She Might Bite

She Might Bite

 Louisville, Kentucky, USA

"...a cacophonous three piece XX unit, debut EP goes down like a closing time prairie fire." - My Old Kentucky Blog


She Might Bite is a three-woman band who are all scorpios born in the year of the horse. They are big fans of Clarissa Pinkola Estes "Women Who Run With the Wolves," and they have found inspiration in performers like Alison Mosshart, Exene Cervanka, Warpaint, and Chaka Khan just to name a few. Tara and Kathryn met as neighbors and started playing together in 2010. Miranda joined a year later which led to the band recording a full length album, to be called "Feral." Plans to release it are in the works!


She Might Bite (the EP)
1. Sinister Device
2. Dead Weight
3. Empty
4. Punk Bitch

Set List

typical setlist: 45 min.- 2 hrs.

Sinister Device
Dead Weight
Punk Bitch
Let Me Down
Hard Tears
Slip into the Shell
Livin' Underground
I Don't Get You
Bad Dancer
The Worst
Gimme Orange
Garbage Bin
Rejection (It Hurts)
Not the One (A Black Keys cover)