She Loves Seven

She Loves Seven

 Grayslake, Illinois, USA

She Loves Seven involves many different musical influences and styles of playing. From Industrial to Rock, Folk, and metal, She Loves Seven is pushing the borders of what's defined as "Rock Music".


Forming out of mutual friends and old bandmates; the original formation including Matthew Baker, Rodney Veinot, Sharo Moini, and the original guitarist; She Loves Seven gathered in Rodneys basement in the winter of 2010. What started as a hobby quickly became a lifestyle as the band started to generate momentum and fanbase from unbiased audiences. However, this momentum was quickly halted after the traumatic loss of the original guitarist. With out a lead guitarist, Rodney and Sharo began to write rhythms for potential songs to stay afloat.

After a few months Josh stepped in for his debut "audition". We were hooked... His Van Halen-speed and melodic style almost seemed to have ripped our ears out so we could listen in on every minor chord.

Alex (AKA BZ) was invited over by Sharo, who he had known from a previous band they played together in. Alex's heavy tone and stage appearance makes mighty Thor, God of Thunder quiver. Influences swaying from Zakk Wylde to Jimi Hendrix. Since then, She Loves Seven's true sound stepped forth!

Rodney's (AKA thunderfoot) style is one that is very hard to predict. He's jazz, rock, metal, and pop... All. At. The. Same. Time... His nickname "Thunderfoot" comes from the deep double-bass sound he produces, with just one foot and single-pedal.

Sharo musical genre has been also hard to define. His riffs are filled with funk, jazz, and melodic-metal tones brought on by various influences such as Michael McKeegan from "Therapy?" and Steve Harris of "Iron Maiden". Vocal influences from such artists as Rob Halford, Bruce Dickinson, and Ronnie James Dio.

Matt- Vocalist from birth. He's been singing since he's been old enough to hold a microphone, let alone stand. Along working in She Loves Seven he sings various cover songs in his father's band, "The Neighborhood Band". His style is brought on by MANY influences but, his tone is truly unique and his own.

After only writing a hand full of songs, the band was heard by DUV I.N.C., and negotiations were quickly made to take their music to new heights! With their very diverse individual musical influences and aspirations, She Loves Seven is ready to take the world by storm!


All Dried Up

Written By: Matthew Baker of She Loves Seven

I think I’d give up every breath if you would lose yours too.
I’m sick and tired of all the words that’s spewing out from you.
You think you’ve got the answers, girl. You think you know my head.
But one more lie that you blurt out, I’m gunna shoot you dead.

(Chorus)No, No, I can’t drink your love. And I hate to say,
But you’re all dried up.

I’ve given you a chance my dear, and another just in case.
You could’ve been the one for me, but I can’t stand your face.
For all the times you’ve done me wrong, a penny would appease.
‘Cause then I’d be so rich that I could buy your life’s release.


(Bridge)Give me a whiskey, a vodka, or a gin;
Anything to take the taste of you from me again.
So sayonara, adios, arividerchi, c'est la vie.
‘Cause my mouth is dryin’ up, and your glass is “all” empty.


Written By: Matthew Baker of She Loves Seven

There are spaces in between what we are and what we dream
Now and then the two combine, stepping forth the beast inside.
Conditioning is all we know. The happiness and shame we own;
It culminates, reintegrates, into the form they love to hate.

The pain, it pulls me in
And brings back the wolf again.
You can step inside, dissolving in the night,
The world is your device.

Back and forth on stilts we sway from agony produced by day.
We scatter ‘round when trouble’s near, to timid to stand up to fear.
I revel in the brand new me, let out a howl, a symphony
Stalk the night, and sleep in light, preparing for the time to fight

The pain, it pulls me in
And brings back the wolf again.
You can step inside, dissolving in the night,
The world is your device.

The pain, it pulls me in
And brings back the wolf again.
You can step inside, dissolving in the night,
The world is your device.

Spit it Out

Written By: Matthew Baker of She Loves Seven

I can see it in your eyes, underlining all your lies
The truth is spilled so clear and dripping down your face.
I’ve felt an elephant in you, for so long his angers brewed.
It’s slamming at your door, concealed only by lace.
Whatever reasons that you had, can’t be justified; so sad.
As you tremble here, confronted with your fate.
The atmosphere balloons as if its feeding off of your secret
In my hand, a knife, to slice away your hate.

(chorus)It’s a poison that you hold. It’s squeezing fast with grip so cold
It’s left a frozen heart, so spit it out. Spit it out.
It’s getting caught up in your lungs, so, before our song is done
Take a deep breath now, and spit it out. Spit it out.

You try to pass on me the blame. Making up your stupid game.
Sliding toward the door to slip away from proof.
So go ahead and walk on out, I will not cry I will not pout.
Because I know you can’t run away from proof.
Proof of calls late in the night, when I’m at work and out of sight.
Trying to make a life that we both want to see.
And here shirt that isn’t mine, a scent of sex you cannot hide
Inside a bed that held a future of family.


(bridge)I think of all these things, as I wait under porch lights.
Your fingers part the blinds as my tail lights fade from sight.