Shelly Knight - band

Shelly Knight - band

 Austin, Texas, USA

'Rawks!" is how The Austin Chronicle describes the classic rock sounds of The Shelly Knight band. A former radio d.j., Shelly formed a band with radio co-host Eric Leikam, on bass. Fred Schultz on lead guitar and Andy Bailey, complete the line-up. "Pure un-adultered rock and roll."


The Shelly Knight band is an original classic rock-style band from Austin, Texas, fronted by vocalist/song-writer Shelly Knight, who has been a D.J. for over half her life. After spending time with 'The South Austin Gospel Choir' in 1998, honing her skills in singing gospel and blues, Shelly developed her love for blues and classic rock in a style that's all her own. In 2001 she released the CD "Soulride" with current bass player Eric Leikam, which received critical acclaim and radio airplay both in the U.S. and in Europe, and helped launch the Right-On! Records label. In 2005 Shelly Knight teamed up with Fred Schultz on guitar and drummer Andrew Wood, who had spent some time together in several previous bands, including the infamous Joyfinger. In 2006, Shelly Knight and the Livin' Dead released their self-titled debut CD, earning airplay on central-Texas radio and receiving smashing reviews. The single "Radio" produced a video that went on to win awards at the 2006 Houston International Film Festival. The band's second CD release, "II", was released in October 2007, and is receiving rave reviews by all who hear it, and is getting quite a bit of radio airplay. With the addition of Andy Bailey on drums Shelly and the band are preparing to go back into the studio to record "III."


Little Things

Written By: Shelly Knight

Little Things by Shelly Knight

The way you recognize me when I call you on the phone
How you fall for me when I get you all alone
How your eyes look a different kind of blue
They’re all I get but they’re the little things I love about you

Little things about you
Little things about you
Build my world around you
With those little things I love about you
You, ooo, ooo

I learned in matters of the heart you gotta walk not run
But that don’t stop my heart from racing like a formula one
Oh little boy won’t you let me hold you close again
Till all I think about is your breath upon my skin

You know I ran into your ex today and I said hey girl
You know gotta let him go you can’t let wreck your world yeah
But I can understand why she’d feel that way
I’d say something to her but I don’t know what I’d say


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Set List

Typical set list consists of classic rock covers and original songs with a classic rock sound. We play sets of just covers too.
Can't Get Enough, Hit Me With Your Best Shot, Rock and Roll, Living After Midnight, I Love Rock and Roll, Piece of My Heart and Space Truckin', Woman (Wolfmother), Anyway You Want it, Everybody Wants You, Bad Thing and more...

Original songs include: Down in the Grass, Little Things, Heaven's Fall, Promises, Slip Away, About Her, Whiskey, Effortlessly, The Way You Move, Love Like a Wheel, Blues Until the Morning, Keepers of Time, Gone So Long, Alone and more....