Shep Eppinger and Friends

Shep Eppinger and Friends


This CD is an uplifting blend of praise, worship, contemporary and traditional gospel music. There is a wide range of featured singers that inspire the listeners with their own unique, wonderfully blessed God-given talent. Shep Eppinger brings out through his production, a harmonious praise!


Through a number of recent and past sessions, Shep Eppinger got together with his friends to create a project that would give listeners a positive, inspirational experience. Each time the CD is played, Shep wanted the listeners to hear something and feel something new as they encountered life's everyday situations.


More Awesome Than Awesome

Written By: Shep Eppinger

Get on your feet, and clap your hands, let's praise Him, (repeat 2 more times)
More awesome than awesome

Almighty, Powerful, King of Kings, yes He is,
Healer, Protector, Righteous One forever lives,
There are not enough words to describe my God He's
More awesome than awesome!
Alpha, Omega, Ruler over all the earth,
Provider, Creator, Master and all those words,
If I had ten thousand tongues-no that's not enough He's
More awesome than awesome!

(chorus) My God is,
More awesome than awesome, my God is (repeat 3 more times)

(1st verse again)


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