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Shemy has a classic album


Toon Rip -Brandon is listening to bro, Shemy's album. it's called "Look At What I Came From" and this is a straight up classic! every track so far is a banger and I can't say that about most major artists now of days. this is what Flint music is about!!!! I stamp this sh** ! go cop it asap!!

--Toon 7-28-2009

Lead Single

Go with Champagne Glass as the main single!

--Dino Delvallie Sony/BMG Records

I like Shemy Make Em Clap. Your makeing good hooks. Keep doing what your doin man!

--J. Fon at Sony/BMG Records (Latin Division)

Next Star In Music

You are the next superstar in Rap Music. I can't wait to see you at the Sony performance May 28th. You got mad talent so lets make it happen.

--Ulyseuss Barnes (A&R) Talent Scout for Sony/Columbia Records

Wrapped up in rap (At 13, ShEmY finds inspirtaion at home, in hometown)

Flint Journal - Slide aside LiL' Romeo. Heel, Bow WoW. ShEmY is coming and he's looking to put his hometown on the map -before he gets his drivers license. Instead of freestylin' about honeys and homies, ShEmy raps about his life growing up in the Flint Town area. His parents divorced when he was 5. His mother, Tiffany Shemes faces the usual difficulties of being a single parent raising three boys. ShEmY lives with his mother in Grand Blanc but sees his father, Jim Shemes every other day and spends some time with his grandparents in the summer. These experiences have influenced his music.

--Flint Journal & Grand Blanc News (August 8th, 2003) Perashina La Lamotte as writer.

Ready To Take The Hip Hop World By Storm

14 Year Old White Rapper ShEmY is ready to take the Hip Hop World By Storm. Only problem is he has to finish school first. (LoL) Lets meet the future of Rap.

--Jason Carr (Abc 12 News) In August of 2003.

ShEmY - Hip Hop Super Star

"I only listend to a few minutes of ShEmY's tracks. And All I can say is AMAZING.. I usually don't like hip hop, but great job finding this kid."

--Cheeks - 527 Entertainment - Various


"Look At What I Came From". In Stores 3/23/10!!!



Nicholas Shemes (Shemy) born Feb.11th, 1990, is a Rap Artist/Writer/Producer from Flint, MI. At age 14 he won "Inspirational Song of The Year" at a North Carolina Music Conference hosted by the American Music Association and MTV. In 2005 he was featured in The Flint Journal, Treal Magazine, and appeared on ABC 12 News. He gained attention from James Alexander (Jazze Phas Father), and Larry Dobson, both members of the popular Soul/R&B group "The Barkays". James Alexander and Larry Dobson flew up from Tennesee to Michigan for a meeting with Shemy in the summer of 2005. Although a deal was discussed, it was never finalized due to differences in his career path. In 2006 Shemy appeared on ABC 12 News again, where news anchor Jason Car would call him, "The Future of Rap". Throughout the year 2007-2008, Shemy worked on his debut album, "Look At What I Came From". In August of 2008, he won WRCL Club 93.7's local flow contest with his self produced single, "Summer In The Fly", a song about summer time in Flint, Michigan. Club 93.7's program director stated that Shemy won by a "landslide". With his debut album pressed up, Shemy is ready to show the world why he is more than just another rapper. At 19 years old he is further along in his career, and more business savy then your average rap artist. With an original sound, witty lyrics, and the ability to appeal to any market, Shemy is the future, and the future is now.