regardless whether Shelley achieves the world limelight like she hopes and right now this definitely seems a close possibility, this young woman and her daughter are already a success at life, proving they have what it takes to be international stars. For a full autobiography and booking information go to or email info @