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The best kept secret in music


Power-rock quartet SHELTERED is made up of four young musicians from the Minto and Chipman areas. They put out a four-song CD last year for some local airplay and club dates. However, they take it to the next level with their just-released full-length debut The Lyin' Hearted.

SHELTERED formed four years ago when the members were teenagers. Stratton Phillips, 23, is a powerhouse vocalist. He and drummer Stephen Mansfield, also 23, are charter members of the group. The lineup was fleshed out when bassit Matt Knox, now 19, joined in 2002 and 18-year-old Brad Bailey joined in 2003. Bailey, a guitar phenom, was the final piece of the puzzle. His lead licks are tasty, tuneful and often virtuosic. All four men have clearly grown as musicians in the last year. Phillips has evolved from a one-tool, powerful belter to a tuneful and resonant rock growler in one short year. Bailey just keeps getting better at a pace that is scary, while Knox's licks are more within a jamming mode than a thumping one. The biggest growth, though, is seen in drummer Mansfield, who was rather pedestrian a year ago on the mini-CD but now has clearly risen to the level of his fellow players.

Musically, there is more depth as well. The lead track, The Lyin' Hearted, combines the power of the textbook SHELTERED rock attack with accesssible hooks in a way which should attract radio programmers. The same can be said for Rolled and this album's version of the mini-CD track It's Over. More melodic variety is added on the change of pace lament/ballad Damned. It is another obvious single candidate, though its soft sound is atypical of the SHELTERED signature. Lyrical change of pace is also offered in the form of the environmental diatribe March Through Time.

Stylistically, SHELTERED are still power rockers, and they are most clearly at home on the six tracks of the 11 which are within that thrash and bash mode. Highlights in that idiom include two-time bookends - a wonderfully grown version of the early SHELTERED tune Shipwrecked and the mid 2005-written piece Don't Shy Away. The tuneful hard rockers Note to Self and Attitude are two other examples where four young guns just step to the mikes and amps and rock. However, what is key in the big picture is the fact that they show that they can do more this time around. The result could be the rewards which come from the attention that resulting airplay will give.

They put out the cd to get some club dates. It is however, a success at a much deeper level. Its commonality with the new Aerosmith is its authentic and distinctive nature and its absolute rock sensibilities. In short, this is a power-rock quartet with skill and chops that defy the years.
--Wilfred Langmaid

- Fredericton Daily Gleaner

What some DJ's have said about SHELTERED and The Lyin' Hearted:

Mark Roberts, Capital FM 106.9 - East Coast Music Show
"You guys are definitely rockers, there's no doubt about that! Brad, your solos blew me away!"

Adam McLaren, C103 FM - Moncton - The Indie Show
"The Lyin' Hearted" is awesome, wicked, kick-ass high energy!"

Bob Mersereau, CBC Radio One 99.5 - Fredericton Shift
"Tasty hard rock"
"Band members have a love of the strong stuff. Definitely guitar based rock with tough, sharp metal siding"
"This is not trend-based material. There is no nod to current big names, no art-rock influences from say, Coldplay. This is music born in the basement, honed in the halls and now out in the bars"
"You know you're dealing with a hard rock album when the quietest song on the disc is called 'Damned' "

"Crash" Barton CFOX 105.3, Fredericton
"Without a doubt, one of the best live acts in New Brunswick."
"The energy in the place (when SHELTERED plays) is wicked."
- on air broadcasts

1. I’m lookin forward to seein you guys sign with a major guys are better than a lot of shit thats out there today. Your band brings back the balls in rock music, and music in general. Keep on rockin in the free world, and keep kickin ass. Never lose faith, and God bless.

Greg H.

2. You guys have done wonders...I hope you get some air play at the East Coast Music Awards.

Not a better band in Freddie. The chicks must be throwing themselves at you guys. Lucky you.

Talent, good looks, musical ability, guitar virtuoso and they pay you to play too. Money for nothing. Chicks/ cheques for free.

-- Capt. Morgan

3. Hey guys! I’m rocking in China and spreading the Sheltered word by playing your tunes and wearing your T-shirt.....hmmm any chance a billion Chinese will buy your CD? :)
I’m going to miss you guys playing live, but I am back on July 14 next year and I want to see you rock next summer....cheers fellas!

Mark Chapman

4. Saw the sheltered boys again down at Nicky Zee’s...****ing amazing....It was well made up. Keep on given that good shit! -Bruce

Bruce MacLean |

5. YYAAHH SHELTERED RULES. Brad Bailey is amazing!!!

Mike C.

6. Hey Guys You Rock!!! You played an Awesome show on Saturday and i can’t wait for you guys to come back to the Megalodon!!! Had a Great time hanging out with you guys.. Brad your Awesome!!

Miss Megalodon



CD E-P (2004) Sheltered

CD (2005) The Lyin' Hearted
"It's Over" & "Damned" in regular rotation on CDN stations.


Feeling a bit camera shy


From the rough and tumble coal mining area of Canada's East coast, Sheltered brings to the stage a work ethic and playing style that spawned a high energy, in-your-face brand of hard rock 'n' roll-- the kind of stuff commercial rock has been lacking for years.
Influenced by virtuosic heavies of classic rock of the past and present, Sheltered brandishes the guitar solo as their weapon of choice. The band has made remarkable progress and built a dedicated loyal following in the 2-1/2 years since its inception.
Band Members:

Brad Bailey

Just 19 years old, Brad joined SHELTERED in February 2004. His fluid guitar style has been described as virtuosic and it contrasts, but compliments the more slashing and edgy playing of Stratton. Brad cites his band influences as Guns'n' Roses, Motley Crue and his favourite players are Stevie Ray Vaughn, Eddie Van Halen and Eric Johnson.

Matt Knox

20 year old Matt Knox has been playing bass for five years, but is also an accomplished guitar player. Matt's solid bass lines and riffs form part of the engine that drives the band. Matt has been influenced by bands like Alice in Chains, Black Label Society and Primus, and says his favourite bassists include John Paul Jones and Geddy Lee.

Stephen Mansfield

Stephen, a founding member of SHELTERED is 24 and has been drumming for ten years. Stephen is a quiet individual whose demeanor belies his powerful and precise playing style. His rock solid rhythms combine with Matt's bass to provide the "heartbeat" of SHELTERED. Stephen looks to Led Zeppelin and Pantera as band influences, and his drummers of choice are John Bonham and Vinnie Paul.

Stratton Phillips

A founding member of SHELTERED, 24 year old Stratton is an accomplished guitarist with a distinct, powerful voice with deadly pitch. A songwriter with a penchant for strong and meaningful lyrics, Stratton has an outgoing personality on and off the stage. Metallica has been an obvious influence, as well as Black Sabbath and Ozzie, Kiss and Journey. Vocally, Stratton likes Bruce Dickinson of Iron Maiden.