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New York City, New York, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | SELF

New York City, New York, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2014
Solo Pop Soul




"Critic's Pick"

Feisty, kick-ass soul from Bhushan and her band...We think she’s great. - Time Out New York

"Shelly Bhushan"

I love it when I come across a voice or a sound that I can’t easily classify or compare to someone else. Shelly Bhushan is that artist. I have listened to her three albums repeatedly and every time I listen, I have this fleeting moment of recognition but it’s gone in a second. I’ve finally decided that Bhushan’s music stands on its own. -

"Shelly Bhushan’s voice is a true standout: The New Yorker (Festival 2012)"

Shelly Bhushan’s voice is a true standout: soulful and feisty and full. We couldn’t get her song “Something Out of Nothing” out of our heads... - The New Yorker Festival 2012 -

"Shelly Bhushan"

"Something happens when you listen to the soulful vocals and jazzy influences of Shelly Bhushan songs. Her lyrics have the ability to capture the human soul, and she knows how to elevate this emotionally through her music. " - The Deli Magazine - 1/17/12

"Local Artist Spotlight - Shelly Bhushan"

On a hot summer night, singer-songwriter Shelly Bhushan croons delicately over a floating bass line and mellow percussion. She captures the attention of her listeners with a sultry, atmospheric voice and effervescent stage presence. Bhushan is a frequent performer at local bars and small music venues like Rockwood Music Hall, where I find her recently - the intimate setting appropriately complements the melodic nature of her music. To date, she has released two EPs, a full-length album and, most recently, Something Out of Nothing -- a vibrant ten-track record that draws from various genres including soul, blues, rock, and pop. Her vocal influences include iconic female vocalists like Etta James, Karen Carpenter and Aretha Franklin among other soul singers. Lyrically and stylistically, however, Bhushan has an affinity towards ‘90s alternative and classic rock-and-roll, and she describes her music as “an amalgamation of all the things I love.”
Bhushan accompanies her carefully crafted melodies with honest lyrics about her experiences living and struggling in “the most magnificent city in the world.” She uses a lot of imagery and inanimate objects to draw parallels to common fears and emotions. For example, in the bluesy track “Feather”, she likens her life to that of a feather: floating aimlessly and at times, being pulled by a current. The catchy pop ballad "Flickering", compares a troubled relationship to a dying laptop, emphasizing the power and influence that everyday objects and relationships can have over our lives. But the album makes its most poignant observation in the last track entitled, “Unrequited Love Song” in which she describes the love-hate relationship that many of us share with New York City: “paralyzing me with your lights / you’ll leave me beggin’ on the street / for someone younger and sweet / and still I long to be with you,” she declares.
Despite feelings of vulnerability and uncertainty, Bhushan finds strength in remaining defiantly independent, celebrating her freedom from outside expectations and toxic influences. Her music is expressive and comes from a soulful place, something that appeared to jive very well with her audience. - The Examiner

"A Q&A with Shelly Bhushan"

Six years ago, I was started a stint as a freelance music journalist for the now-defunct Astoria, NY/Long island City-based publication, Ins&Outs Magazine. As a result of publishing a review of Interpol's Antics, I was invited to the magazine’s 10th anniversary party/holiday party. The magazine invited a few locally-based artists including Shelly Bhushan. Unfortunately, at the time, I somehow only caught a small part of her set but she had given away several download cards of the album she had just released, Picking Daisies. Thankfully, I promptly downloaded the album shortly after the party and I was impressed by her soulful vocals.

A couple of years later, I saw Bhushan perform at the LIC Bar’s annual Queens of Queens singer/songwriter showcase. At the time, she had begun to establish herself in a very talented and (sadly) unheralded singer/songwriter scene in Long Island City, Queens which includes the likes of Little Embers, Jeneen Terrana, Gus Rodriguez, Jeanne Marie Boes, and others.

May 5th marks the CD release of Bhushan’s latest full-length album, Something Out of Nothing (the album sees a much larger release in June), and the album itself reveals an artist who has grown remarkably. Sonically, the material is a bit of a departure from both Picking Daises or Make Believe as the compositions on the album are simpler, allowing room for Bhushan’s vocals and lyrics, while creating a very intimate feel — as though you were catching Bhushan and her backing band in a local venue downtown. Lyrically, the songs capture the profundity within the mundane and daily experiences of her life, and those of others. And she does so with an unvarnished, unflinching honesty. In her songs, you hear the messiness of average, everyday life, as well as the simple triumphs — such as being deeply (and honestly) in love.

Also, May 5th is Bhushan’s album release show at Rockwood Music Hall. You’ll hear her and her backing band perform the songs from the new album live, in an intimate setting, and it’ll be worth your time.

