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Keep Him Safe

Written By: Shelly Evans

Keep Him Safe
Written by Shelly Evans

The telephone rings

And I know soon you’ll be leavin’

You’ll pack up your things

And be gone by the weeks end

Everytime that you go

I die a little more

I wonder why it has to be this way

And I hit my knees and pray

Why do you let me love?

Lord why do you let me need

A man that has to be gone

When I need him here with me

And how can I go on

Without being in his arms

It’s too high a price to pay…

Lord keep him safe today

Time goes by

And there’s another little mouth to feed

He’s the light of my eye

Oh but your not here to see

You don’t see his smiles

You don’t hear his cries

He calls you daddy anyway

And together we pray


I don’t mean to doubt you

Or the plan you have for me

So I’ll just keep holdin on and bein strong

Until he’s home with me

Cause it’s him that I love

And it’s him that I need

Even though he’s gone

When I need him here with me

Somehow I will go on

Until I’m in his arms

Cause for him the price I’ll pay

So Lord keep him safe today

All I hear Is Silence

Written By: Shelly Evans

All I Hear Is Silence
Written by Shelly Evans

I sit and look at this space that we used to share

I try to find traces of our love but can’t find it anywhere

The days now seem to never end and the nights are even longer

I never knew silence could be so loud

Lord I wish that I was stronger

And I’ve cried and cried more tears than I thought I had

I’ve wished and hoped that you’d come back

But my wishes all turned bad

I wait to see if you’ll walk back through the same door that you came

But all I hear is silence

When I call out your name

I’ve been to all the places that we used to go

I try to hold it all inside and not let my teardrops show

I’ve started to think that the love I thought you had for me

Is nothin but a hurtful lie that I chose to believe


Yes all I hear is silence when I call out your name

Loves Supposed To Be

Written By: Shelly Evans

Loves Supposed To Be
Written by Shelly Evans

I wonder how do you look at me that way

With eyes so full of love

Nothin words can say

It leaves no doubt that what we have is true

A feeling so strong

I wanna be consumed by you

Because this is what love supposed to be

When you hold me close and make me feel

Like there’s no woman in the world but me

This is what truth feels like

With the sun shinin in and no need to hide

Your body lyin next to mine

There’s no place on earth I’d rather be

When you show me that this is how loves supposed to be

When we lie here together with no walls in between

I feel like I’m as close to Heaven as I can be

As you softly kiss my skin and time stands still

Even after all these years

I’m still amazed at how good it still feels


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