Band members have a love of the strong stuff. Definitely guitar based rock with tough, sharp metal siding. The power of classic textbook rock attacks with accesssible hooks.


From the rough and tumble coal mining area of Canada's East coast, Sheltered brings to the stage a work ethic and playing style that spawned a high energy, in-your-face brand of hard rock 'n' roll-- the kind of stuff commercial rock has been lacking for years.
Influenced by virtuosic heavies of classic rock of the past and present, Sheltered brandishes the guitar solo as their weapon of choice. The band has made remarkable progress and built a dedicated loyal following in the 2-1/2 years since its inception.
Band Members:

Brad Bailey

Just 19 years old, Brad joined SHELTERED in February 2004. His fluid guitar style has been described as virtuosic and it contrasts, but compliments the more slashing and edgy playing of Stratton. Brad cites his band influences as Guns'n' Roses, Motley Crue and his favourite players are Stevie Ray Vaughn, Eddie Van Halen and Eric Johnson.

Matt Knox

20 year old Matt Knox has been playing bass for five years, but is also an accomplished guitar player. Matt's solid bass lines and riffs form part of the engine that drives the band. Matt has been influenced by bands like Alice in Chains, Black Label Society and Primus, and says his favourite bassists include John Paul Jones and Geddy Lee.

Stephen Mansfield

Stephen, a founding member of SHELTERED is 24 and has been drumming for ten years. Stephen is a quiet individual whose demeanor belies his powerful and precise playing style. His rock solid rhythms combine with Matt's bass to provide the "heartbeat" of SHELTERED. Stephen looks to Led Zeppelin and Pantera as band influences, and his drummers of choice are John Bonham and Vinnie Paul.

Stratton Phillips

A founding member of SHELTERED, 24 year old Stratton is an accomplished guitarist with a distinct, powerful voice with deadly pitch. A songwriter with a penchant for strong and meaningful lyrics, Stratton has an outgoing personality on and off the stage. Metallica has been an obvious influence, as well as Black Sabbath and Ozzie, Kiss and Journey. Vocally, Stratton likes Bruce Dickinson of Iron Maiden.


The Lyin' Hearted

Written By: Sheltered

In a room of disarray, late at night.
We sit, negotiate a contract.
We see you sweat, when you panic.
Its make me inspect, the mechanics.

I'm pullin' out this thorn in my side.
I think of it all, you've had too much time.
You'll get yours, 'cause man, I'll make sure.
Revenge is a dish, best served cold!

Backed off, Jacked off, business of organics.
Busllshit trickster, full of foolish antics.
Got 800 reasons, to beat you!
And a million friends, won't believe you.


Written By: Sheltered

Your eyes...your face...
We've fought in every room,
We've cried in every space.

Now I'm caught up...
I'm cut off...
We're in trouble...Cause we're lost.
And no one understands.
I'm on my knees with open hands.


We're lost without a trace.
No one understands.
There is no right road to take in this world, you and me are damned.

What's wrong? Who's right?
How many times will we yell...tonight?
I just can't see no end.
So how do we do this again, and again, and again and again?

Its Over

Written By: Sheltered

What do you do..when no one listens to you?
Do you ever feel ashamed?
Do you say, "Can you help us"
Can you make us feel the same."
Cause its over, yeah, its over...cause its all been done before.

Now that its not real...everyone is standing still...
Over and Over.
If it won't stop...the wall I made will fall on me.
Over and over again!

So I ask you for your help...but what do I get?
You never took the time.
So I say...can ya help us?
Can ya make us feel the same?
Cause its over, yeah, its over...
Cause its all been done before!!


CD E-P (2004) Sheltered

CD (2005) The Lyin' Hearted
"It's Over" & "Damned" in regular rotation on CDN stations.

Set List

Two 90 min. sets.
Most are original compositons
from The Lyin Hearted album.
Cold Gin (Kiss)
Strutter (Kiss)
Alive (Pearl Jam)
Knockers (The Darkness)
Voodoo Chile (Hendrix)
Believe (Sheltered)
The Lyin' Hearted (Sheltered)
Damned (Sheltered)
Can't You See (Marshall Tucker)
Crazy Train (Ozzy)
Cocaine (Clapton)
March Thru Time (Sheltered)
Where Ya From? (Sheltered)
Stick It (Sheltered)
Mississippi Queen (Mountain)
Tweeter and Monkey Man (Headstones)
Greatest (Sheltered)
Free Bird (Lynyrd Skynyrd)
Sweet Leaf (Black Sabbath)
Choose Your Attidtude (Sheltered)
Its Over (Sheltered)

*also constantly writing new material.
We are working on our 2nd CD.