In this Q&A, the unflinchingly honest Bhushan speaks about the observations and experiences that influenced Something Out of Nothing; the songwriting and recording process of the album; how it is to record, write and create with her husband in her backing band; her advice for artists attempting to make a name for themselves; and of course, much more. - The Joy of Violent Movement

"Album Review - Something Out of Nothing - Shelly Bhushan"

New York City based vocalist Shelly Bhushan indulges in the bluesy soul tones of her vocal register on her fourth solo recording Something Out of Nothing. Honing her chops on performing live in clubs throughout New York City from Long Island City to Harlem and the East Village and building a local following, Bhushan has proven herself on a national scale with live acoustic broadcasts on NPR. The smooth texture of her vocals would garner the envy of a perched lark and the sensual treatment she gives the lyrics is a balm on the aural senses. On Something Out of Nothing, Bhushan embraces her feminine lure complimented by a sassy side to her that shows a modern gal spunk.

The glistening raptures of the guitar riffs shaping the title track create an ambient soundscape for Bhushan's vocals enabling her vulnerability to show and emote a soulful vibe. Bhushan shows confidence as she navigates her vocals beautifully along the bluesy knolls of the piano melody "Moon." She shows she is not one to be persuaded by trends and voguish styles. She knows her strengths and how to move her vocal muscles for optimal effect. She never attempts to be something she's not on the recording. There is a purity in her voice uncorrupted by pop trends, fads and chic styles. It's a refreshing attitude.

The country-tinged cadence in the rhythmic beats of "Flickering" complement her vocals as do the soft rock grooves of "Intoxication" showcasing a supple quality in her vocals that make her suited for American Idol material. The funky beat bolstering "Who Do You Think You Are" ignites a sassy side to Bhushan while the bluesy folk swagger of the acoustics in "Unrequited Love Song" brings out Bhushan's proclivity to dream. The sensual stride of her vocals in "Never Let You Go" has a limberness laden with feminine enchantment, and the torch song atmospherics of "Feather" has a lover's pulse.

Bhushan's lyrics have an autobiographical feel like in "Digging in Deep" with verses that reflect, "No one else sees us like we do / Life's great but I'm a mixture of green and blue / Everyone's moving on, moving on / But we're still here / Digging in deep / Refusing to let go." Other tracks show a self-deprecating side in the lyrics like "Blinded" as Bhushan muses, "No color can fix the gray in my hair / My face is wrinkling beyond repair / You don't see, you don't see what I do / Cause we're blind, blinded by love and devotion."

Something Out of Nothing affirms Shelly Bhushan's place as a vocalist who can move listeners with her singing to feel deeply and fully. There's a human quality in her voice that listener's can identify with and draw inspiration from to go in a positive direction. The smooth texture of her timbres, the sensuous manner of her vocals, the limberness in her control all make her a vocalist worthy of world music status.

Musicians: Shelly Bhushan - vocals

Tracklisting: Something Out of Nothing, Flickering, Digging in Deep, Intoxication, Feather, Moon, Blinded, Never Let You Go, Who Do You Think You Are, Unrequited Love Song - Yahoo!

"Something Out of Nothing - Shelly Bhushan"

The simplicity of her music with thoughtful lyrics are just two of the things you will find in Shelly Bhushan’s latest record, Something Out of Nothing. The title track has really soulful vocals with a sound that reminds me of R.E.M. and The Cranberries. “Flickering” and “Intoxication” has a more Amy Winehouse meets Bruno Mars sort of vibe with some great synth effects and guitar riffs. “Digging In Deep” showcases Bhushan’s vocals that can easily rival top notch singer-songwriters like Sara Bareilles and Norah Jones. It’s a song that really focuses on her, though as we listen to the album we noticed this is the idea of this whole record. “Feather” follows the same sound. “Moon” is by far my favorite track with really dark, cinematic piano playing that recalls Tori Amos joined by Shelly’s vocals that gives you chills. Same thing happens in “Blinded”. In conclusion, one of the reasons why I love this album is the way how it pierce your heart. There’s no room for gimmicks here, this is probably one of the most honest and pure albums released in a while. - See more at: - Vents Magazine

"Shelly Bhushan - Something Out of Nothing"

Shelly Bhushan is a Texas born siren that now resides in NYC where she is celebrating her fourth release, Something Out of Nothing. Her powerhouse voice belts out the songs with passion and grace.

