Inspired by nature, wild beauty slips into song, guitar melodies plucked from her fingers, you’ll be moved by her free spirit and intimate sharing. Not many people open their diaries, hearts and thoughts; don’t miss this soulful performance of ‘Shells’!!


From the rainforests of north Queensland, like a breath of fresh air Shells connection to nature forms the core of her songs. Diverse in her storytelling and unique in her style swinging from folkie finger picking to smooth hints of the blues.
Travelling the festival circuit of Australia, Shells adds a raw sincerity to the music scene. Not many people open their diaries, their hearts and thoughts. Shells striking voice stirs the soul and her performance is moving and potent.
Spending her childhood in the artistic community of the Blue Mountains, Shells had the opportunity to embrace her creativity through music, dance, theatre and art. Performing started at an early age, so it’s no surprise her vivacious character draws you into an entertaining performance.
Collaborations with many talented musicians influenced Shells music, producing her first EP in 1999 with a release in Sydney, following a year of travel and touring through Canada. Spectacular snowy mountains and friendships gave rise to new songs, and the self titled album "Shells" was later produced with a 5 piece band whilst living in Sydney. The folkie sounds of fiddle harmonizing with cello, djembe rhythms, guitars and Shells powerful voice, floated out of many a venue over those 5 years.
Australian folk festivals influenced a new lifestyle of gypsy travel, living in a car exploring the amazing beauty of her own country and making a name for herself as a solo independent artist. Discovering the joy of folk clubs, acoustic nights and attentive audiences, Shells inspiration for sharing her music continues to blossom with East Coast tours and festival performances.
The beauty and peace of Shells rainforest home in Kuranda is infused through her music and workshops, with an underlying passion to help protect our wild places. Shells is involved in the local artistic scene performing, running workshops and organising the Kuranda Folk Night.
Ultimately, Shells would love to perform to an international audience and have people around the world listen to her music and be moved by the experience.


EP - Dragontears 'Earth Whispers' released 1999
Self Titled Album - Shells released 2003

Set List

Sand on Skin
Out of the mists
Reconnect me
Wake up
A little House