Rock music for lovers and fans of all kinds of music. We have strong personalities with diverse tastes and opinions. We take it all in and mix it up into a cool frothy cocktail of in your face ROCKKKK.


We all work in and around the manipulation of media. So right from the start we would take songs and ideas and strip them down, then rebuild them into something we found more interesting. We always feel like we want to wreck things then rebuild them. Even our original music is always in transition. Our influences are all over the place. If there is one band or place that runs through the veins of this band it would be "Palace of the Brine"
You figure it out.


Currently mixing an 8 song ep of originals and favourite covers from our live set.

Set List

Set always changes.
Originals are
I Lied
Come Song
What IF
2 Sided Love Affair
Brand New Day

Hardest Button to Button
Hell No I aint Happy
Tower of Song
Waiting Room
Blitzgrieg Bop
New York City
Love Buzz
Yellow Leadbetter
Ring of Fire
Too Hell with Good Intentions
ect ect ect