This fourth release and second full length CD is a vibrant mesh of Bhushan’s talent. She pours her heart out into the song, Unrequited Love. Singing each word with the same passion felt as she wrote them. It is less produced than the rest of the CD but sometimes less is more as she proves it to be the case on this succinct message. The grooves continue to dance in your head with the song, Never Let You Go. It rolls across your ears smooth as silk. Then I was knocked off my feet with, Moon, one of my personal favorites. A lone piano taps out a string of emotions as her voice soothes away the rough edges of the day.


Her soulful vibe is backed with a no nonsense attitude lyrically and sonically. She tells it like it is and is unapologetic of who she is and what she is feeling. It cannot be helped to be swept away into Bhushan’s little world. Quite honestly it is a very cool place to visit.

Personally, I am in awe of Shelly Bhushan’s style and expertise she displays with such precision. The CD, Something Out of Nothing is a piece of art that deserves recognition and attention. Her crystal clear voice shines above the best in the business and is a body of work she has every right to be extremely proud of the end results. Do not miss out on the opportunity to be a part of this woman’s soaring career. You can hear it first here get your copy today. Click here to stream “Feather”, the focus track.

I rate this 5 out 5. - Skope Magazine

"Shelly Bhushan - Something Out of Nothing"

Shelly Bhushan’s music is something like a force of nature. It realigns things and it redefines the space they occupy. It takes disparate elements and combines them into harmonious groups. She knows the subtleties of placement and the relationships of the notes of her music as she knows that she, herself, is made up of so many different things. She sees how these things relate to each other - and make up her as a person - when woven together. It’s like a series of individual snapshots that turn into a movie when sped up. The togetherness of her music, made up of so many notes, mirrors this and it is what makes her a truly great talent.

Just know that this is her fourth release, with miles traveled and the wisdom of the road. She’s American through and through. Her music lives in a place somewhere outside of the city, and it lives in the small apartments of New York City. In addition to her world-class vocals, she plays guitars and piano. This album sounds like an intimate gathering of friends with Harry Cordew on bass and backing vocals, and Ben Hoffstein on electric piano, and her husband John Celentano on drums, percussion, sawtooth and lead guitar. She writes the lyrics and co-writes the music with the band members.

Something Out of Nothing is a superb album. It is truly modern. It is heartfelt and it is clearly the work of dedicated artists working with a vision and passion. It is a reminder that there is more, better music being made every day. One generation inspires another, and Shelly Bhushan has taken philosophies of soul, jazz and blues and has dreamed them into her own signature style of contemporary standards.

Perhaps the idea of New Standards will be what people see in her. There are so many things to see, from so many perspectives. By creating music that allows and empowers listeners to see these things, Shelly Bhushan has accomplished something very special, and very valuable. She is the proverbial diamond in the rough. RUST Magazine is rating Something Out Of Nothing as Essential and Shelly Bhushan as the New Standard. - Rustzine

"The Ten Best Indie Albums of 2013"

Something Out of Nothing – Shelly Bhushan. This album features soulful ballads and songs of upbeat defiance, refusing to let the world and pain take over. “you can just let me be/’cause it’s never enough”/ Dance, dance, dance/I’m in circles/like a tiny feather caught up in the wind.” Shelly Bhushan was born and raised in Texas but now lives in New York City, where she performs with her drummer husband, John Celentano and bassist Harry Cordew. Something out of Nothing is Bhushan’s second album featuring favorite “Feather” and the title track, “Something Out of Nothing.” - Limerence Magazine

"Music Review: Shelly Bhushan - Something Out of Nothing"

With a voice as soulful as Shelly Bhushan’s, Something Out Of Nothing could have taken a straight R&B route, and she could have thrown in boatloads of melisma to impress. Instead, she’s turned in an album full of interesting, unexpected arrangements and thoughtful lyrics, and presented them with her gorgeous, versatile voice. Something Out Of Nothing is a stealth charmer.

The title track somehow feels both sinister and majestic, and highlights her silky low register, bursting into pure bright force on the chorus with bonus ’80s-style keyboard. The intensity doesn’t relent on the next track: Bhushan attacks the nervous jangle of “Flickering” with a full-throated wail. “Who Do You Think You Are” boasts a tight funk bassline, with sass and fiery strength in her voice.

She fares well on slower songs, like the sultry and slow-burning “Intoxication.” “Moon” is particularly gorgeous. The subtle piano helps to showcase her rich voice, hushed with yearning, as well as her effortless shift into high register. “Unrequited Love Song” is crushing and honest, acoustic and lovely. The dreamy “Blinded” is a moving love song and quietly powerful.

Something Out Of Nothing performs the neat trick of being perfectly evocative of a place (New York City) without explicitly mentioning it in every song. You can feel the heartbeat of the city in her songs and the passion she feels for it. “Digging In Deep” uses the sounds of the urban environment: church bells, subways, ambient street noises. These are added to the stew of her molten velvet voice and uplifting, defiant lyrics along with some crazy harmonies that make this folky/funky song truly joyful.

