Shell Joyner

Shell Joyner

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One need only lean in and truly listen with their heart and soul to believe the genuine and inimitable sound of Shell Joyner. Songs of letting go & forgiveness, with lifting melodies & powerfully captivating vocals that leave you wanting to hear more.


shell joyner singer songwriter, guitarist, flautist, classical trained tamborine player (not to be tried at home!) front woman artist! Singing and writing songs since she was a baby girl of six years old. An "oldsoul", Shell's voice has a unique but uncanny familiarity to it. A child of the 80's so it's no suprise that Stevie Nicks was a huge influence, so were Melissa Etheridge, The Indigo Girls, and yes even Elvis, Johnny Cash, Gilian Welsh, Etta James and Aretha Franklin...ok already.

Her powerhouse vocals are best heard live, but hearing a cd just as good with recordings coming across controlled and dynamic, the talents shining through of a strong and seasoned talent.

Shell strikes up an intimate and interesting relationship with audiences as soon as she steps on stage ....jason joyner, singer songwriter band whore, no just kidding not Jason! Jase was formally trained by Tom Constantan, former keyboardist of The Dead, Jason lends his style to fluid jams, beautiful patterns and catchy melodies. Influences...The Dead, Bruce Hornsby...

The amazing Kevin White on drums, and Steve Folly on bass .... Kevin loves the funk and Steve just loves it all...both are extremely versatile and very skilled seasoned recording and performing musicians.


have one CD with as many as 13 songs recorded nothing has been released as of yet.

Set List

Set list - 2 sets of 9-10 songs each - a typical set last 45 to 50 minutes.

Song List - Originals:
Line in The Sand
Mr. Roach
Blue Field

COVERS consist of a well balanced mix of folk, americana and some blues...from Led Zep to Allison Crowse - Lucinda Williams, Etta James, Sarah Vaughn, Elvis, Johnny Cash, CCR...etc.