Shenole Latimer

Shenole Latimer

 New York City, New York, USA

Known for his fiery performances and commanding stage presence, saxophonist Shenole Latimer captivates his audiences with a compelling fusion of excitement and great music.


He strides on stage with the energy of a rock star and brings his saxophone to his lips. Suddenly you feel an incredible force pulling you towards him and the stage.

Such is the seemingly magnetic ability of award winning saxophonist Shenole Latimer to draw in his audience with his glowing stage persona and impassioned playing. Latimer's playing style shows influences drawn from the likes of Michael Brecker, Branford Marsalis, and Dexter Gordon. However, he exhibits the gift of being able to effectively communicate with and affect his audiences through a voice that is uniquely his own.

Shenole Latimer decided to pursue music professionally in 1998 and within just one year of his entering the scene, he had gained an endorsement from the woodwind instrument accessory giant known as Vandoren and had handily won the 1999 Best Horn Player Award, which was a prestigious reader's poll from the now defunct Long Island Voice. These initial accomplishments helped to fuel Latimer's ambition of becoming a respected headliner on the big stage.

On September 9, 2004 Shenole's ambition would become a reality when he was asked to headline a concert performance on the main stage of the 1,164 seat Patchogue Theater for the Performing Arts in Patchogue, New York. Latimer's concert far exceeded his critics' expectations for ticket sales, and even ended up outselling a Chuck Mangione concert that took place at the Patchogue Theatre just two weeks later.

Using the lessons that he learned from his first headlining performance, Shenole formed his artist management and booking company Rici Music, Inc. and by 2006 he had self produced several very successful concerts for his quartet in small to medium sized concert halls that he rented using both his own money and the money of corporate sponsors such as Coldwell Banker and Washington Mutual.

In 2006, during what turned out to be a fateful train ride, Shenole unknowingly found himself seated next to an executive for an independent record label. The executive could hear Latimer's music seeping through the headphones he was wearing and was inspired to sign him to the Dortmund, Germany based label known as Tierra Records.

Shenole Latimer's 2006 debut CD, appropriately entitled "Front and Center", continues to enjoy strong sales both domestically and internationally.

Shenole Latimer currently performs in venues through out the east coast of the United States. Additionally, he continues to be a highly sought after lecturer and clinician, and enjoys several sideman projects from artists who thrive in the blues, neo-soul, rhythm and blues, adult contemporary rock, and pop music scenes.


As A Bandleader:

CD (LP): "Front And Center"
Released by Tierra Records, October 17, 2006.

Heavy online streaming and national/international radio airplay has been given to the opening track "The T.L. Special", as well as "Hope", "I'm Just Fine", "Always (You Will be the One)", "Footprints", and "Invitation".


As A Sideman:

CD (LP): "Solid" by Christina Gaudet
Gaudet Records, October 10, 2010
Genre: Rock/Soul

CD (LP): "Express" by Jack's Waterfall
Self Records, Dec 8, 2009.
Genre: Modern Folk

CD (EP): "Duets" by Gail Storm
Independent Release, Nov 24, 2009.
Genre: Blues/Jazz

CD (LP): "Soul Ties" by Janira
Independent Release, Sept 1, 2009.
Genre: Adult Contemporary Rock

CD (LP): "Oasis" by Christina Gaudet
Gaudet Records, November 11, 2008
Genre: Rock/Soul

CD (LP): "Tom Osborn" by Tom Osborn
Independent Release, July 2, 2008
Genre: Adult Contemporary Rock

CD (LP): "Where Truth Lies" by Christina Gaudet
Gaudet Records, June 5, 2007.
Genre: Pop/R&B

CD (LP): "Essentially Me" by Giovanni von Essen
Released by Tierra Records, February 22, 2007.
Genre: Neo-Soul

CD (LP): "Closer to the Day" by Kenny MacKenzie Trio
Released by KMT Music, September 14, 2007.
Genre: Jazz

Set List

In concert settings, Shenole Latimer's Quartet usually performs two 45 or 50 minute sets with an intermission. The sets include original material and some jazz standards by both classic and contemporary jazz artists.

During performances at jazz clubs, Shenole Latimer generally performs three 45 or 50 min sets. Again, the material is a mixture of original compositions and jazz standards by both classic and contemporary jazz artists. Set lists are customized based on the needs and requirements of the venue.