Sheltered Kids

Sheltered Kids


Sheltered Kids play indie folk emo singer/songwriterish music that is raw and vulnerably exposes a naked heart.


Fearless and trembling, Sheltered Kids reaches the human audience with emotional vulnerability that resonates in his honest wavering vocals. Sheltered Kids is the musical project of Carson Dieterich. He sings songs with a raw feel and carefully chosen lyrics. Sheltered Kids plays with rotating musicians. The songwriter/vocalist, Carson, is the only constant member of the band. The following are among the great people who have played with Sheltered Kids:
Roody Rueda (NIAYH)
Bryan Brooksby (The B and B Trio)
Markus Talen
Kaseen Buchholz (NIAYH)
Jake Generalli
Stephen Paul
Jered Brannan
Blake Rehnberg (The B and B Trio)
Joseph Francis Kelly (Secret Caves, Beach Hair, Earth People Orchestra
Mike Amoro (Tell the Truth)
Johanna Kibrick (Tell the Truth)
Dan Schuman


Social Anxiety

Written By: Carson Dieterich

I tell myself I shouldn't talk too much
No one wants to hear a rambling man
And I feel so awkward when our eyes touch
That I have hid and I have ran
There's people talking about me over there
I think I feel it I'm not sure
I could be making this in my head
Side effects from the pills I've been fed
I'm always running away, when this world breaks my heart
I'm always moving somewhere new, when my world falls apart
I'm a dog chasing my own tail
A dumb kid that just can't see
I'll trade in my story book plan
For a lift that's a one night stand
I feel all their eyes upon me
Like the rain making me wet
I guess I gotta be fucked up
To be as happy as I get
I'm always running away, when this world breaks my heart
I'm always moving somewhere new, when my world falls apart
And I got no confidence
Unless I'm walking on clouds
And I'm so awkward baby
When I'm lost in the crowds
Let's go for a trip my love
On that cosmic train
I'll buy us the tickets baby
And we'll make love in the rain
And if you're anxious my love, remember why we came
But when you just gotta go, I’ll love you the same
I'm sorry that I make you worry
When I can't sleep late at night
I know when I leave I don't wake you
But I'll be back by the light
What will you do this time
In your dark storm cloud
Your behavior's making a racket add Cacophony
It hurts my ears cause it's so loud
There's something wrong with me, and I don't know why
There's something wrong with me, every day I cry
There something wrong with me, I’m dreaming that I die
There's something wrong with me, If you stay I'll get by

Church Habit

Written By: Carson Dieterich

I walked into church spinning from the night before
I guess I'm still searching sometimes I'm not sure
I know I got friends here but I feel all alone
I guess I’ve never really felt like I was home
I'll sit in the balcony watching the boys strumming guitars
Close my eyes imagine I'm floating through the stars

The drums move through me like the blood moves through my veins
My clothes are kinda wet cause where I'm from it always rains
The stained glass holds my eyes like it did long ago
Lovely voices singing praise while I stand up slow
I try to raise my voice to join in their song
And I can't quite place it but there's just something wrong

I confess I've got bad habits that come out when I'm blue
I confess my whole life's a mess I don't know what's true
But what’s true for you
And what's true to me
are separate realities

So outside I'll drink a coffee and smoke my cigarettes
Surrounded by familiar faces whose names I usually forget
I'm blurry so often that the details tend to fade
You want to buy a bag tonight kid you should wait till you get paid
So I'll live the only life that I know how to live
And I'll give all the love that I know how to give

I'll pick up this guitar and strum four simple chords
Share the secrets of my soul in broken awkward words
I'll stumble on the strings and maybe I'll fall down
My eyes might be closed if their not looking down
Cause I feel shaky nervous I’m a fool I’m cheap
Let get stoned to smile and drink till we fall asleep

In my heart I hope that I'm me for a good reason
The flowers are waking up it’s the birth of a new season
What I once believed
And what I think I need
It’s always changing

Sometimes you walk in circles before you finally see
That you're gonna end up at a place you said you'd never be
You open your eyes in the gutter you don't know where you've been
You want to cry out for help but you don't think you've got a friend
Have you ever stood on a bridge with jumping on your mind
Have you embraced despair when your bright eyes have gone blind
Sometimes you gotta let go of the thoughts that tend to bind
Get lost in the moment and just leave the past behind

A Song To Mama

Written By: Carson Dieterich

Mama I can't live this life forever
But sometime all of us must go
I'm blinded by a bright white light
The suns reflection in the snow

Now I've been all around this world
There isn't much I haven't seen
I hold onto golden moments
But for show I've got nothing

I have lived my life with passion
I've chased my dreams and kissed the sky
When you all circle around my casket
Know I go to live before I got to die

I have sat with the great thinkers
Often I philosophied
I have drank with the great drinkers
In a circle getting high

Mama I can't live this life forever
But sometime all of us must go
I'm blinded by white lines and pills
And this feeling when you just let go

know the love bite of cold waters
And the slow burning of the sun
We have shown bright like the stars
And with the wind we’ll become one

Know the feeling of the moonrise
And the soft touch of morning dew
I've lived for feelings like those
And Mama I have always loved you

I have known so many worlds
So distinct yet all the same
A rose would not smell less beautiful
If you called it by another name

Mama I don't know what lies ahead now
And I admit that I'm afraid
Maybe we acted our best here
In the dramas that we have played

We’ve got our numbers and our passwords
To tell everyone apart
Maybe we are all the same blood
Pumping through a common heart

Mama I can't live this life forever
But none of us ever could
I have touched love and adventure
And lived this life the best I could


Contributing to the Delinquency of Minors

Set List

Sheltered Kids has can play a 90 minute set of original songs. The set list includes:

My Last Kiss
The Climbing Circuit
Love and War
Snow Days
I Wish That I Was You
We Get Picked up and Set Down
Make a Wish
About a Girl
I Can’t Believe
Me and You
Stole a Gun
Another Day
Best Friends
Church Habit
Nothing’s Like Love
A Song to Mama
Social Anxiety
New Year’s Resolution

Sheltered Kids will occasionally cover a song or two.