Shell Slugger

Shell Slugger

 Galesburg, Illinois, USA
BandHip Hop

I am the true definition of an emcee. I am pasionate in my art form yet flexible and open minded enough to be able to vary my style in order to cater to the fans. Because what it comes down to is, we are paid to provide entertainment. Therefore I always keep my listeners in mind when I write.


Chelvis Jordan, known as Shell Slugger, has been writing and recording music for over ten years. He first developed a love for the art in the 80’s when N.W.A, Too Short, and LL Cool J were blazing trails with songs like “Gangsta Gangsta”, “Freaky Tales”, and “I Need Love.” Shell Slugger hails from the Lawndale community of Chicago’s West-side, an impoverished area which offered an abundance of criminal opportunity. Shell Slugger has always maintained a clear head, which has saved him from countless close encounters involving criminal activity. This is due in part to the influence of several other artist known in the area, such as; the Snypaz, Psychodrama, and Do or Die. With so much talent in such a small area Shell Slugger was inspired to make rhyming his full-time hobby. The one artist that has intrigued Slugger the most is Buk of Psychodrama. “When he (Buk) was doing his thang, it was fresh and new. There was no one rhyming with his vocabulary, period!. The fact that I knew him from the neighborhood made it all real for me, somebody from where I’m from can actually become more than a statistic was crazy for me. That influenced me to get my dictionary game up and that it was cool to be smart.”-Slugger. Other influences include: Spice 1, Kurupt, Snoop, Twista, Busta Rhymes, Bone, Lox, Beanie Sigel, and Wu-Tang among others. Slugger is a diverse lyricist with an uncanny capacity for understanding and accepting criticism. He has a refreshing and unique perspective. Drawing from his personal experiences, he relates his struggles to his audience delivering the message of hope. Slugger is the perfect student of the culture, being born into the movement and growing with it, he has amassed a wealth of knowledge pertaining to what works for an artist, to the necessary sacrifices in order to attain success. Currently working on a group album, a fellow member’s album, and his own, Slugger is sure to be busy for the coming year, but asserts that he will manage time for shows and answering any inquiries.


2006 Xteam mixtape
2008 Xteam album 'Money Murder Mayhem'
2009 Shell Slugger 'The world Trough my Rearview'
2010 The Showcase 104 Featuring: Lil Joe
2010 The Showcase 97 Starring Hemanifezt
2010 Shell Slugger 'The Difference'

Set List

Here are a few songs that I may perform, depending upon the audience. This collection of songs, if played in succession without any interaction with the crowd, is over 70 minutes. A sample of each of these songs can be heard in my epk.
-Fire burnin'
-Whatdown pt.II
-Im a genius
-Breath of freash air
-Main girl
-Look at me now
-Show me how you swag
-Im a champion
-Walk with a waddle
-Im so fly
-Jd hot 16
-Beat it
-Never fold
-What the goal is,
and others