She Makes War

She Makes War


Alternative rock roots and pop sensibilities combined with a do-it-yourself work ethic form the basis for the one woman whirlwind that is She Makes War


"Swaying between emotionally fatigued whispers and a scored assault...a presence that is both sensual and mysterious while harboring a potential for the more violent" - New York Cool

Alternative rock roots, pop sensibilities and a penchant for striking visual imagery combined with a do-it-yourself work ethic form the basis for the one woman whirlwind that is She Makes War. Songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and film-maker Laura Kidd played in other people's bands for far too long before putting her formidable personality and voice to better use fronting one.

It's been some journey. She Makes War was born as a kicking, screaming all-girl band in June 2004, stretching across three counties and difficult to sustain. The following year saw the girls play prestigious slots in London and Cambridge and appear playing live in an independent film before stuttering to a halt. Within days of the news Laura snatched back the reigns and went solo, dragging a dented acoustic guitar all over London, East Anglia and New York to play stripped down versions of her spine tingling songs to an international audience.

Staggering lustily between screamy punk and sophisticated grunge pop, Laura's the undefinable, elusive girl from a few doors down, baring her soul with righteous fury but refusing to let you get too close. Tales of bitter let-downs, loves lost and stolen, lust and betrayal raid the dressing up box and come out swathed in the finery of fierce, fiery alt-pop and lush acoustic prettiness.

Laura Kidd straddles two distinctly different worlds - touring the planet with artists such as Tricky (on bass) and The Young Punx (on vocals), performing to 25,000 people at Yokohama Arena and shooting shiny music videos in Montreal for forthcoming Redroche single "Give U More" alongside creating fuzzed up noise on tiny stages at underground festivals with her solo music.

2009 has seen She Makes War embraced by the underground scene, making startling appearances at art initiative the Apollo Project and Kent's Red Roar Festival and garnering invites to play both days at the forthcoming Freedom Festival 2 in North London, all this alongside Laura's burgeoning career as an electro songwriter and vocalist, releasing singles with Michael Gray, The Young Punx and Redroche. The introduction of the "battle ukulele" and vocal looping in to the set has made the songs even more intense and more noise making is to follow.


EP released June 2009 - Three...Two...One, featuring the songs Picture Of Us, Eye Spy and Scared To Capsize. Released in a limited edition DVD case with signed artwork, also available on Bandcamp:

Set List

1 set of 20-30 minutes, typically:

Getting Nowhere
Picture Of Us
Ghosts & Shadows
Let This Be
Slow Puncture
I Deny
Cover (sometimes Deftones: Hole In The Earth, sometimes Tiffany: I Think We're Alone Now)
Scared To Capsize (uke and lots of vocal looping)