Shelly Bhushan has an amazing, stunning voice and a great sense of identity as a songwriter and performer. Something Out Of Nothing is one of those records that you want to press into people’s hands and make them hear. It’s truly wonderful. - Popshifter

"Shelly Bhushan - Moon"

If there's one thing New York City is renowned for it is its cultural diversity and cultural movements. The city's importance and rather large budget for music, film, theatre, dance and visual art has seen the creative types drawn there like moths to a flame with a longing to find a place to unleash the dream in their hearts. New York City is exactly where half Mexican, half Indian, but born and raised Texan songstress Shelly Bhushan currently resides, cultivating her talent and living her dream. Her latest masterpiece is entitled 'Moon' and is taken from her most recent critically acclaimed album, 'Something Out of Nothing'. 'Moon' is a haunting, sparse piano ballad that is a little bit Agnes Obel, a little bit Missy Higgins, and a lot of soulful, wistful Shelly Bhushan.

The lyrics are intimate and heartfelt, personal and tender, and are sung with such a vivacity and yearning that is intensified by the track's intimate, accompanying official music video. Portraying the singer herself tinkering away at a piano with her lovely wedding ring in sight, then close-ups of her face, the video is personal, almost intrusive if not for being broken up with fiery sparklers, shots of the city, and shadows in the shape of stars and moons. It's very clear that Shelly Bhushan is a gifted musician who loves what she does and loves her partner very much. We hope she continues to make this type of honest, beautiful, music for a long time to come. - The Sound of Confusion


"Something Out of Nothing - May 2013
"Make Believe" EP- July 2010
"Picking Daisies" Full Length -September 2007
"The Shelly Show" EP -March 2005.



Shelly Bhushans music is something like a force of nature. It realigns things and it redefines the space they occupy. 


Something Out of Nothing The Ten Best Indie Albums of 2013 Limerence Magazine

Shelly Bhushan has an amazing, stunning voice and a great sense of identity as a songwriter and performer. Something Out Of Nothing is one of those records that you want to press into peoples hands and make them hear. Its truly wonderful. Popshifter Magazine

Shelly Bhushans voice is a true standout: soulful and feisty and full. We couldnt get her song Something Out of Nothing out of our heads... - The New Yorker Festival 2012

Something Out of Nothing affirms Shelly Bhushans place as a vocalist who can move listeners with her singing to feel deeply and fully. There's a human quality in her voice that listeners can identify with and draw inspiration from to go in a positive direction. The smooth texture of her timbres, the sensuous manner of her vocals, the limberness in her control all make her a vocalist worthy of world music status. Yahoo!


Honest, soulful, empowering, beautiful...all words to describe singer/songwriter Shelly Bhushan. Whether she's singing about a growing house plant, a dying computer, or the City of NY, she expresses herself so honestly, so completely, that it often moves people to tears. Gifted with an incredibly powerful voice, Shelly draws on a depth of emotion that ranges from desire to defiance, longing to exhilaration. Its as if her soul reaches out to yours when you hear her sing--real, without a trace of pretentiousness.

Shelly's latest album "Something Out of Nothing" is roller coaster ride of emotions thoughtfully woven together like a tapestry. Its a bittersweet story of living and striving in the most marvelous city in the world: NYC.

There are some big tracks on this recordanthemic, even. The title track is an ambitious, inspirational opener that grabs the listener by the earlobe. The crunchy guitars and infectious chorus of "Flickering" take female-fronted
Rock to a new level. "Who Do You Think You Are?" delivers deep funky drums and bass. The beautiful "Feather" begins as a simple ballad and builds throughout, culminating in a dark, unexpected twist. Some songs are seductive
and enveloping, like the quiet storm vibe of "Never Let You Go" and the slinky patience of Intoxication. The ballads are sparse and sweet, with room for Bhushans vocals to fly, like "Blinded" and Unrequited Love Song.

One of the most impressive aspects of "Something Out Of Nothing" is its wide variety of songs, and how the record flows like a story--not in the same way as a progressive rock concept album or a folk ballad, but an emotionally driven, very real journey. The soundscapes, the arrangements, and Shelly's ever-soulful undertones bind the songs together into a cohesive whole. The more you listen to this record, the more you hear.

Fans have likened Shelly and her band to Donny Hathaway, Bonnie Raitt, Alicia Keys, Hall and Oats, Aretha, a soulful White Stripes, a female Bruno Mars...

It's hard to pin down, but the inability to classify her is the very thing that makes Shelly's music so interesting.

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